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Guardian Vietnam

Magenest successfully developed an eCommerce system and mobile app based on Magento Commerce for Guardian, significantly improving its product and business management processes and providing an exceptional shopping experience for customers.

About guardian

Guardian Vietnam is a member of Dairy Farm – an Asia's leading retailer. Since its foundation in 2011, Guardian strives to become an inspiration for a healthy and charming lifestyle. Offering over 500 reputable health and beauty brands, Guardian prides itself on being one of the best shopping destinations with 99 stores across major cities like HCMC, Hanoi, Bien Hoa, Vung Tau, Da Nang, alongside online present on famous marketplaces, namely Shopee, Grabmart, and Eshop.

The Guardian Tornado+ store model offers a modern shopping environment organized by categories like cosmetics, skincare, body care, and health care. Guardian makes it easy for customers to find products by brand or through recommendations in the Hot zone. With a youthful vibe of orange and white color scheme and dedicated customer service, Guardian has built the trust of millions over the past 13 years.

About Guardian


Previously, Guardian used the Haravan eCommerce platform, which faced challenges in integrating with third-party platforms. This led to manual data synchronization for many processes, making system management and operations highly time-consuming and prone to errors.

The previous platform also restricted content customization and page layout editing, as well as lacked the ability to run complex promotional programs. These issues limited Guardian’s flexibility and creativity in business strategy, preventing them from offering the best shopping experience for customers.

Consequently, Guardian seeks a new eCommerce platform to overcome these limitations, and better meet their needs and those of their customers. The brand requires a system with robust integration capabilities for third-party platforms for better, automated, and optimized management. The goal is to enhance work efficiency, facilitate business expansion, and drive revenue growth sustainably.



eCommerce Website development with Magento Commerce

As a business with multiple brands and diverse products catering to health and beauty, Guardian requires a platform that allows various types of customization, robust integrations, and easy scalability to meet business demands. Magento Commerce is the choice to fulfill these requirements.

The platform supports easy integration with various systems, making automation processes more convenient and efficient. Magento’s scalability enables Guardian to effortlessly expand its business operations, fostering sustainable and flexible growth for the future.

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Mobile App development for user experience enhancement

Magenest also develops a mobile app for Guardian to strengthen the brand image, enhance customer experience, and boost revenue sustainably. This app features an intuitive, user-friendly interface and optimized loading speed.

With the new app, Guardian simplifies customer service through promotional programs and marketing campaigns, reaching customers anytime, anywhere, enhancing brand recognition, and driving sustainable revenue growth.

Onboarding Admin Team

In addition to eCommerce website and mobile app development, Magenest offers training courses to Guardian’s admin team, empowering them to set up and manage the website and mobile app confidently. With this comprehensive training, the Guardian admin team can easily customize website content, manage order data, track inventory reports, and monitor revenue. They can also quickly and accurately implement promotional campaigns. This not only enhances their work efficiency but also ensures flexibility and effectiveness in system management, optimizing both workforce and operating costs.

Developing UI Design
Enhancing Shopping Experience

Using Magento Commerce, Magenest enhanced the UX-UI optimization for Guardian's website and mobile app, creating a unique UI design. This intuitive and user-friendly design made both the website and mobile app easier to use and more visually appealing, significantly improving the shopping experience.

Customers can easily search for products, check order status, receive vouchers and promotions, and quickly update shopping information. This significantly improved the shopping experience, helping Guardian attract and retain customers more effectively, while increasing revenue and brand position.

Guardian case study

Outstanding Results

Magenest successfully deployed the Magento Commerce eCommerce system for Guardian, optimizing both the website and mobile app. The system operates smoothly and meets all business expectations. Initial system and data management challenges have been thoroughly resolved, with data now accurately synchronized into a single source. This helps Guardian easily track and manage, saving significant operational costs.

Both the website and mobile app interfaces are visually appealing, user-friendly, and provide clear promotional information. Customers can easily select and purchase promotional products conveniently, greatly enhancing the shopping experience.

Following Magenest’s detailed guidance on system usage, the Guardian admin team can now quickly and accurately manage order data, inventory reports, and revenue. The highly integrative and automated Magento platform has enabled Guardian to optimize work efficiency, expand its retail business, and strengthen its market position.

Outstanding results

Project Highlights


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