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Kangaroo Group

Understanding that online shopping is getting more and more popular in Vietnam, Kangaroo Group has launched a professional eCommerce website to bring products directly to consumers.

about KANGAROO group

Kangaroo Group is one of the first enterprises in the water filtration, household appliances, electrical and other consumer appliances market in Vietnam.

With 2,000 employees nationwide, Kangaroo is now running 40,000+ luxury showrooms, 8 offices both inside and outside Vietnam, 3 factories - 2 in Vietnam & 1 in Myanmar. Not just improving the living standard of Vietnamese people through business, Kangaroo also operates 2 Technology Research & Application Institutes that have put nearly 700 samples into practice.

With the aim of becoming a leading multinational economic group in Southeast Asia substantially, Kangaroo has always wished for collaborations instead of confrontation or competition to stay competitive, and ahead of the curve. By prioritizing products related to human health, Kangaroo has been bringing a healthier lifestyle to the people.

Kangaroo là doanh nghiệp tiên phong cung cấp máy lọc nước

THE CHALLENGE & expectation

Understanding the rising trend in online shopping, Kangaroo decides to deploy a comprehensive eCommerce system to sell products directly to consumers instead of through wholesalers only. The new system aims to lower the dependency of the brand on physical stores/showrooms, as well as bring a seamlessly luxury shopping experience to all users. With the new eCommerce website, Kangaroo would like to provide customers with various promotion campaigns and better customer service both before and after purchase.



eCommerce system development on Magento

As consulted by Magenest, Kangaroo's new eCommerce system is built on the Magento platform, in which admins can manage and classify all products/services via customer groups right on the backend. Not just featuring great management over product data, the order management system of Magento also works flawlessly, thus the admins' workload being reduced dramatically with automatic order management from top to bottom.

Besides, website content like product information, blogs, news, and events are also effectively optimized for SEO, making it easier for users to locate the website. Moreover, Kangaroo is able to create, implement and manage promotions and discounts right on the back-end website.

ERP system integration

Not just deploying the new eCommerce system, Magenest also integrates it into the existing Pentamic ERP system of Kangaroo. Thus, all data is updated automatically in real-time without any need for manual effort.

Whenever an order is placed, all data will be sent to both the eCommerce and ERP systems of Kangaroo. Besides completing the order, admins can utilize this data in other marketing, upselling, and customer care activities. The product or inventory information is also automatically updated in both systems, assuring accuracy and avoiding time-consuming manual tasks.

Order fulfillment with Delivery Solution and Payment Gateway Integration

To improve the whole shopping experience, Magenest integrates Giaohangtietkiem (GHTK) and Viettel Post shipping services as well as VNPT EPAY payment gateway into Kangaroo’s Magento system. The purchase invoice is synced directly to the back-end and delivery status is synchronously managed for delivery partners. Order processing is also displayed on the customer's account making it easy to know the status of products.

Setting up Affiliate Program

Magenest has also implemented a brand new Affiliate Program for Kangaroo, based on the new Magento system. Generally, affiliates promote the products and earn a commission from each sale they make. After these orders are completed, the commission can be collected via the VNPT EPAY.

With Magento platform, affiliates track their own activities through the Affiliate's referral code, affiliate links, the balance of commission for each order and also can request withdrawal via VNPT EPAY. Kangaroo manages the Affiliate Program by handling account management, transactions of each sale, commission payments, designing incentive programs for Affiliates, and determining commission levels.

Internal SMS system integration

Kangaroo has chosen Lac Hong Media Joint Stock Company to be their primary partner providing SMS service as an internal communications channel for Kangaroo’s staff. The SMS system alerts admins about delivery status, allowing them to closely monitor, efficiently manage, and quickly resolve issues.


Not only providing a beautiful, user-friendly interface for the website, Magenest has also redesigned the whole website layout and sitemap to fully express necessary information. The website's performance is constantly improved, allowing customers to search and access information rapidly. All banners, artwork and images made by Magenest's design team make the website more appealing, eye-catching and reflective of the brand’s iconic features.


Shortly after deployment, Kangaroo's admins have fully taken over the new eCommerce system. The new UI is highly appreciated by customers for its user-friendliness and aesthetics. Since the website was optimized, Kangaroo has gained more traffic and witnessed a steady increase in orders. Kangaroo's admins can now easily handle products, orders, and promotion campaigns on the website without any need for Magenest's instruction.

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