Your website is the main eCommerce source of income, but all websites are prone to slow-downs, crashes, and security breaches. Don’t worry, our Magento Auditing & Optimization Service has your website covered.

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Magento is a powerful platform that helps businesses leverage their online presence and sell their products. However, due to its complexity and the constantly changing eCommerce market trends, it’s important to regularly audit and optimize the performance of your Magento websites.

Our services

General Auditing

A comprehensive analysis is deployed for your Magento website to reach the roots of problems, as well as how your desired customer's journeys are negatively impacted. After that, we draft possible and versatile solutions to improve the performance.

Front-end Optimization

We focus on auditing the overall page performance, checking your Magento theme and front-end coding, and then optimizing the UX & UI to enhance the customers' loyalty and stores' CVR.

Back-end Optimization

Our certified developers conduct analysis of your website's core integrity and infrastructure to find solutions to the technical aspects of your Magento website to enhance its performance, stability, and security.


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Our magento maintenance process

Magento project implementation process

Overall auditing

Comprehensive auditing of the website, including its performance, front-end, and back-end is conducted to identify areas for improvement

Solution Consultancy

Based on the auditing, solutions for optimization are provided in the areas of performance, front-end, and back-end areas

Scope of Work and Action Plan

After consulting solutions, we make a plan to optimize your Magento website performance according to the agreed scope of work and criteria for the time & budget estimation


The agreed SoW for optimization are implemented by our Magento development team

QA & Testing

The website is tested to ensure that the optimizations have had the desired effect, and that any issues or bugs are addressed

Ongoing monitoring & support​

Our team will be helping you with the website performance to ensure that the optimizations are sustained


Magento maintenance services refer to the ongoing support and management of a Magento-based website, which include security patches and updates, performance optimization, bug fixes, backups and disaster recovery, and website monitoring. Our services are crucial for ensuring that your eCommerce website is secure, efficient, and always up-to-date, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

Yes of course our Magento Maintenance service includes server maintenance.

  • Our Magento 2 Maintenance SLA includes:

    • Fixing coding issues
    • Magento 2 security patches application
    • Disaster recovery
    • Performance monitoring & optimization
    • Customer support via Email, Chat, Issue Tickets and Direct meeting/call

Knowledge transfer is key to ensure a smooth transition which we expect to receive the below:

  • Magento system and server access
  • Site specification: Contains all specification of the site: system workflow, detailed functional description, involved stakeholder
  • Coding documentation: Describe system architecture and coding method
  • Digital assets: Includes mockups, design files, workflow diagrams
  • Development credentials: Accounts for access to project coding repository eg. Bitbucket, Github, etc.
  • Deployment procedure: Procedures to deploy on staging and live environment to ensure safety of live system

A progress report on ongoing maintenance, planning, and R&D will be provided on a monthly basis via conference call or email, depending on your reference. 

You will be immediately notified if our team finds anything critical during the maintenance process that needs urgent discussions and actions. 

You can always reach out to the account manager taking care of your account to ask for support or send new requests via email or the agreed communication channel.


Magento performance optimization services by Magenest is the process of speeding up Magento website loading by optimizing HTML, JS, & CSS structures; resizing images and adjusting server settings. After working with us, your Magento stores will not only work faster but also will be able to handle larger catalogs, bigger traffic, and more complicated features while maintaining a great loading speed for maximum SEO value.

As you grow your eCommerce business, your Magento site also needs to be well prepared for the growth – to handle higher traffic and convert more visitors to customers. Is your site delivering as you expect it to?

While store owners with continuous efforts to make adjustments to tweak the front-end, installing new extensions or customizing Magento back-end to add more out-of-the-box functionalities to improve both admin and customer experience, etc., these practices might be, at the same time, slowing down your site. Site and data security is also a topic that has raised concerns for many merchants.

A Magento audit is like a thorough health checkup of the site to understand its coding quality, identify any weak spots and find out what can be done to boost the site’s performance and security.

When: A Magento site audit is advised if you’ve encountered any of the following:

  • Poor site performance: The page load speed is very slow even not during peak sales season.
  • Unstable website: Error messages usually pops up or your site occasionally crashes without any obvious reason.
  • Bugs or issues appear unexpectedly.
  • Updates or upgrades to Magento are not functioning properly.
  • Doubts in mind that installed extensions or theme are posing threats to the site’s stability.
  • Unsure about site’s data security and want to proactively ensure available security patches are implemented.

You can check the loading speed of your sites yourself. PageSpeed Insights is the most popular tool for general website speed testing. Just enter your URL and click Analyze, and you will get results in a few seconds. This tool is developed by Google and is free to use.

Our Magento audit & optimization services consist of:

  • Full system code base auditing: 10 business days
  • Hosting server auditing: 5 business days

A Magento Tech Lead and a Cloud Solution Expert shall work in parallel to run a thorough audit of your Magento site and hosting server. We usually deliver the auditing result within 2-3 weeks.

Here are what will be covered in the auditing process by Magenest:

  • User Experience and User Interface
  • Coding/ Programmatic quality
  • Website speed 
  • Server/ hosting infrastructure compatibility
  • You can fill out our contact form or contact our sales team directly via Our sales representative will get in touch and request for necessary information for the investigation process of our tech team.
  • Our technical team will run a quick check to identify the basic problems that your store encounters, their possible causes and propose our approach.
  • After the initial quick auditing, both Parties will sign an NDA and contract agreement.
  • Our team will request for any further necessary documents or credentials then conduct the full code-base audit and help you fix the underlying issues to optimize your store. We also offer full Magento 2 development services for any businesses in need.

An audit report shall be shared and presented which will include: All findings from the auditing process and recommendations on what should be done next to resolve all issues and increase site’s performance.


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