Abbott Laboratories20230906120048

Abbott Laboratories

Nguyễn Trường06/09/2023, , , , 0 comments
Magenest helps Abbott optimize its sales processes by implementing an integrated Magento 2 eCommerce platform, incorporating automated features like c...
Come Home Interiors20230818152608

Come Home Interiors

Hoàng Minh18/08/2023, , , 0 comments
Magenest has successfully helped Come Home build an eCommerce website system, enabling the company to improve products and business management process...
Hoang Phuc International20230609115156

Hoang Phuc International

Dương Tuấn Anh09/06/2023, , , , 0 comments
Magenest helps Hoang Phuc to build a throughout eCommerce system based on the brand’s strategic vision, which is creating a stepping stone to approach...
OpenAsia Group20221025143210

OpenAsia Group

Phạm Khánh Lê25/10/2022, , , , , 0 comments
When it comes to the business of luxury goods, OpenAsia is one of the leading corporations of the niche in Vietnam. With the vision of expanding cover...
Routine Fashion20211130094832

Routine Fashion

Mai Xuân Trường30/11/2021, , , , 0 comments
With the aim of deploying an eCommerce system with integration to existing management tools and procedures to automate the business process, as well a...
ELISE Fashion20210728165917

ELISE Fashion

Mai Xuân Trường28/07/2021, , , , 0 comments
Despite its success in the offline market, Elise still embraces the eCommerce trend, especially during the worst time of the COVID-19 pandemic. An eli...
Trung Nguyen Group20200616110903

Trung Nguyen Group

Trung Nguyen Cooperation was established since 1996 and quickly became the biggest coffee brand in Vietnam. Mr Dang Le Nguyen Vu - CEO of the company ...
24h VISA20200330163943

24h VISA

Mai Xuân Trường30/03/2020, , , 0 comments
24h Visa requires an efficient ERP to synthesize operations in accordance with business standards as well as control customers’ data more safely....
Drinkies by Heineken20190115105539

Drinkies by Heineken

The idea of Drinkies is to bring the cold drinks right to the customer’s doorstep within a 60-minute delivery....