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Routine Fashion

With the aim of deploying an eCommerce system with integration to existing management tools and procedures to automate the business process, as well as the potential for future development, Routine Fashion has chosen Magenest as the technological partner to build its Magento system.


Routine is a famous fashion brand in Vietnam. As its name suggests, Routine aims to bring the simplest, most applicable, yet most fashionable designs to its clients. The brand managed to build a quite huge loyal customer group with its impressive exclusive designs, its care in every single detail, as well as the premium quality of the materials. Since 2013, Routine has been growing incredibly fast and expanding to over 30 elite stores across the country.

about routine fashion
our solution

Moving to the world's best ecommerce platform

Replatform to Magento

The Magento system will serve as the central processing unit to handle all online and offline orders, automatically create shipment requests and orders for shipping partners.

Integration to LS Retail POS application

Routine has been using LS Retail, a POS application, for a long time. Integration between Magento 2 and LS Retail enables operators to seamlessly manage all orders, both online and offline.

Payoo local payment gateway integration

With Payoo payment gateway, online customers can use debit cards, credit cards, or QR code through Mobile Banking apps to complete their payments. This fast and secured payment method certainly contributes to overall higher conversions.

Order fulfillment with Giaohangtietkiem

Routine has chosen Giaohangtietkiem (GHTK) to be their primary delivery partner to complete all of its orders. The shipment services of GHTK will be integrated into the backend of Magento 2, thus enabling the admins to manage all shipment activity without unnecessary effort.

Marketing capabilities

The new Magento 2 system allows all marketing activities to be easily be carried and measured, from SEO, coupon codes to cross-selling, up-selling, and email marketing.

Hosted on Amazon Web Services

Routine, like any other fashion & lifestyle brand, has enormous need for storage of media. With the entire system being hosted on AWS, image quality and page speed are assured even during peak traffic.

Website redesigned from the ground up

Routine wants a design that can reflect the identity of the brand: formal and minimal, while also fundamentally convenient for customers to browse for their favorite pieces. With more than 80% of the monthly traffic coming from mobile devices, a mobile-first web design is a must.

Customers are loving
the new look

The launch of the new website so far has been a tremendous success. During the project, we made sure the team gets familiarized with the new system, so the transition is smooth and efficient. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as traffic and conversion rates skyrocket.

customer feedback



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