As a pioneer in the AWS partner network in Vietnam, Magenest replaces your costly and bulky server equipment with the AWS cloud computing platform.

AWS badges


As a pioneer in the AWS partner network in Vietnam, Magenest replaces your costly and bulky server equipment with the AWS cloud computing platform.

AWS badges

Why Choose AWS

Providing over 200 fully functional services from data centers across the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. To reduce costs, increase agility, and accelerate innovation, international corporations, most leading government agencies, as well as the fastest-growing startups utilize AWS as this leading cloud platform is FLEXIBLE. SCALABLE. PAY-AS-YOU-GO

Scalable and high-performance

Amazon Web Services scales on the basis of your business demands’ growth. Thanks to this, resource planning becomes easier than ever, AWS allows you to iterate, experiment, and innovate quickly through its huge global cloud infrastructure.

High-level security implementation

AWS makes sure that the cloud meets the requirements of high-sensitivity organizations such as the military and global banks. It allows customers to scale and innovate while maintaining a secure environment.


AWS replaces bulky and costly server systems, which take up your office space and add up to your IT employee costs, with its Cloud Computing platform. Instead, you only pay for what you actually use.


Before the cloud, businesses had to overprovision infrastructure to ensure they had enough capacity to handle your business operations at the peak level of activity. With the cloud, clients are able to meet the number of resources they need, knowing they can instantly scale with the needs of the business.


For companies who want to expand their products/services globally, AWS has 22 Regions and 69 Availability Zones so it can provide high-performing, low latency cloud infrastructure.


As an AWS Select Partner with certifications of AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Architect, Magenest deploys different systems on AWS such as eCom websites and other web platform and covers ERP hosting, and business applications through efficient architecture and cost-effective services.

AWS Partner

Our partnership allows us to assist you in maximizing your use of AWS, by facilitating a smooth transition to the cloud, simplifying your business priorities, and promptly resolving any potential concerns.

On-Time Delivery

Our team prioritizes timely and cautious app deployment. Through an agile app development process, our developers can deliver high-quality applications.

Competitive Pricing

We allow you to pay solely for the particular service that you require, as long as you’re utilizing them, and with no need for complicated licensing or lengthy contracts.


We have got your back in deploying various systems, including eCommerce websites and other web platforms on AWS cloud.

Ongoing Support

We provide on-demand technical support, overall maintenance of your cloud infrastructure, analysis of application performance, issue resolution, and a range of other services.

End-to-End AWS Development Services

Our team of AWS-certified cloud developers provides comprehensive cloud consulting and development services to build cross-platform enterprise applications on the AWS platform.


Our company encompasses platform upgrades along with maintenance and support, to ensure the seamless operation of your cloud environment.

Our services

Magenest is an AWS Partner Network (APN) consulting partner that provides a range of AWS services to our clients including advisory, platform migration, support service, and system deployment on AWS Cloud.


Our professional team ensures that your system is using the best cloud practices, selecting only the necessary AWS services to allow your company to develop and innovate without barriers.

System Deployment on AWS Cloud

We provide system deployment supporting businesses in all necessaties.

Platform Migration

As you make the transition to the cloud, we work with AWS to reduce the amount of infrastructure required refactoring while maintaining security and workloads for your operations.

Support Services

We offer comprehensive support within our cloud hosting services, as well as providing essential documents, user guidelines, and consulting regarding AWS capabilities and limitations upon request to help you manage your infrastructure and ensure smooth operation.


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