20 best Shopify fitness stores & Fundamental Steps to Setup

Mai Xuan Truong

Are you looking for some Shopify fitness stores that offer fitness products and services to refer to? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the best Shopify stores related to fitness, as well as how you can use Shopify to set up your own online store. 

Whether you’re a gym owner or just looking for ways to get in shape at home, there are plenty of options available on Shopify today. We’ll provide an overview of some leading shop sites, their product offerings and sales strategies, and tips on setting up your own store using Shopify’s easy-to-use tools. 

With this information in hand, you’ll soon be ready to take advantage of all that Shopify has to offer when it comes to selling health & fitness items online. So let’s dive into our list now!

20 best Shopify fitness stores to consider

MMA Apparel

One of the best Shopify fitness stores is MMA Apparel. By anticipating what customers would want and making it easier for them to purchase it, MMA Apparel, the top-ranked combat gear and clothing retailer in Europe, has found success online.

MMA Apparel

After switching to Shopify Plus, they were able to build a mobile-friendly site that accounted for 35% of sales in a single month and witnessed a 60% increase in sales over their prior platform. Additionally, being on Shopify Plus made it simpler for MMA Apparel to add applications to enhance the shopping experience. Products can be recommended (depending on what the customer has been seeing or adding to their basket), which enhances cross-selling and upselling and contributes to a more specialized, customized shopping experience.

What we love

  • Brand Collaborations and Exclusive Lines: MMA Apparel provides collaborations with well-known fighters or exclusive product lines featuring popular MMA brands (e.g., Venum, Hayabusa, Bad Boy). 
  • Wide Range of Products: MMA Apparel carries a comprehensive selection of gear tailored for MMA practitioners, including gloves, shorts, protective gear, and training equipment. Additionally, lifestyle apparel like branded t-shirts, hoodies, and hats are common to cater to the broader MMA fan base.

What we can learn from MMA Apparel

  • Leveraging Brand Collaborations and Exclusive Lines: MMA Apparel’s approach to collaborating with well-known fighters and brands teaches us the value of leveraging partnerships to enhance product offerings and appeal. These collaborations can significantly increase a store’s visibility, attract a wider audience, and provide customers with unique products they can’t find elsewhere. 
  • Offering a Wide Range of Products: The comprehensive selection of gear and lifestyle apparel available at MMA Apparel underscores the importance of catering to the diverse needs of your target market. By providing everything from professional-grade equipment to casual fan apparel, MMA Apparel ensures that both serious practitioners and casual fans find value in their offerings.


Using odor-fighting technology, the men’s sportswear line Rhone keeps you looking fresh and clean even after a workout. Customers are encouraged to go discovering the whole website. Business Insider named Rhone as the best men’s athleisure brand for 2021.


Rhone is a premium brand that specializes in high-quality performance wear designed specifically for men. Founded with the goal of filling the gap in the market for well-crafted men’s performance clothing, Rhone commits to engineering comfortable, durable, and stylish apparel that supports men in every aspect of their lives – from the gym to the office, and everywhere in between.

What we love

  • Streamlined Navigation: Rhone’s Shopify store is expected to offer a user-friendly experience with intuitive navigation and well-organized categories. This allows customers to easily browse through their offerings, which might include categories for different activities (like running, training, and yoga), product types (such as tops, bottoms, and outerwear), and collections.
  • Customer Engagement Tools: Features such as live chat support, product recommendations, and a FAQ section could be part of the store to enhance customer engagement and support. Additionally, Rhone might offer a subscription service or loyalty program to encourage repeat business and build a community around the brand.

What we can learn from Rhone

  • The Importance of Streamlined Navigation: Rhone’s approach to creating a user-friendly experience with intuitive navigation serves as a reminder of the critical role ease of use plays in the online shopping experience. A well-organized website not only enhances customer satisfaction but also facilitates faster decision-making and purchasing processes. 
  • Leveraging Customer Engagement Tools: The anticipated inclusion of live chat support, product recommendations, and comprehensive FAQs in Rhone’s Shopify store underscores the value of interactive and supportive elements in fostering customer engagement. These tools not only address customer inquiries more efficiently but also personalize the shopping experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. 

Balance Athletica

Balance Athletica, a family-owned and -operated business, was founded on the idea that you must balance your mind, body, and spirit in order to live your best life. Through their outfits, they also hope to create a community that is inclusive of all cultures.

Balance Athletica

Balance Athletica is a brand that focuses on creating high-quality, inclusive, and stylish activewear designed to support and inspire individuals throughout their fitness and daily activities. 

What we love

  • Engaging and High-Quality Visuals: The stunning video ads show straightforward images of a model wearing the merchandise on a white background. Visitors can see huge, high-quality images on the homepage without experiencing any site speed slowdown.
  • Inventory Insight: On the PLP, Almost Gone is added to the low-stock goods to create a sense of scarcity, and the product’s star rating is displayed to demonstrate the standard of the apparel.

