Consider 10 examples of the top Shopify jewelry stores and explore why they succeed

Are you looking to kick-start your own jewelry store? Or perhaps you’re already in the business but want to take things up a notch and gain some inspiration from others who have made it big within the eCommerce world. Well, lucky for you now is your opportunity! In this blog post, we will be exploring multiple successful Shopify jewelry stores and discussing what makes them so great. 

We will dive into critical elements such as their pricing models, product offerings, customer service principles, and digital marketing strategies to determine how these companies achieved success – all with the ultimate goal of helping YOU build YOUR OWN world-class online jewelry store. So read on if you are ready to join us in delving into the secrets of successful Shopify jewelry stores!

Top Shopify jewelry store examples

Pura Vida Bracelets

The California-based jewelry company Pura Vida Bracelets distributes hand-made bracelets and other items through both physical boutique locations and online Shopify store.

Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, the store’s co-founders, got the inspiration to open their business after meeting two craftsmen in Costa Rica while there to celebrate their graduation.

Pura Vida Bracelets

They hooked up with the artists and began selling the bracelets back home after being so moved by how well they reflected the beauty of Costa Rica.

The 40th largest Shopify store in the world, Pura Vida helps over 800 Costa Rican artists make a living from their craft by selling millions of bracelets annually. And there are now many more accessories available than only bracelets, such as rings, necklaces, and charms.

Vincero Watches

In order to begin creating and producing their own goods, the three co-founders of Vincero Watches relocated to China in 2010.

They discovered an excessive number of watches being mass-produced using as many cost-saving measures as possible. In order to guarantee top quality throughout the whole production process, they set out to design their own watches and establish their own supply network.

Vincero Watches

In the end, they created a community of people who appreciate quality and won’t wear jewelry that was crafted in a hurry.

Additionally, they sell other items through their Shopify jewelry store than watches, including bracelets, sunglasses, and wallets. Use Facebook Ads to promote your Shopify store or items if this inspires you to get adventurous with what and how you sell. You may also take into account employing one of these strategies to lower CPM for adverts.


Since its establishment in Toronto in 2011, Vitaly has taken pleasure in being an experimental design movement that creates jewelry without regard to gender and that builds upon the framework of global cultural orientations.


The majority of their jewelry is composed of stainless steel since it is extremely recyclable and does not rust or tarnish, which is more significant to their jewelry brand.

Although the materials they use are selective, their selection of jewelry is not. Jewelry from Vitaly is available in a variety of styles, including rings, bracelets, chains, and pendants.

Molten Store

The Brisbane, Australia-based Molten Store is among Shopify jewelry stores with an emphasis on upcycling and environmentally friendly jewelry.

Molten Store

Molten Store not only creates great jewelry using recycled materials but also offers a “swap your jewelry” program that enables consumers to exchange their old jewelry for store credit.

However, Molten Store’s major objective is to help consumers find the jewelry of their dreams. They also pride themselves on being experts on the history of antique jewelry.

Their Shopify business could be best as an antique store for millennials.


One of the most popular Shopify jewelry stores worldwide is Missoma. They are considerably bigger than the majority of the other Shopify shops on our list as a result. However, this does not imply that they have lost sight of their goals or are any less motivational for them.


Missoma, a company founded by Marisa Hordern, aims to foster cooperation, creativity, and self-assurance. Due to their size, they also have a huge selection of various jewelry styles and have outstanding customer ratings.

By Charlotte

The By Charlotte website is carefully constructed so that the information is easy to read. Every little aspect of their website was attentively designed to be as attractive as possible, and as a result, each one perfectly matches the overall design idea.

By Charlotte

By Charlotte can quickly grab visitors’ attention and keep them there longer thanks to a bar at the top that advertises free delivery. Their live chat is also a wise move because it’s estimated that 85% of chatters end up becoming customers.

They work hard to create the greatest possible purchasing experience. As soon as you click on a jewelry image you like, the Shop Now button appears. Additionally, the Shop Instagram section of By Charlotte’s website can enhance sales and profits.

King Ice

The hip-hop and streetwear company King Ice is in charge of the jewelry and accessory industry. In terms of producing outstanding wearable art and developing a strong relationship with each customer, King Ice has been the best jewelry seller.

