Order Management System

Tailored and streamlined solution to nitro-fuel your business into flawless omnichannel retail.

Empower your retail operation

As businesses grow in scale, managing and processing orders from multiple sales channels without capable technology will eventually become a challenge. But implementing complex, manual-heavy, and disconnected systems and processes also leads to business inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction.

After years of development projects, we understand this pain point on the journey toward an ideal omnichannel retail. Thus, we have built a streamlined & focused Order Management System based on Odoo that reduces laborious tasks and can connect to almost any digital platforms in existence.

the road to true omnichannel retail starts here

The road to true OMNICHANNEL retail starts here

The benefits of omnichannel retail


When you are relying on multiple channels for your business, managing sales orders is a recurring chore that takes up enormous. Our tools automate these laborious tasks from order fulfillment to accounting so that your business can be standardized into the most optimal processes.


The most difficult part in running any companies is having to constantly make management decisions and anticipate shortcomings based on business intelligence. With our platform acting as your central data processing hub for customer and inventory data, you are provided with real-time and accurate reports that would have taken days of preparation if done by hand.


We partner with eCommerce platforms, marketplaces and logistic service providers to offer native integration with almost every platforms available out there. Thanks to data continuity, your business can provide your customers with an unified experience, regardless of the platform they are interacting with.

What We do for you

What makes us stand out from the competition is that we don’t use a one-size-fits-all solution.

technical maintenance

Process + Technology Planning

We help you plan out new business processes, embedded with technology, to increase your workforce efficiency.

tối ưu front-end

Technology Implementation

Certified solution specialists and developers experienced in platform integration will map out project deliverables.

Extension Migration

Business Intelligence Application

Leveraging reports and data analysis to empower business decisions is the next stage in business success. We will personalize the automating-generated reports based on your company specifications.