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User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are the deciding factors in eCommerce. With Magenest, building your digital experience designed with conversion optimization mindset will be as easy as a weekend cup of tea.

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Why UI Matters?

Great eCommerce designs are always made customer-centric. Focusing on making every interaction with your brand as smooth and enjoyable as possible, reducing resistance for buyers are the only ways to organically earn the trust of your shoppers and contrust a loyal customer base. Our UX Team harmonize the visuals, the psychology of eCommerce, and technical knowledge to setup your business with capacity of delivering world-class digital experiences.

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Why UI design matters

No eCommerce merchants like leavers on their sites or abandoned carts, but there are literally thousands of reason for those things to happen. Beside data are the top reasons why, all of which can be dramatically reduced with proper UI designs for your website.


How Magenest Handles

Regardless of your business, web design is to ingrain trust. Without the advantages of natural guarantee like physical stores, eCommerce websites have to make use of every corners in the design to convince their customers. Noone pays for someone they do not trust, and that makes trust more and more valuable. In this fast-paced world, eCommerce merchants even have less and less time to gain trust from their users, with some reports even claiming that the first 50 millisecond is already enough for an user to decide whether they leave or stay.

With that in mind, all UI designs from Magenest are trust-focus to maximize the conversion rate of your eCommerce store. With us, all your users will easily grasp your unique selling proposition (USP), and then they will be carefully guided through the most optimal buyer journey with optimized design elements and call-to-action blocks.

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We draft out the most optimal customer journeys for different customer groups of your websites. And then from there, our teams will be working closely with each other to finalize the exact customer journeys for the customer groups you wish to optimize on your website.

Business Analysis

Nothing can be a better start of our project together than actual, meaningful meetings between our team and your team. This is where we get to know you, your company, and your business goals to create a solid foundation for your general visual identity and agree on how the main pages look like.


This is the final phase where we bring all ideas into reality. We have optimal process for creating design screens and style guides. We also share all relevant information with you for approval before proceeding. Once we have green ltights with our drafts, we create interactive prototypes to test and validate the solution before implementation. This ensures quickest results for your business.

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Our Workflow

Step 1

Create foundations for the general visual identity of your site

Step 2

Locate key customer groups, and from there, draft the optimal customer journeys

Step 3

Work with your team to define the look and functionality needed

Step 4

Deliver unique and effective user interfaces that convert

Step 5

Create interactive prototypes to test and validate the solution

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