King Ice

King Ice strives to give customers the best purchasing experience possible as well. King Ice is regarded as one of the best Shopify jewelry stores, especially for its daring ideas, high-quality goods, and marketing approach in collaboration with the entertainment sector.

This jewelry store Shopify sells hip-hop jewelry that has brilliant pendants and rings on chains made of silver or gold.

Because of its fascinating web design, which has attracted a lot of visitors, King Ice’s website has created thousands of leads. A lion is central to their recognizable brand. Their featured collection has illustrations that are typical of modern rap music videos.


Due to its successful eCommerce platform, Ana Luisa, a well-known French jewelry company, stands out as one of the finest Shopify jewelry stores. To create their jewelry, they employ only recycled gold and diamonds that have been generated responsibly. They, therefore, produce a gorgeous website with exceptional elements for improved performance.


Visitors are informed of upcoming sales and discounts through banners on the site from Ana Luisa’s team. In fact, this reinforces a sense of urgency that motivates consumers to buy goods at a discount. 

Additionally, a countdown clock at the top of their eCommerce website urges customers to buy products before they sell out. As you browse the products area, a pop-up will inform you of a limited-time offer, free delivery, or a 25% discount.

Ring to Perfection

This website employs an innovative strategy to draw visitors by publishing blogs. Ring to Perfection often writes blog posts on numerous jewelry-related themes.

Ring to Perfection

They focus on producing content that is SEO-friendly in order to improve organic traffic. It’s estimated that 35% of visitors to Ring to Perfection’s website come from blogs with worthwhile and engaging content.

Ring to Perfection, on the other hand, makes full use of Facebook marketing to draw in more customers. Potential customers will be directed to the specific products the shop sells when they visit their websites, not the homepage. 

Customers can choose to pay in several currencies when they shop at Ring to Perfection. You can choose your preferred currency to pay for your cart.


Along with companies serving a variety of themes that only jewelry, SHASHI is one of the top 25 most valuable Shopify businesses globally. Since it’s a really straightforward store that has managed to become successful, there must be a reason behind it.


Technically, they provide a wide range of accessories, from bracelets to necklaces. As a result, their goods are common. However, you may discover rose gold and rainbows as their two main color schemes in their store. While the majority of their metal jewelry, which consists of rings, necklaces, and bracelets, is rose gold, their bracelets are vividly colored.

The price of an item won’t display until your mouse is moved over it, which is a nice aspect of their straightforward store. Additionally, you may choose a product’s color and size and get all the essential information by clicking on it.

4 Shopify’s advantages in building jewelry online stores

Save costs

Shopify supports efficient business growth and cost-cutting measures. It offers lightning-fast, scalable hosting with exceptional resources, which is advantageous for jewelry companies on Shopify.

Try creating a store with a 14-day free trial for which you don’t even require a credit card if you don’t want to completely commit to Shopify. You may select the plan that best suits you from Shopify’s many options for various types of jewelry companies.

Pricing packages with the necessary features can start at $29 per month and go up to $299.

Owners of Shopify jewelry stores may add themes for $200 and app integrations for $50 per month. There are also beginner-friendly plans, free themes, and applications available. Additionally, Shopify offers free website hosting and 24/7 management with updates.

Find it easy to use

When it comes to expanding your jewelry business, brand awareness is crucial. Shopify enables you to personalize your online store so that it stays true to your unique brand. And jewelry business owners have access to dashboards that don’t need coding.

The platform has fundamentally altered how small firms do digital commerce. Aside from that, the platform from Shopify delivers excellent reports with simple adjustments.

Additionally, Shopify makes use of connectors through the Shopify POS to assist in the synchronization of data and inventory across online and offline businesses.

Shopify’s advantages in building jewelry online stores

Comprise powerful features

Top jewelry retailers are drawn to Shopify by its appealing dashboards, a variety of payment methods, and quick shipment.

The distinctive and high-quality applications from Shopify may help merchants grow their online shops. Additionally, Shopify permits third-party applications, enabling jewelry companies to enhance functionality and improve customer satisfaction.