What we can learn from Balance Athletica

  • Leverage High-Quality Visuals: The use of engaging, high-quality visuals, including straightforward images and video ads, is crucial in e-commerce for showcasing products effectively. Balance Athletica’s approach demonstrates that it’s possible to feature large, detailed images on a site’s homepage without causing a slowdown in site speed. 
  • Utilize Inventory Insights to Drive Urgency and Transparency: The strategic addition of Almost Gone tags to low-stock items on the product listing pages (PLPs) is an effective way to create a sense of urgency among shoppers. This tactic, combined with displaying product star ratings, helps to communicate both the scarcity and quality of the merchandise. 


Gym+Coffee is an Irish athleisure brand founded with the aim of creating high-quality, comfortable, and stylish clothing designed for an active lifestyle. With a focus on building a community around fitness and outdoor activities, Gym + Coffee emphasizes the importance of social connections, encouraging people to Make Life Richer by getting active and enjoying coffee with friends.

Gym + Coffee

Gym+Coffee’s physical storefronts, which its fans referred to as Clubhouses, served as gathering places for the community to mingle, connect with like-minded individuals, hear about forthcoming events, and, of course, purchase the newest athleisure fashions. Gym+Coffee had to act quickly when the lockdown periods meant temporary business closures.

They already used Shopify to operate their online business, and they processed in-person transactions using Shopify POS, fully integrated hardware, and Shopify Payments. Because they used a comprehensive strategy, they were able to maintain a consistent customer experience despite the fact that their business was shifting from physical to online sales.

What we love

  • Community-Focused Branding: Gym + Coffee’s online presence reflects its brand ethos of fostering a community around active lifestyles. This includes featuring user-generated content, highlighting community events, and showcasing the brand’s engagement with its followers through social media integration.
  • Engagement Through Content: Gym + Coffee leverages its online platform to offer value beyond just selling products. This includes a content section filled with fitness tips, coffee culture articles, and stories from the brand’s community, aimed at engaging customers and reinforcing the brand’s lifestyle ethos.

What we can learn from Gym + Coffee

  • Embrace Community-Focused Branding: Gym + Coffee’s success in building a brand around the concept of community and active lifestyles teaches us the power of connecting with customers on a level that goes beyond transactions. By integrating user-generated content, actively participating in community events, and engaging with followers on social media, brands can foster a sense of belonging and loyalty among their customer base.
  • Prioritize Engagement Through Value-Added Content: Gym + Coffee’s strategy of providing valuable content beyond its product offerings highlights the importance of engaging with customers through relevant and enriching information. Creating a content hub filled with articles, tips, and stories that resonate with the brand’s ethos can significantly enhance customer engagement. 


The Gymshark Shopify fitness store, a UK-based company, offers fitness clothes for sale in more than 131 nations. Like many successful businesses, this one had its start in a garage. Through cozy and fashionable exercise clothing, the owner hoped to motivate consumers to be all that they dreamt they might be.


In an effort to be transparent about their sustainability, there is a report on the brand’s carbon footprint on the creation of CO2 emissions. The site showcases pictures from a current partnership with fitness digital creative Whitney Simmons, who has 3.2 million Instagram followers. On the top of each PDP, videos of a model exercising while wearing the gear demonstrate the stability and comfort of the product. The Gymshark Central section of the website offers blogs with advice on grooming, conditioning, and general health.

What we love

  • Detailed Product Descriptions with Size Guides: Given the importance of fit for athletic wear, Gymshark’s product pages offer detailed descriptions, including information about materials, care instructions, and specific features like sweat-wicking or stretchability. Size guides and customer reviews may also be available to help shoppers make informed decisions.
  • Innovative Marketing and Promotions: Gymshark is known for its effective use of marketing campaigns and social media influencers to engage customers and drive sales. The Shopify store features promotional banners, exclusive deals, and announcements about upcoming product launches or events to keep customers informed and excited about the brand.

What we can learn from Gymshark

  • The Importance of Detailed Product Information: Gymshark’s approach to providing thorough product descriptions and size guides on its product pages highlights how crucial detailed information is for online shopping, especially for apparel. Customers rely on these descriptions to make informed purchasing decisions when they can’t physically interact with the products. Including specific features, care instructions, and materials, along with size guides and real customer reviews, can significantly reduce uncertainty and increase customer confidence in their purchases.
  • Leveraging Innovative Marketing Techniques: Gymshark’s success with innovative marketing campaigns and the strategic use of social media influencers underscores the power of engaging and contemporary marketing tactics in today’s digital age. By harnessing the reach and influence of social media personalities and engaging customers with timely promotions, exclusive deals, and product launch announcements, Gymshark keeps its audience engaged and motivated to make purchases. 


Kayla Itsines, an Australian fitness specialist, developed the mobile app called Sweat. Sweat.com is where you can get information about it. The app provides new users with a free trial as well as a selection of routines and trainers. It costs only $20 per month, which is 40% less than the typical US gym subscription. Sweat has received over 35k reviews and a 4.6-star rating on the Apple app store.


Sweat is primarily recognized as a fitness platform that offers workout programs tailored to women and is famous for its fitness app which includes various workout programs, meal plans, and community support.

What we love

  • Trainers Transparency: The Meet the Trainers section has exercises and biographies for 14 different trainers.
  • Ease and Convenience The site of the app features images, providing users with a preview of what it will look like before they ever download it. Through the app’s forum, you will communicate with other users. For ease and convenience, you can also link the exercises to your Apple Watch.

