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24h Visa requires an efficient ERP to synthesize operations in accordance with business standards as well as control customers’ data more safely.


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ERP implementation is a challenging process, requiring both a high-level system and a professional team. I appreciate the solutions that Magenest has consulted us as well as the dedication of their implementation team.

After 2 months, 24h Visa has effectively managed the daily work of the staff, as well as monitoring the quality of products and services. Through better management of customer information, 24h Visa can listen to customers more proactively and effectively.

Hoang Anh (Mr.) – Project Manager and CEO Executive Assistant of 24h Visa.

About 24h Visa

24h Visa is an agency specializing in providing visa solutions. After receiving customers’ information, 24h Visa supports paperwork procedure at the Embassy. 24h Visa services ensure the flawless journey for each and every customer.

24h Visa
24h Visa homepage.

Focusing on quality, price and security, 24h Visa always explores new directions to bring quick and successful results to the customers. With the development of technology, brands are adapting to new changes in running their businesses. This is the golden moment to integrate a high-tech system to support the operation of 24h Visa.

Challenges in management for 24h Visa

With the goal of improving customer experience with 24h Visa, the company has tried different approaches to digital transformation. Thanks to improvements in management and communications, 24h Visa has been able to switch from the traditional service business model to the chain business model. In each province, 24h Visa has a representative office to support the visa procedure of customers. 

However, this poses a major challenge in maintaining the same high quality and service standards as the headquarters. In addition, difficulties in remote management also lead to unnecessary losses.

To better organize and control the huge amount of information, 24h Visa decides that it’s time to integrate an ERP to create a systematic and seamless workflow. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an enterprise resource planning system. This software allows sharing internal data to manage the entire operations of the company.

This is especially important when each task is processed by a unique department based in different provinces. However, 24h Visa has encountered a big obstacle when they have unsuccessfully implemented ERP system twice.

At the moment, 24h Visa requires an efficient ERP software to synthesize operations in accordance with business standards as well as control customers’ data more safely. 24h Visa has chosen Magenest to upgrade its automation workflow.

Magenest is a leading technology solutions company in the APAC region. As a Silver Partner of Odoo, the world’s number one open-source ERP system, we are confident to successfully deploy the new system for 24h Visa.

Our approach

Magenest and 24h Visa decided to choose Odoo ERP as the platform to host the new systems. Odoo is open source ERP software, meaning the possibilities for customization and development are limitless. In addition to the default modules such as CRM, POS, or Sales, businesses can create many new applications to integrate on Odoo.

24h Visa

With the help of Odoo, Magenest has optimized the workflow of 24h Visa to the smallest details.

Document workflow

As a visa-support business, storing and processing customers’ documents is the first priority of 24h Visa. Magenest has built an intelligent document processing system based on Odoo ERP.

24h Visa
Customize categories based on 24h Visa demands.

Odoo will manage the entire process of receiving and completing the needed info with customers. Each set of documents is connected to accounting and sales department to support a fast and consistent workflow.

Decentralize user

Admin can decide to assign user rights according to unique cases: Every employee or only authorized individuals can access the file. This helps to increase the confidentiality and specialization of each department as well as better assign tasks to document processing team.

Connect potential customers

Magenest integrates the marketing system of 24h Visa with Voice Cloud – Call Center solution

for businesses: When customers call, their information will display on the screen of the consultant. Magenest also creates contact forms and makes 24h Visa entry simple to access. 

Monitor business activities

Regarding the Sales module in Odoo, Magenest sets separated service prices which vary from region to region yet guarantees the seamless workflow in the general system. 

Odoo will also record the liabilities of individuals, partners and B2B customers. When there is a debt, the system will alert and not allow admin to create a request for further actions.

Accounting workflow

To simplify the accounting process, Magenest has upgraded the interface so it’s easy to follow and connect transactions. With Odoo, accountants can:

  • Retrieve expenses and payments
  • Approve invoices according to different stages and positions of each person
  • Monitor and report the balance of cash flow

Magenest also created a completely unique function comparing to other ERP solution providers as it helps accountants to track reciprocal accounts.

24h Visa


To support 24h Visa’s reporting system, Magenest has set up automated reports on Sales, Opportunity and Profit. At the end of the month or the period, managers can produce reports on various aspects of the business such as call center/marketing, sale, documents processing and accounting teams.

We also integrate World SMS – an automated messaging system to promptly report the status of documents processing to customers.

All of these new 24h Visa technologies are hosted on AWS – the world’s number one cloud infrastructure. AWS system ensures a fast, secured and efficient analytic of large information volumes. It’s also scalable so 24h Visa doesn’t have to worry about the incompatibility with future development. 

Our services

  • Odoo Community
  • World SMS
  • Voice Cloud – VoIP
  • AWS cloud service

24h Visa’s outstanding improvements thanks to Odoo

The integration of Odoo into the technology system has changed the business structure of 24h Visa tremendously. 

24h Visa

Each department becomes a Project while each set of documents is a Task. The marketing department will receive customer information, then transfer it to sales and document processing team. Payment activities will be completed in the accounting department. Decentralizing users is clearly a breakthrough to safeguard customers’ privacy.

Transparent workflow helps 24h Visa bring the best experience for customers when no longer dealing with difficulties in managing data. The unification of information among Sales, Accounting and Document Processing departments has reduced manny communication obstacles.

The application of Odoo also minimizes manual jobs, which saves time and effort for a great number of employees. The automation and accurate reporting assist 24h Visa to accurately plan the next development steps.

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