Magento 2 Migration Service

We migrate your store to the powerful and robust Magento 2 platform.

We design the perfect migration plan for your business

Having worked with leading companies in various industries, we deeply understand what your business really needs, effectively aligning your objectives with powerful and flexible Magento 2 functionality.

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Before migration

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Site Analysis & Consulting

Our team of M2 Certified Developers and Specialists will inspect your webstore thoroughly to give you precise assessment and provide appropriate technical solutions. With experience migrating platforms to Magento 2, our plans are optimized to provide exact implementation and delivery time upfront while avoiding unnecessary costs.


Data Migration

Data Migration

Although there are tools to migrate data from eCommerce platforms to Magento 2, it is still not an easy task for people without certain coding knowledge.  With Magenest’s elite Migration service, your websites will be migrated to the Magento 2 platform in a standard procedure.

Server Migration

Server Migration

We move your website to the new server smoothly so that your pages will run faster thanks to a new, better hosting, thus enhancing customer experience.

Theme Migration

Theme Migration

It’s impossible directly migrate themes from different platforms to Magento 2, so we will help you modify your existing front-end and make it compatible with Magento 2.

Extension Migration

Extension Migration

With our own ecosystem of Magento 2 extensions at the ready, you can freely choose the perfect solutions and the functionalities you want to carry from your old eCommerce platforms to Magento 2. If you want to add features or modify existing ones, we offer full customization service at your need.

Seo Maintenance

SEO Maintenance

We will maintain all the SEO values of your sites, including but not limited to URLs, Alt text, site structure. There will be no traffic loss during the migration process.

After migration

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We offer fast & precise customer service (first 3 months for free) to ensure your new Magento 2 website run smoothly without any problems at launch and during operation.


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We follow Magento best-practice guidelines to ensure a successful migration of your store to Magento 2.

The process can be simply described in high-level steps as follows:

Step 1: Create a thorough migration plan with a detailed checklist of what to migrate to make sure you’ve covered all the necessary steps and information.

Step 2: Start migration

  • Data Migration: Including Product data, Customer data, Sales Transaction, Blog, etc.
  • Theme Migration: You can take advantage of this step to make any tweaks to the front-end design.
  • Extension Migration: Our experts will help you decide which extensions that are essential for your new store, which can be improved/ replaced and any unnecessary extensions that can be excluded.
    • If you are migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we will need to check if the extensions you are using have a version compatible with Magento 2. If not, we can use another extension that has features similar to what you have in Magento 1 extensions.
    • If you are migrating from other systems (Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, etc.) to Magento 2, we will help you define a new set of extensions to install that would allow you to efficiently run your store and at the same time, improve customer experience.
  • Customizations Migration: Custom coding cannot be directly migrated but needs to be rebuilt in Magento 2.

Step 3: Testing, UAT and Training

We run several testing procedures to make sure your store is up and running on Magento and provide support to help you with the User Acceptance Testing process. 

User guide and comprehensive training sessions will also be provided to help you get a good understanding of your Magento 2 store and be ready to make the most out of it.

Step 4: Deployment and golive

Once your Magento 2 site has passed the testing phase, we will help you with the deployment so you are all set to introduce your new store to your customers. 

If you are unfamiliar with the hosting of your website then our cloud experts can also offer consultation and implementation.

No, the migration process will not affect your ongoing eCommerce business.

The migration process usually takes from 1-3 months depending on your site’s complexity, data volume, extensions and any improvements you would like to make during the migration.

  • All data you have in your current website
  • Front-end design
  • Extensions that have version compatibility with Magento 2
  • Custom features/ functionalities: Can be re-worked in Magento 2

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