What we can learn from Sweat

  • Highlighting Trainer Expertise and Transparency: The inclusion of a Meet the Trainers section that showcases exercises and biographies for different trainers exemplifies the importance of transparency and expertise in building trust and credibility with users. By offering detailed insights into the qualifications and personalities of their trainers, platforms can create a stronger connection between users and trainers, making the fitness journey feel more personalized and supported. 
  • Prioritizing Ease and Convenience: The focus on ease and convenience, demonstrated by features like providing visual previews of the app and enabling exercises to be linked to an Apple Watch, shows how removing barriers to entry and simplification of processes can significantly enhance user experience. By making it easy for users to visualize what they’re signing up for and integrating with commonly used devices for a seamless experience, platforms can increase user engagement and satisfaction.

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga offers both men’s and women’s yoga attire and accessories, as the name implies. The company makes apparel for both on and off the yoga mat and has a strong emphasis on community, wellness, and mindfulness. Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner are just two of the famous people who have been spotted wearing the products of this one of the top fitness Shopify stores. 

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is renowned for its premium yoga wear, combining high-quality materials, stylish designs, and functionality to cater to both the yoga community and the broader audience looking for fashionable athleisure wear.

What we love

  • Easy to Navigate: Despite having a lot of items, the website is easy to explore and has a clear, straightforward structure.
  • Celebrity Influence: Customers may shop in a section below the fold called Shop Kendall Jenner’s Look where they can get the exact same clothes that their favorite fashion icon is wearing.
  • Community Commitment: Alo Moves is a $20/month program that offers users yoga, fitness, and meditation classes as part of the company’s commitment to giving back. And Alo Gives is a nonprofit that collaborates with Scholastic to offer children’s activity sheets and videos on yoga and mindfulness.

What we can learn from Alo Yoga

  • The Value of Simplified Navigation: Alo Yoga’s ability to maintain an easy-to-navigate website, despite offering a wide range of products, highlights the importance of a clear and straightforward site structure. 
  • Leveraging Celebrity Influence: The use of sections like Shop Kendall Jenner’s Look demonstrates the powerful role that celebrity endorsements and influence can play in eCommerce. By associating products with well-known personalities, brands can tap into the celebrity’s fan base, increase product appeal, and drive sales. 
  • Commitment to Community and Social Responsibility: Alo Yoga’s initiatives like Alo Moves and Alo Gives reflect a deep commitment to community welfare and social responsibility. These programs not only add value for customers by offering additional services like yoga and fitness classes but also position the brand as one that gives back to the community. This approach can significantly bolster a brand’s image, fostering loyalty among current customers and attracting new ones who value corporate social responsibility. 


Customers may customize their mouth guard by adding their name, number, and custom graphics. They can even collaborate with GuardLab‘s design staff to bring a concept to reality. 


More importantly, the guards may be precisely fitted to the teeth of the consumer, which facilitates breathing and speaking, offers greater protection for the teeth and gums, and lowers the danger of impact damage. An in-person 3D scan at a dentist or a home impression kit is an effective way to obtain this custom fit.

What we love

  • Customization: GuardLab utilizes 3D scanning technology for custom mouthguard fittings. Customers have the option to visit partner dental offices or use at-home impression kits to create precise digital scans for their custom mouthguards.
  • Data Storage: Among the top Shopify fitness stores, GuardLab offers free data storage to its clients so they won’t have to go through the fitting procedure again if they decide to place another purchase in the future. 

What we can learn from GuardLab

  • Investing in Advanced Technology for Customization: GuardLab’s use of 3D scanning technology for custom mouthguard fittings exemplifies the value of investing in advanced technology to enhance product personalization and customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlining Customer Experience with Data Storage: GuardLab’s provision of free data storage for clients is a strategic move that streamlines the purchasing process and reduces friction for repeat customers. By storing customers’ digital scans, GuardLab eliminates the need for clients to undergo the fitting procedure again when placing future orders. 

Altitude Sports

Being early internet adopters has been advantageous for Altitude Sports. Altitude Sports is a Canadian outdoor retailer that offers a wide range of high-quality outdoor apparel, gear, and accessories for various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, skiing, and snowboarding. 

Altitude Sports

Before starting online in 1999, this outdoor gear and apparel company first existed as a brick-and-mortar business in Montreal throughout the 1980s. They have maintained a lead by embracing the eCommerce revolution early and growing and evolving along with it.

What we love

  • Search feature: The search tool returns results as users input and graphically shows them before users click the Enter key. This smart feature either makes it easier for customers to locate what they are seeking or persuades them to buy something else they would not have otherwise thought to buy.
  • Seasonal Promotions and Deals: Altitude Sports offers seasonal promotions, discounts, and special deals on outdoor gear and apparel throughout the year. These promotions coincide with key outdoor seasons such as winter for skiing and snowboarding or summer for hiking and camping, encouraging customers to make purchases during peak seasons.

What can we learn from Altitude Sports?