Strong features from Shopify also assist store owners in locating high-quality solutions to boost productivity. The applications from Shopify make it possible for all business functions, including marketing, operations, and financing, to run seamlessly.

Users of Shopify may connect to Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter through the platform. The owners are able to study, assess, and then develop workable ways to enhance their business.

Handle scalability

The possible expansion of the eCommerce platform must be among your concerns while building a Shopify jewelry business from start. If not, it could result in stores that cost a lot to upgrade or migrate. Fortunately, Shopify successfully addresses the need for expansion and scalability.

Top Shopify jewelry stores like Allbirds make this decision while starting their online businesses. The elimination of transaction fees has resulted in enormous financial savings. Owning jewelry businesses on Shopify will ease your concerns and improve all business operations.

If you’re looking for an eCommerce platform to create your own online jewelry stores, Shopify undoubtedly comes out on top because of its easy-to-use interface, straightforward reporting, affordable plans, reliable integrations, and other fantastic Shopify features.

The 5 pillars of a successful Shopify jewelry store

Niched products

Your own business needs a distinction to stand out from the myriad of jewelry retailers on Shopify (USP). Yes, you want to sell jewelry, but what makes your items unique from the competition? Here are some popular jewelry designs for you to consider.

  • Handmade jewelry: Accessorizes something you have manufactured yourself or with the assistance of other artists.
  • Occasion Jewelry: Accessory for special events such as weddings and proms.
  • Maintaining a particular look: Typically, gothic or bohemian attire.
  • Jewelry composed of a certain substance: The most useful choice if you care deeply about protecting the environment, manufactured primarily from recycled waste.
  • Selling one or two specific accessories: selling just bracelets, for instance, in your store.

A great facade

When selling stylish items, presentation is important! Who would want to purchase beauty products from a website that appeared in 2002? Your Shopify store must be easy to understand and navigate.

Additionally, a well-designed website would convey a feeling of identity that many shop owners would miss. How therefore can you ensure that your store is distinctive?

  • A unique logo
  • Customized typefaces
  • A unique web design
  • Unique photos

Social media

Facebook is where 89% of marketers choose to advertise their goods, while an impressive 90% of US marketers use Instagram as their top social media channel for influencer marketing. 

They not only assist you in building a sizable audience, but they also serve as testing grounds where you may gather all available data to determine what you’re doing correctly or incorrectly.

pillars of successful shopify jewelry stores

Additionally, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are all designed for picture sharing, which is something you should be doing while managing a Shopify jewelry company. Having said that, not all platforms can adequately serve your particular niche.

Cheap, if not free shipping

Now, low prices or free shipping are the new standards for internet purchases. If you can’t give your consumers the same pricing as your rivals, you’ve already fallen behind.

However, this does not imply that you must cover all shipping expenses, especially if you are just starting out. There are two alternatives you can take:

  • Increase the price of the goods while lowering the delivery costs.
  • Give customers free delivery on large purchases.

Of course, you may even use it to pay the shipping costs if your profit is great enough. The cost of shipping might decrease as you expand.

Great SEO performance

Everyone is competing for the top Google search positions in an effort to have their jewelry Shopify store appear first when buyers search for anything. However, because it is such a broad issue, we are unable to fully discuss it in this little piece. Following are some bullet points to consider:

  • Install an SEO add-on. Shopify offers a large range of SEO plug-ins that monitor the performance of your business and make excellent recommendations. There are a ton of third-party apps to meet your demands if those add-ons don’t enough.
  • Use these keywords: Discover the search terms that your potential customers use, and try to incorporate them into your website but seem natural.
  • Post a lot of pictures: The more unique pictures you have on your website, the higher Google will likely rank it.
  • Publish a blog: You may demonstrate that your store has a personality with a blog. Many consumers seek companies with a personality and a voice.

In Conclusion,

If you are looking to set up a jewelry store, take some inspiration from these examples of Shopify jewelry stores that have already achieved success. Consider what elements you can incorporate into your own store design, product selection, and marketing strategy. 

If you need help getting started or want expert advice on how to optimize your Shopify jewelry store, contact us. Our team would be happy to assist you in creating a successful online business.

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