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SM Markets

The project's main goal is to develop additional functions that accommodate essential services and to improve customer experience, performance and reliability of the eCommerce system.

about Supervalue, Inc.
(SM Markets)

Supervalue, Inc. (SM Markets) is a brand owned by SM Investments Corporation (SMIC or SM Group), a Filipino multi-industry corporation with interests in shopping mall development-management, retail, real estate development, banking, and tourism. Established in 1985 with the name SM Supermarket, now SM Markets is a vital piece to completing SM’s range of retail services.

Over the years, SM Markets opened more and more facilities, offering fresh food, groceries and almost every household product that gave consumers a truly one-stop shopping experience. After 30 years of operation, SM Markets has become a top-of-mind shopping destination for Filipinos and has its presence across the entire country.

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THE CHALLENGE & expectation

Despite its impressive coverage in the offline aspect, the company's online facet still has shortcomings. The current SM Markets website was developed by a domestic development agency quite some time ago, thus the current state of the system is certainly not up to par with today's ever-growing customer expectation. Most importantly, the website was not offering a great user experience. This prompted SM Markets to look for a capable Adobe partner to take up the mantle. The main goal is to develop additional functions that accommodate essential services, improving customer experience, performance and reliability of the system.


seamless experience across multiple sales channels

Refactoring the existing Magento 2 system

Despite the fact that SM owns a Magento 2 system for their eCommerce already, the out dated website needs proper improvement. Nevertheless, with Magenest, the condition of the eCommerce website has been improved dramatically. The experienced Magento 2 developers of Magenest have detected all the issues in the old code version, removed the bugs, and upgraded the code to Magento code standards. A much better user experience has already been introduced to the SM Markets website with just the standardization of the code alone, yet the ambition of the project does not stop here.

Powerful mobile app

With smartphones being so available and powerful like today, SM Markets sees this as a splendid way to bring augments into its stock operations within supermarkets. As the operation requires precision & speed, a custom mobile app has been developed by Magenest, allowing supermarket managers to easily serve orders and manage stock availability.

With every new order, via the new custom app, managers can precisely allocate employees in different sections to collect the ordered items, make changes in the stock reports, and get stock updates. This dramatically lowers the required resources for managing stocks, thus boosts the customer experience as now SM Markets can allocate more resources into this section, instead of using them for managing stocks.

Affiliate pickup

Convenience is the king of eCommerce, as maximum convenience is the key to the best customer experience. Not only before checking out, the convenience has to be seen after the checkout (eg: order fulfillment) as well. The matter is more crucial when it comes to grocery orders from supermarkets. SM Markets has already been running numerous hubs where orders are gathered, picked up and delivered by shippers. Nevertheless, with the increasing number of online orders, overtraffic happens more and more frequently in hubs since as traditional management did not allow any form of centralized control for the hubs system.

Thus, an upgrade is deployed, allowing admins to make changes to the opening-closing time of each hub right from the backend of Magento. The information will then be published on the website for all users to easily access and adjust their schedules for the most convenient.

Advanced chatbot integration

Witnessing quite a huge rise in the number of orders being placed through social media and on the website, an advanced AI chatbot has been deployed. The new chatbot can assist users with procedural requests like opening new accounts, providing product information, suggesting relevant products, and tracking orders.

UI Design - PWA optimization

Refactoring the old code is not enough, SM Markets desires a better customer experience for its shoppers. The demand is a fast-loading and great-looking frontend for the users to truly enjoy the eCommerce experience with SM Markets. With such a demanding request, Magenest has chosen a bold yet effective approach: deploying a brand new UI design, specialized for grocery shopping - on the PWA base for both PC and mobile devices. This has unified the shopping experience across multiple platforms, a necessary step toward a true omnichannel system.​

a spectacular success

The launch of the new website so far has been a magnificent success. Thanks to optimization and new upgrades to the Magento system, SM Markets’ eCommerce framework can now work smoothly, offering a top-tier customer experience, and quickly fulfilling any placed orders. All have brought a huge rise to the number of placed orders and revenue of SM Markets.

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