  • Optimized Search Functionality: Altitude Sports’ implementation of a smart search tool that provides real-time results as users input their queries is a valuable lesson in enhancing the browsing and shopping experience. By offering this feature, Altitude Sports makes it easier for customers to quickly find what they’re looking for, increasing user satisfaction and reducing friction in the purchasing process. Additionally, the graphical display of results before users hit Enter can serve as a persuasive tool, potentially prompting customers to discover and explore additional products they hadn’t initially considered. 
  • Strategic Seasonal Promotions: Altitude Sports’ utilization of seasonal promotions, discounts, and special deals aligns with the outdoor industry’s seasonal nature and serves as a powerful strategy to capitalize on peak shopping periods. By offering targeted promotions during key outdoor seasons such as winter for skiing and snowboarding or summer for hiking and camping, Altitude Sports not only incentivizes customers to make purchases during these periods but also aligns its marketing efforts with consumer demand. 


Alphalete is a fitness apparel brand founded by Christian Guzman, catering primarily to individuals involved in fitness and bodybuilding. Alphalete began as a 2012 YouTube channel providing health and nutrition advice, but it has now developed into an aspirational sportswear business.


Their compelling homepage design includes sections like Shop the Look, fast-paced training videos, and blocks of gorgeous graphics. Here, visitors may quickly add the item to their basket by clicking on various components of a modeled suit. 

The Alphalete website is elegant, athletic, and appealing just like their products.

What we love

  • Premium Quality and Stylish Designs: Alphalete is known for its emphasis on premium quality materials and stylish designs. Therefore, the Shopify store showcases high-quality product imagery and detailed descriptions highlighting the technical features, fabric composition, and design aesthetics of each item.
  • Limited Edition Releases and Collections: Alphalete frequently releases limited edition collections and exclusive drops to create excitement and drive sales. These special releases include collaborations with fitness influencers, athletes, or celebrities, as well as seasonal collections or themed lines.
  • Community Engagement and Social Proof: Alphalete fosters a strong sense of community among its customers and followers on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Their Shopify store integrates user-generated content, customer reviews, and testimonials to showcase social proof and encourage trust and loyalty among potential buyers.

What we can learn from Alphalete

  • Prioritize Premium Quality and Design: Alphalete’s emphasis on premium quality materials and stylish designs underscores the importance of prioritizing product quality and aesthetics in the eCommerce space. By showcasing high-quality product imagery and detailed descriptions highlighting technical features and design aesthetics, businesses can effectively communicate the value proposition of their products to customers.
  • Utilize Limited Edition Releases: Alphalete’s strategy of releasing limited edition collections and exclusive drops demonstrates the effectiveness of creating scarcity and exclusivity to drive excitement and sales. By offering limited edition releases, businesses can create a sense of urgency and anticipation among customers, encouraging them to make purchases before products sell out. Collaborations with influencers, athletes, or celebrities further amplify the appeal of these special releases, attracting a wider audience and generating buzz around the brand.
  • Engage Community and Showcase Social Proof: Alphalete’s commitment to fostering a strong sense of community and showcasing social proof on its Shopify store highlights the importance of engaging with customers and building trust and loyalty. Building a vibrant community on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube further strengthens brand engagement and loyalty, creating a loyal customer base that advocates for the brand.


Huel has established a strong presence in the diet and fitness sector through its Shopify online store. The brand, standing for Human + Fuel, aims to provide nutritionally balanced, accessible, and eco-friendly food options with minimal impact on animals and the environment. Founded by Julian Hearn in 2015, Huel’s mission resonates with a growing audience interested in healthier and sustainable dietary choices.

best Shopify fitness stores huel

Huel’s Shopify store excels in presenting a cohesive brand story that aligns with its product offerings, focusing on health, accessibility, and sustainability. The store’s design and content strategy are centered around educating and engaging customers, rather than merely selling products. This approach, combined with a clear and direct message about the benefits of Huel’s products, positions the brand as a leader in the nutritionally complete food market​​.

What we love

  • Engaging Content: The website engages visitors with clear, concise text highlighting Huel’s unique selling points, including its health benefits, convenience, and sustainability. It’s designed to appeal directly to its target demographic.
  • Fitness Support: Beyond selling products, Huel provides information on how its meals and supplements can support fitness goals, further cementing its value proposition as a fitness-oriented nutrition provider.

What we can learn from Huel:

  • The Power of Clarity and Conciseness: Huel’s website exemplifies how engaging content can be both clear and concise, making it easy for visitors to grasp the brand’s unique selling points. 
  • Highlight Your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs): Clearly communicating what makes your product unique, as Huel does with its focus on health benefits, convenience, and sustainability, can set your brand apart in a crowded market.
  • Educate Your Audience: Huel goes beyond the traditional e-commerce model of simply selling products; it educates its audience on how these products can support their fitness and health goals. 
  • Support Beyond the Sale: Huel’s provision of information on how its products support fitness goals demonstrates an investment in customer success beyond the initial purchase.

310 Nutrition

310 Nutrition has made a notable impact in the health and nutrition industry with its Shopify online store. Established in 2012, the brand has quickly grown, distinguishing itself as one of the fastest-growing companies in its sector. The primary mission of 310 Nutrition is to offer consumers reliable, effective solutions that promote healthy lifestyles, along with fostering a supportive community to accompany individuals on their wellness journey.

best Shopify fitness stores 310 nutrition

The success of 310 Nutrition’s Shopify store can be attributed to its strong mission, commitment to community building, effective use of user-generated content, and diverse product lineup that resonates with health-conscious consumers. These elements combine to create a compelling online presence that not only drives sales but also fosters a loyal customer base invested in their health and wellness journey​.

