Referral Incentive Program

10% Commission on all successful referrals

How does it work?

how Magenest Referral program works

What can Magenest offer to my referral?

Magenest's core expertise is to help businesses build enterprise eCommerce systems that can convert and scale to maximize profit from their eCommerce channel.

The platforms that we choose are Magento and Shopify - the 2 leading eCommerce solutions out there that fit with a wide-scale of businesses.

Our Services

eCommerce solution design

UX UI consultation and design

eCommerce website development

System integration & migration

System maintenance

And more on the way. We intend to expand our referral program to other services gradually. You can find all of our services at
If you also provide any of these services to the client please do let us know so that we stay in our lane!

magento 2            adobe commerce            shopify


Absolutely. You can get inspiration from our script below. Don’t forget to keep in CC.

Hello [referral name],

Please meet Jane from Magenest – a professional eCommerce consultation and development agency based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Magenest expertise is developing Magento eCommerce websites that can convert and scale to deliver high returns on investment. I have full trust that Jane and Magenest team can help you understand what services and strategy are needed to solve your specific company goals.

I’ll let you two take it from here.
Best, [you]

We always make sure to offer the most favorable payment terms to our clients by dividing payment into different milestones in accordance with project progress. And we’ll pay you in the same milestones. Within 07 days of receiving payment from your referral’s contract, we’ll pay you the commission via bank transfer, Payoneer or Paypal.

Yes definitely. Either we can or cannot come to contract with your referral, we will always let you know.

  • Once we’ve received your referral email, we’ll reach out to your referral right away.
  • We’ll discuss their project requirements and goals with them, present our proposal of how we can help them achieve their goals.
  • If we enter into an agreement with the business you referred, we’ll let you know and send you our referral contract for your review and signature.
  • We’ll send you your comission within 07 days from when we receive payment from the referral. The commission payment is divided into milestones as per your referral’s contract with us.
  • Usually the first payment would be around 50 – 70% of the total commission.

Congratulations, you’ll receive a commission of USD 1,000!

Congratulations, you just made USD 10,000 in comission!

Sure thing. You can look at some of our work right here.

Of course yes! Please drop an email to Jane, our Partnership Manager at and she’d love to hear from you.

You’ll receive a monthly commission of 10% on the total monthly invoice from the referral contract for a duration of 6 months.

That is a dream scenario! We are very happy to offer you extra in commission. Let’s talk then!


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