Expert guide on Magenest’s website maintenance services from tip to toe

Is your company using a website as a way to sell products or promote your brand? Then you must have known how customers’ first impressions on a website impact the long-term sales of a business. When potential customers visit a website, they explore products and services, search for descriptions, reviews, etc. before deciding whether to buy them or not. The fast page loading speed, the convenience, and ease of product finding, the clear layout of the images and messages, etc. will make them stay on the site longer. This leads to a higher percentage of them buying.

But how can you convert that impression into frequent and loyal customers?

Just building a website is not enough. Once you have an online store, you still need to invest in a kind of service every month to keep it running well and engaging with customers.

Correct. What we are saying is website maintenance, in which Magenest is our first and foremost website maintenance services proposal.

What are website maintenance services?

If you are concerned about how to increase monthly traffic to your website, then do not ignore our guide on the website maintenance services of Magenest – a leading provider in Vietnam at present.

Let’s get into it!

What are website maintenance services?

What are website maintenance services?

Website maintenance is a process of many steps involving periodic checks of your website from A to Z, including its health and performance after a certain period of use.

But you may be mistaken about this process that it only keeps the available features of the website so that it runs smoothly. In fact, its role is much more than that. It helps keep website information secure, improves the site’s performance, and automates as many activities as possible. As for its role in online business, we’ll talk more specifically in the section below.

Turning back to the concept of website maintenance services, they are the website checking services provided by web design/developing agencies. This demand stems from the fact that companies do not have enough human resources and skills to maintain their own website and, therefore, have to buy and use these providers’ services. Depending on the needs of your business, vendors will use weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly assessments. The website maintenance services include:

For weekly:

  • Check page load speed Check the security of the data by running a backup
  • Update all plugins and software you install on your website
  • Check to see if there are broken links or not
  • Find and fix 404 errors
  • Post a blog post

As for monthly assessment, you’ll receive additional services that:

  • Website statistical analysis
  • Update website design if needed
  • See political campaigns and promos

What will be done quarterly?

  • Review the site’s design and structure, including images, contents, graphics, layouts, and pages, etc.
  • Check the effectiveness of popups, forms, blog posts, SEO, advertising and marketing campaigns, etc. to edit
  • Update automatic features for the website
  • Check the user experience and display on all channels, such as computers, phones, etc. and on all browsers
  • Check backup status

And for yearly assessment, the providers will:

  • Update and renew domain names, website designs
  • Check out for content updates for blog posts
  • Go back to each page and check for spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Check email folder

How important it is to business activities

How important it is to business activities

Imagine your website as a learning process for humans. The lessons are easily forgotten if you do not review them, put them into practice, and develop them. In addition, exams after each semester also allow teachers to know how much knowledge you are holding. After assessing your competencies, your teacher will decide whether to help you review old lessons or develop them.

Your website should also be checked and updated as such regularly. The digital world is constantly evolving. So, if you don’t care about the current state of your website, it may lag or even lose traffic.

Here are the main advantages that you will get when you maintain your website periodically.

Improve SEO

SEO is a feature that needs the attention of a website in order to increase traffic. You can improve SEO by editing the blog content, updating keywords, related images, links, headings, etc. These are the factors that search engines like Google evaluate an article to be trustworthy, useful, and relevant to issues of great interest or not. From there, when internet users search for a related keyword on Google, your article will appear at the top of the first page.

Meanwhile, Google’s evaluation tools are increasingly demanding and pay attention to more aspects. If you don’t update your website regularly, that article will be demoted by more and more new information being updated by other websites. And even, Google can delete the appearance of the article if it suspects your site is infected by malware.

Attract customer

In order for the website to always be attractive to users, it is necessary to have a long-term website planning. Otherwise, it will be easier for them to leave and access other websites with better images, more useful information, more updated items, or faster page loading, etc. In particular, for websites that already have a high amount of engagement on a regular basis, website maintenance services are especially important to retain users and turn them into loyal customers. If you ignore this goal, it means you are losing a significant amount of income in the future.

Guarantee security

Guarantee security

Security is one of the top reasons for website owners to find the best website maintenance services. The websites have always been at risk of attack, and it is even easier when they are left out and inactive for a long time. Information stolen from a website could be about business activities, product information, customers, photos, etc., and anything stored on it. Regular software updates and security patches will now be useful tools to keep your website protected from hackers.

Improve your brand image

In today’s digital technology world, the demand for online shopping is increasing when customers can buy things easily with just one click. So, for customers who have the habit of shopping online, your website has the same role as representing the image of the company. What you need to do is to make sure it’s always updated and maintained regularly so that “your brand image” looks professional and beautiful in the eyes of your customers, thereby increasing sales and credibility.

Update trends in design and technology

Technology and design trends are constantly innovating to keep pace with and respond to the increasing demands of internet users. In a highly competitive market, the sooner someone updates the interface and new technologies in website development and maintenance, the easier it will be to convince customers to stay and believe they’ve made the right choice. The website will also make use of these innovations for smoother operation and better features.

Why choosing Magenest’s eCommerce website maintenance services


Magenest is a company providing digital transformation solutions for businesses not only in Vietnam but also in the region, including eCommerce website maintenance services. In addition to having a team of experienced professionals, Magenest also cooperates with leading technology corporations and agencies around the world. The company also owns many professional certificates from these partners, proving the reliability of our website maintenance services list.


Magenest has many separate solutions to problems of website building and maintenance of businesses from B2C, B2B to B2B2C. Whether you are looking for a monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance plan, we can provide you with a suitable and efficient service package that will help your website improve performance and security.

Also, when choosing Magento website maintenance services supported by Magenest or any other platforms, such as Odoo, AWS, Salesforce, you will be consulted, provided with solution design and potential assessment when applying new technology.

Performance and brand recognition improvements

Performance and brand recognition improvements

With more than 6 years of working in the field of technology and website development, Magenest understands very well the importance of brand identity for businesses and the shopping experience for shoppers. Therefore, besides providing you with wireframing, mobile-first, and SEO-friendly functions to ensure your website is always attractive to users, we also support:

  • Troubleshooting common problems on the website
  • Customize and upgrade features
  • Training users, making them easy to access and use the website
  • Optimizing Website/Upgrading to the latest versions
  • Management server


In technology support and website maintenance services for businesses, Magenest always uses the best and most suitable tools for each type of business and eCommerce platform, thereby helping to optimize and save the website maintenance services cost for businesses effectively.

To sum up

Magenest is considered the best option for website maintenance services needs of businesses of all sizes. Not only does it help your eCommerce store run smoothly to serve customers, but it will also bring your brand to a wider range of audiences, expand your lead list, and your business’s revenue.

Meanwhile, with the trust from these corporate customers, we always ensure professionalism in performance and minimization in website maintenance services fees, because, with Magenest, the most important thing is that our customers feel secure and satisfied using the services. For more information, visit our website, blog and don’t hesitate to contact us if needed. Please like and share the guide if you find it useful. Thank you.

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