What we love

  • Thriving Online Community: With over a million social media followers and a dedicated Facebook group with 223K members, 310 Nutrition has cultivated a vibrant and supportive online community. 
  • User-Generated Content: Leveraging user-generated content is a smart move by 310 Nutrition, as it features real stories, testimonials, and before-and-after photos from customers. 
  • Comprehensive Product Range: The store offers a wide range of products that cater to various health and nutrition needs. 

What we can learn from 310 Nutrition

  • Build a Supportive Online Community: 310 Nutrition’s success in cultivating a vibrant online community highlights the importance of creating spaces where customers can share experiences, offer support, and engage with the brand beyond the transaction. 
  • Harness the Power of User-Generated Content: The effective use of user-generated content (UGC) by 310 Nutrition demonstrates how authentic customer stories and experiences can enhance brand credibility and trustworthiness.

Gym and Fitness

Gym and Fitness stands out as a prominent player in the Australian fitness equipment market, with its Shopify online store serving both local and international customers. Founded with the ambition to cater to a wide array of fitness needs, the brand offers an extensive selection of exercise equipment, making it a go-to destination for fitness enthusiasts looking for quality and variety.

best Shopify fitness stores gym and fitness

The success of Gym and Fitness’s Shopify store can be attributed to its extensive product range, international reach, and commitment to customer satisfaction. By offering a wide variety of high-quality fitness equipment and prioritizing a positive shopping experience, Gym and Fitness has established itself as a trusted name in the fitness equipment industry, catering to the needs of fitness enthusiasts around the world.

What we love

  • International Supplier: While based in Australia, Gym and Fitness has expanded its reach to serve customers globally. 
  • Diverse Fitness Solutions: The store’s inventory is impressive, featuring everything from treadmills and ellipticals to gym weights, mats, yoga accessories, and more.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Gym and Fitness prioritizes the customer experience, offering detailed product descriptions, fitness tips, and recommendations to help shoppers make informed decisions.

What we can learn from Gym and Fitness

  • Embrace Global Opportunities: Gym and Fitness’s expansion as an international supplier illustrates the potential for businesses to reach beyond their local market. By leveraging the global accessibility provided by platforms like Shopify, companies can tap into new customer bases around the world. 
  • Offer a Broad Product Range: The success of Gym and Fitness highlights the importance of catering to a wide array of customer needs and preferences. By maintaining a diverse inventory that includes a variety of fitness equipment and accessories, the store appeals to a broad demographic of fitness enthusiasts. 
  • Focus on the Customer Experience: Gym and Fitness demonstrates the value of a customer-centric approach in eCommerce. By providing detailed product descriptions, fitness tips, and personalized recommendations, the store enhances the shopping experience, helping customers make informed decisions. 


Kinobody, founded by Greg O’Gallagher – a Canadian social media personality, represents a unique brand in the fitness industry, focusing on a minimalist approach to achieving what O’Gallagher describes as the Hollywood physique. This approach is centered around not just workouts and diet plans, but a lifestyle that promotes fitness, diet, and a particular aesthetic that mirrors the lean, muscular build of movie stars.


Kinobody’s success through its Shopify store can be attributed to its clear, unique brand proposition and effective use of digital marketing to engage and build a community. By focusing on a specific fitness goal and lifestyle, leveraging content for engagement, and providing a streamlined customer experience, Kinobody has carved out a distinct niche in the crowded fitness market​.

What we love

  • Digital Promotion and Engagement: The Kinobody Shopify store is adept at using digital platforms for promotion and engagement. Greg O’Gallagher leverages social media, YouTube, and other digital channels to share his fitness philosophies, workout tips, and motivational insights. 
  • Customer-Centric Experience: Kinobody’s Shopify store provides a smooth, user-friendly shopping experience. Customers can easily navigate through different fitness programs, supplements, and gear, with detailed descriptions and testimonials that help in making informed decisions. 
  • Engagement Through Content: Kinobody effectively uses its platform to offer not just products but valuable content such as workout routines, nutrition advice, and motivational stories.

What we can learn from Kinobody

  • Maximize Digital Platforms for Brand Building: Kinobody’s success in leveraging digital channels for promotion and engagement underscores the power of a strong digital presence. By consistently sharing fitness philosophies, workout tips, and motivational content across social media, YouTube, and other platforms, Kinobody has built a loyal community and established brand authority. 
  • Prioritize a Customer-Centric Online Experience: The user-friendly design of Kinobody’s Shopify store, combined with detailed product descriptions and testimonials, demonstrates the importance of a customer-centric online experience. Ensuring that customers can easily find, learn about, and purchase products is crucial for converting visitors into buyers. 
  • Utilize Content to Add Value: Kinobody’s strategy of offering valuable content alongside its products serves as a compelling example of how brands can extend their value proposition beyond just selling goods. By providing workout routines, nutrition advice, and motivational stories, Kinobody not only attracts more visitors to its site but also helps customers achieve their fitness goals, thereby enhancing customer loyalty. 


