Truong Mai
Truong Mai
Author at Magenest - Content Manager, SEO Team Lead
Mai Xuan Truong is Magenest’s esteemed Content & SEO Manager and blog author. With a commendable portfolio featuring renowned clients like Lavie VN, Boo, and OCB, Mai Xuan Truong brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team. Having dedicated three years to the growth of Magenest, he has primarily focused on the intricacies of Magento eCommerce, mastering the art of eCommerce best practices. Mai Xuan Truong plays a pivotal role in optimizing Magenest’s digital presence and enhancing online visibility. Truong’s career is characterized by a deep commitment to strong leadership and project management skills, making his invaluable contributions consistently propel the company towards excellence in the world of eCommerce.
How to Customize magento 2 email templates

Comprehensive Guide on How to Customize Magento 2 Email Templates

Customizing your Magento email templates is a crucial step towards differentiating your business in a crowded marketplace. Imagine if every Magento store used the same, unaltered email templates, it would hardly leave a lasting impression on customers.  To avoid this monotony and elevate your brand’s uniqueness, our guide will meticulously

Should companies and agencies outsource Magento development projects?

Should companies and agencies outsource Magento development projects?

The eCommerce industry has grown significantly in this day and age. The Magento eCommerce development platform has met all the requirements of online retailers in order to create a seamless shopping experience. Magento is a highly powerful eCommerce development platform that was created with every type of online company demand

Outsource app development

How to outsource mobile app development – Updated 2023

In recent years, Mobile app development services have become increasingly important for thousands of businesses. When your company wants to build an app, you may be struggling with the idea of outsourcing and building an in-house app development team. Whether you are in a big company or a startup, making

Top 10 eCommerce sites in India

What are Top 10 eCommerce sites in India – Updated 2023

Recent years have seen an exceptional evolution in the way India trades and shops. eCommerce is one of the rapidly growing sectors, stimulating an entire generation of entrepreneurs, large-scale manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises. But there are thousands of eCommerce sites in India around the world but choosing the

Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in Australia

Top 10 eCommerce Sites in Australia – Updated 2023

Did you know that Australia is a hot spot for online shoppers? In fact, the country ranks in the top 10 for eCommerce activity. There are over 10 million people in Australia, and each one of them is a potential customer for your business. But with so many eCommerce businesses

Big data eCommerce - Definition, Example, Insights

Big Data eCommerce – Definition, Example, Insights of 2023

Big data eCommerce is gaining more traction each year. This type of commerce refers to the use of big data analytics and technologies to improve customer engagement, personalize the shopping experience, and increase sales. While there are many benefits to big data eCommerce, there are also a few challenges that

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