BOO Fashion20230906172837

BOO Fashion

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BOO desires to have a unified platform that synchronizes data into one endpoint to optimize investment costs and manage data easily & accurately....
Abbott Laboratories20230906120048

Abbott Laboratories

Magenest helps Abbott optimize its sales processes by implementing an integrated Magento 2 eCommerce platform, incorporating automated features like c...
Come Home Interiors20230818152608

Come Home Interiors

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Magenest has successfully helped Come Home build an eCommerce website system, enabling the company to improve products and business management process...
Hoang Phuc International20230609115156

Hoang Phuc International

Magenest helps Hoang Phuc to build a throughout eCommerce system based on the brand’s strategic vision, which is creating a stepping stone to approach...


Starting as a traditional business, ACFC focuses on promoting the scale of offline stores nationwide. Confronting the scale expansion and longer-term ...
OpenAsia Group20221025143210

OpenAsia Group

When it comes to the business of luxury goods, OpenAsia is one of the leading corporations of the niche in Vietnam. With the vision of expanding cover...
SM Markets20220830145042

SM Markets

The project's main goal is to develop additional functions that accommodate essential services and to improve customer experience, performance and rel...
Kangaroo Group20220523140307

Kangaroo Group

Understanding that online shopping is getting more and more popular in Vietnam, Kangaroo Group has launched a professional eCommerce website to bring ...


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Emers Group is a multifaceted enterprise in Taiwan, started in the commodity industry and slowly diversified its offerings to raw material trading, tr...
Routine Fashion20211130094832

Routine Fashion

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With the aim of deploying an eCommerce system with integration to existing management tools and procedures to automate the business process, as well a...