Splits59 is a notable brand within the fitness and activewear industry, distinguishing itself with a line of women’s clothing that blends retro-inspired designs with modern functionality. Based in Los Angeles, a city known for its vibrant fitness culture and fashion scene, Splits59 manages to stand out by offering stylish, high-performance activewear that appeals to the modern woman. The brand’s commitment to creating apparel that is both visually appealing and functional for various fitness activities has garnered attention and praise.

best Shopify fitness stores splits59

Splits59’s Shopify store exemplifies how a brand can create a seamless and engaging online shopping experience that mirrors the quality and style of its products. By focusing on user-friendly design, high-quality product imagery, and clear communication of product features, Splits59 appeals to customers looking for activewear that combines functionality with fashion-forward design.

What we love

  • User-Friendly Website Layout: The Splits59 Shopify store is designed with the user experience in mind. By forgoing a traditional navigation bar for a more streamlined, hamburger menu on the left, the site provides a clean and modern interface that enhances the shopping experience. 
  • High-Quality Imagery: The website utilizes full-sized photographs to showcase its products, allowing customers to get a clear and detailed view of the clothing. 
  • Feature Highlighting: Each product listing includes badges that denote the item’s most prominent features, such as moisture-wicking fabric or quick-dry technology.

What we can learn from Splits59

  • Embrace Minimalist Web Design for Enhanced User Experience: Splits59 demonstrates the impact of a minimalist web design on the user experience. By opting for a streamlined, hamburger menu and a clean interface, the brand creates a clutter-free, navigable, and aesthetically pleasing online environment. 
  • Leverage High-Quality Imagery to Elevate Product Presentation: The use of full-sized, high-quality photographs on Splits59’s website highlights the importance of visual clarity in online retail. Detailed images give customers a better understanding of the products, from their texture and fit to their style, which is crucial when shopping online where physical product interaction is absent. 
  • Incorporate Feature Highlighting for Informed Decision Making: Splits59’s approach of using badges to denote product features is an effective way to communicate key information at a glance. This not only streamlines the shopping process by making it easier for customers to identify products that meet their needs but also adds an informative layer to the shopping experience. 


Vitality stands out in the Shopify fitness market for its commitment to providing workout clothes that cater to a broad audience, emphasizing sustainability, inclusivity, and style. This brand takes pride in offering sustainable workout apparel designed for real bodies, reflecting a deep understanding of its customers’ diverse needs and a strong commitment to positive social and environmental impact.

best Shopify fitness stores vitality

Vitality’s Shopify store exemplifies how a brand can leverage eCommerce to not just sell products but also promote important values like sustainability and inclusivity. By focusing on a wide range of sizes, offering eco-friendly options, and providing a unique and user-friendly shopping experience, Vitality sets itself apart in the competitive fitness apparel market​.

What we love

  • Inclusivity and Size Range: Vitality’s approach to inclusivity is evident through its extensive size range, from 2XS to 3XL. This broad sizing ensures that customers of all shapes and sizes can find workout clothes that are not just functional but also flattering and comfortable. 
  • Sustainability Focus: In the fitness apparel market, where sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority for consumers, Vitality stands out by offering products that are both eco-friendly and durable.
  • Creative Shopping Options: The Vitality Shopify store offers unique shopping experiences, such as the ability to shop by color or fabric. 

What we can learn from Vitality

  • Prioritize Inclusivity: Vitality’s commitment to inclusivity, demonstrated through its wide range of sizes, teaches us the importance of catering to a diverse customer base. By ensuring that their products are accessible to individuals of all shapes and sizes, brands can not only tap into a larger market but also foster a positive and welcoming brand image. 
  • Embrace Sustainability: Vitality’s focus on sustainability highlights a growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible products. In an era where shoppers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, incorporating sustainable practices and materials into products is not just ethical but also a powerful market differentiator. 
  • Innovate the Shopping Experience with Creative Options: Offering unique shopping experiences, like Vitality’s ability to shop by color or fabric, can significantly enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. This strategy not only makes the online shopping process more enjoyable and personalized but also helps customers quickly find products that meet their specific preferences. 


NOBULL is a fitness apparel and accessory brand that has carved a niche for itself in the highly competitive athletic wear market. It distinguishes itself by focusing on high-quality, durable products designed to withstand the rigors of intense training and fitness routines. NOBULL’s brand ethos is straightforward, eschewing the hype and focusing on substance, appealing to serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts who prioritize performance and durability in their gear.

best Shopify fitness stores nobull

NOBULL’s Shopify store exemplifies how a brand can successfully combine its product ethos with its online presence. By focusing on quality, simplicity, and community engagement, NOBULL not only sells fitness products but also fosters a sense of belonging among its customers, positioning itself as a trusted companion in their fitness journeys.

What we love

  • Athlete-Centric Branding: NOBULL positions itself as a brand for athletes, by athletes. This is evident in the way the store showcases its products, emphasizing their durability and performance. 
  • Sleek and User-Friendly Design: The NOBULL Shopify store features a clean, minimalist design that makes navigation straightforward for customers. 
  • Engagement Through Content: Beyond selling products, NOBULL engages its audience with compelling content that resonates with the fitness community, from featuring athlete stories and workouts to providing training tips.

What we can learn from NOBULL

  • Focus on Your Core Audience: NOBULL’s athlete-centric branding teaches us the importance of knowing and catering to your core audience. By positioning itself as a brand for serious athletes and focusing on the durability and performance of its products, NOBULL effectively appeals to its target market.
  • Design Matters in the User Experience: The sleek and user-friendly design of NOBULL’s Shopify store underscores the significance of website design in creating a positive customer experience. A clean, minimalist design not only reflects the brand’s ethos but also facilitates easier navigation, helping customers find what they need efficiently. 
  • Create Value with Engaging Content: NOBULL’s engagement through content highlights the power of building a brand beyond just selling products. By offering valuable content such as athlete stories, workouts, and training tips, NOBULL strengthens its connection with the fitness community, establishing itself as a source of inspiration and information. 


iFIT is a leading name in the digital fitness space, known for offering an extensive array of virtual workout classes that cater to a wide range of fitness goals and preferences. Unlike traditional fitness equipment or apparel stores, iFIT specializes in digital products, primarily virtual fitness classes that users can participate in from the comfort of their homes. This innovative approach to fitness, particularly popularized during times when accessing gyms was challenging, has positioned iFIT as a pioneer in home fitness solutions.

best Shopify fitness stores ifit

iFIT’s Shopify online store showcases how digital fitness solutions can be effectively marketed and sold through e-commerce platforms. By leveraging engaging visuals, interactive elements, and comprehensive class offerings, iFIT not only sells virtual fitness classes but also offers a holistic fitness solution that supports users throughout their health and wellness journeys​.

What we love

  • Engaging Visuals and Interactive Elements: Understanding that its products cannot be showcased through traditional photographs, iFIT’s online store makes extensive use of full-screen videos and interactive visuals. 
  • Comprehensive Class Offerings: The Shopify store neatly categorizes workout classes by type, intensity level, and instructor, making it easy for users to find sessions that match their fitness goals and preferences. 
  • Subscription Model: iFIT’s business model revolves around subscriptions, providing customers with access to its full library of workout classes for a recurring fee. 

What we can learn from iFit

  • Innovate with Engaging Visuals for Digital Products: iFIT demonstrates the importance of adapting product presentations to suit the nature of digital offerings. By utilizing full-screen videos and interactive visuals, iFIT effectively communicates the value and experience of its virtual workout classes, making the digital tangible. 
  • Organize Offerings to Enhance Discoverability: The way iFIT organizes its workout classes – by type, intensity, and instructor – provides a blueprint for businesses on how to structure their offerings. This comprehensive categorization not only improves the user experience but also streamlines the process of product discovery, making it simpler for customers to find exactly what they need. 
  • Leverage Subscription Models for Sustained Engagement: iFIT’s subscription-based business model underscores the potential benefits of creating recurring revenue streams while fostering long-term customer relationships. This model encourages ongoing engagement with the brand’s offerings and provides continuous value to customers. 


WHOOP stands out in the fitness technology market with its advanced wearable device that offers in-depth analysis and personalized insights into the wearer’s health and fitness data. Unlike conventional fitness trackers, WHOOP focuses on providing comprehensive performance metrics that include sleep tracking, recovery, and strain, among other health indicators. This data-driven approach aims to optimize the wearer’s training and recovery processes, making WHOOP particularly popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are serious about understanding and improving their physiological performance.

best Shopify fitness stores whoop

WHOOP’s Shopify online store is a prime example of how brands in the technology and fitness space can effectively market a sophisticated product. By focusing on education, leveraging social proof, and providing a seamless user experience, WHOOP successfully communicates the value of its product, encouraging engagement and subscriptions.

What we love

  • Focus on a Single Core Product: WHOOP’s online store is centered around its flagship wearable fitness tracker. This focused approach allows the brand to dedicate its marketing and content efforts to educating visitors about the unique features and benefits of the WHOOP strap and its accompanying subscription service.
  • Detailed Product Information and Educational Content: WHOOP’s Shopify store goes beyond simple product listings to include detailed descriptions of how the device works, the science behind it, and how it can benefit users. This educational content is crucial for a product that relies heavily on users understanding its value proposition.
  • Subscription-Based Model: Similar to iFIT, WHOOP operates on a subscription model, where the device comes as part of a membership that grants access to the platform’s full suite of analytics and insights. 

What we can learn from WHOOP

  • The Power of Product Focus: WHOOP’s strategy of centering its online store and marketing efforts around a single core product demonstrates the effectiveness of a focused approach.
  • Educational Content as a Marketing Tool: The inclusion of detailed product information and educational content on WHOOP’s Shopify store underscores the importance of educating your audience, particularly for products that are innovative or require a deeper understanding to appreciate their full value. 
  • Leveraging Subscription Models: WHOOP’s adoption of a subscription model highlights the benefits of creating ongoing relationships with customers. By offering the device as part of a membership that provides continuous value through analytics and insights, WHOOP ensures a steady revenue stream while keeping users engaged with the brand over time.


Everlast is a globally recognized brand in the world of boxing, mixed martial arts, and physical fitness, celebrated for its extensive range of high-quality boxing gear, apparel, and accessories. Founded in 1910, Everlast has a long-standing history and reputation that embodies strength, dedication, and individuality in the competitive landscape of sports equipment. The brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence has made it the choice of generations of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts who seek durable and reliable equipment for their training needs.

best Shopify fitness stores everlast

Everlast’s Shopify online store exemplifies how a brand with a rich heritage can successfully navigate the digital marketplace while maintaining its core values of quality and durability. By combining a user-friendly shopping experience with a wide product range and engaging educational content, Everlast continues to uphold its legacy and meet the evolving needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

What we love

  • Historical Legacy and Brand Strength: Everlast leverages its storied history and established reputation in the boxing world to instill trust and confidence in its online shoppers. The brand’s legacy is a significant part of its marketing, emphasizing quality and durability that has been refined over more than a century.
  • Intuitive and User-Friendly Design: The online store features a clean, organized layout that makes it easy for customers to navigate through the various product categories and find what they’re looking for. 
  • Global Reach: With a history of serving customers around the world, Everlast’s Shopify store caters to a global audience, offering international shipping options and showcasing its international presence. 

What we can learn from Everlast

  • Capitalizing on Brand Heritage: Everlast’s effective use of its historical legacy and brand strength teaches us the power of storytelling and heritage in building consumer trust. By highlighting its long-standing history and reputation for quality and durability, Everlast creates a strong emotional connection with customers, reinforcing the brand’s value proposition. 
  • Prioritizing User Experience in Website Design: The importance of an intuitive and user-friendly website design, as demonstrated by Everlast, cannot be overstated. An online store that is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing can significantly enhance the customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and higher conversion rates. 
  • Expanding Global Reach: Everlast’s approach to catering to a global audience, with international shipping options and a presence that transcends geographical boundaries, highlights the benefits of adopting a global mindset. In today’s interconnected world, expanding your market reach can open up new opportunities and drive growth.

3 steps to build a Shopify store for fitness products

Step 1: Select an appropriate theme

If you need to set up an online fitness store Shopify to offer exercise or gym equipment, we highly recommend taking a look at these 2 theme marketplaces: ThemeForrest and Shopify Theme Store. These 2 Shopify template marketplaces are filled with a huge variety of gym and fitness website themes that are both great-looking and technically ready-to-use.

Step 2: Show the best photos on your website

The key to successful fitness photography is liveliness and a healthy lifestyle. Your task while photographing fitness items is to spot this and make the images appear to be from a health publication. Here are some suggestions for doing it. You’ll want a camera and some photography knowledge.

  • Link your items to the model’s narrative. Every athlete has a unique fitness journey to share. It will provide you with inspiration, enable you to pair up with an athlete, and reveal their comfort zones.
  • Before the picture shoot, take practice shots. By shooting practice shots with a partner before your session, you may avoid mistakes.
  • To make your goods stand out, shoot in a plain setting. Your photos don’t look well when you shoot them in a busy gym. A simple background that doesn’t go with your model’s clothing is all you need.
  • Shoot through things to create natural-looking fitness photos. Although fitness imagery is not often raw, you may nonetheless fake it. You may make your photographs appear random by shooting through artifacts.
  • Obtain attractive fitness portraits by taking pictures next to a window. A really good illustration of this is yoga. A large window can produce direct light, side light, or backlight.
  • To highlight the athlete’s strength, pay attention to the details. When your picture session is over, you should do this. Prioritize getting the most crucial photos first, and then concentrate on the details that will advance your story.
  • Eliminate vibrant distractions by using selected colors. Your fitness photographs may appear gorgeous with a little color adjustment. Your best friend is selective about color, especially if you have a lot of photographs of the gym.

Step 3: Install helpful apps

There is always room for improvement and more that can be done to increase sales. Listed below are some straightforward Shopify applications for fitness retailers. Even though they may not be well-known, they will improve the way you run your health and fitness Shopify stores.

  • Photo Review: Concerned about whether or not newcomers would see your shop as reliable? Where Photo Review comes in is in this situation. It assists you in gathering customer and user-generated content feedback.
  • McAfee Secure: For Shopify gym stores and any online business in general, trust is key. If your store doesn’t appear secure, customers won’t ever give you their money. You can keep your shop secure with the McAfee Secure Shopify software, which also converts worried consumers into paying customers.
  • Quizify: With the help of Quizify, eCommerce shops can provide their consumers with unique, dynamic, and interesting buying experiences. You will quiz your consumers using Quizify and reward them with a voucher for a discount.

In Conclusion,

The best fitness Shopify stores in this post have everything from workout clothes and accessories to supplements and healthy snacks. Not only do they have an extensive inventory of products, but they also offer excellent customer service and fast shipping. 

So if you are looking to improve your health and fitness, be sure to check out these top-rated Shopify fitness stores. Have you found any other great fitness stores on Shopify? Ready to get started? Contact us today and let us help you take your business to the next level. We have selected Shopify website development services and multiple experienced Shopify experts, who are always ready to support you reach a new high level in the eCommerce market.

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