7 Steps to develop a website maintenance plan

Owning a website for business purposes and branding is no longer uncommon for businesses in Vietnam. However, not everyone knows how to maintain the operating of the web in the best way over the years. The following article will introduce the most detailed website maintenance plan example to help you know how to maintain an effective website to bring maximum benefits to your business.

What is a website maintenance plan?

What is a website maintenance plan?

A website maintenance plan is a work of fixing and overcoming the shortcomings of the website such as editing, changing the interface, designing more of the website’s operating features, bringing convenience and high economic efficiency which are suitable with the market and the needs of customers.

However, many businesses still use the website with the old interface, the static design part by default and there are not many businesses changing into the dynamic design. This is no longer suitable for the rapid development of the eCommerce industry in particular and the media in general in the digital age. That is why businesses need to come up with solutions to upgrade their website to follow that development.

Benefits when having a website maintenance plan

Website upgrading is also understood as building, repairing, and overcoming the shortcomings of an enterprise, bringing many benefits to that business:

  • Upgrading a website helps to save costs, time, and effort in website administration by applying advanced techniques of website design 2.0 technology with easy-to-use management software and web design tools.
  • The website upgrade brings a friendly, easy-to-edit, update, and manage the website.
  • Website maintenance helps strengthen the position, scope of business and expand the website market by integrating tools such as SEO Website, SMS marketing, Google Adwords, Email marketing, etc. to implement Online Marketing strategies. In the meantime, old websites were not integrated and could not conduct those strategies.
  • Website upgrade creates a support system to manage goods and news related to the business in a scientific, easy, and convenient way with partners and customers to access to select and buy products at the website.

Why you need to develop a website maintenance plan immediately

High security

Developing a website maintenance and upgrade plan brings great benefits for businesses in improving security. Most businesses highly respect the security of the website to ensure the database, as well as customer information, are not slipped out into the hands of competitors. So what are you waiting for without immediately starting to develop website maintenance plans?

Website not working effectively

The website was born as a “place” to perform the work of exchanging, promoting the image of products and services. What is the website that the owner of the website has not currently evaluated specifically the effectiveness of the website? The website lacks tools for statistics and analysis, so enterprises cannot evaluate the effectiveness, leading to the inability to orient production and business development in a more effective manner. Therefore, to make the business easier and more convenient, you cannot hesitate to upgrade your website if your website is in a state like this!

Lack of logic on the website’s layout

Customers are shoppers, letting them feel excited and comfortable in buying. Just like a supermarket, the presentation of goods, the arrangement of products, services, and news greatly affect the decision of customers to buy products or not. Websites that make customers feel difficult in the process of viewing, accessing, and searching product information, support information will be ignored.

The aesthetics

Today, aesthetics are always at the forefront of selection criteria. An anesthetic website is always appreciated and offers efficiency. So whether an old, outdated, unsuitable website with poor quality images, poor content is appreciated for aesthetics? It can also be mentioned the use of old software leads to problems in the operation process or the website has not integrated responsive functions. That is the reason that you should immediately upgrade your business website.

Save cost and time

The upgrade also takes a certain time. Why must we upgrade the website soon? One of the reasons for you to upgrade and maintain your website regularly is that it will save you a considerable amount of money. If in case you always ignore your website until one day you get an error that cannot be improved, then how will the website refresh? Certainly, the cost will not be small. Even design a new website. So why not do the previous jobs so that you don’t have to waste time and money?

Steps for a website maintenance plan

When you want to change your web design, upgrade and develop to new heights or eliminate old mistakes. These steps will be a web design tool that will help you navigate your way and achieve success. A website maintenance checklist includes

  • Analyzing existing web design, competitive and target market.
  • Redesigning of the website
  • Upgrading website content including standardization SEO.
  • Website development
  • Testing before putting your web design into action.
  • Performing the work after the website is put into operation.
  • Monitoring, analysis and continual improvement.
Steps for a website maintenance plan

Analyze existing web design, competitive and target market.

When you want to redesign a new website, you should start by analyzing the website and identifying what good performance needs to be kept on the new website. It also ensures that the designs reflect the company’s brand while still appealing to the target audience.

Important factors to consider are

  • Usability
  • Easy navigation
  • Web functionality
  • The ability to adapt to mobile devices
  • Browser compatibility
  • Website loading speed

After a thorough website analysis is completed, you can create detailed documents specific to the new website and make sure the web designer and web developer are informed about the requirements to be taken to design the new web effectively and engage the target audience.

Redesign of the website

Homepage design (flat design): to ensure customers are satisfied with the easy overview and feel.

Design of inner pages (flat design): to demonstrate how internal pages will be developed in consensus with the homepage.

Upgrading website content including SEO standardization.

From the outset of a web project, it is necessary to consider upgrading to the content that appears on the new website.

To ensure that the content contains keywords and search engine visibility optimization, you need to research to identify the best keywords to use that are relevant to the real products or services of the website. This also includes ensuring the metadata is fully completed, including:

  • Description of meta tags
  • Image alt tag
  • Title page
  • Tag H1

Website development

Website development
  • Once the web design is adopted, the web development team will work closely with the content team to create the desired page structure and perform the necessary functionality on the website.
  • Construction will be carried out thereafter and as soon as they are built with best practices.
  • HTML5 language needs to be best supported with SEO.
  • Optimize all functions and tools to ensure the fastest possible page-load speed for each device.
  • As soon as the main frameworks of the page are completed and ready, the content team will begin posting content and images, and the website is considered finished. 

Test before putting your web design into action

We cannot deny the importance of thoroughly testing web design before putting them into operation, to ensure there are no glitches, bugs, or page loading problems, etc. that could affect the user experience.

Factors that should be checked include:

  • Ability to display on search devices, SEO.
  • Content, images and links.
  • Testing web functionality.
  • Test website on mobile devices and web browsers.

Perform the work after the website is put into operation

Perform the work after the website is put into operation

Once a website is up and running, a post-check is required to make sure it has been converted correctly.

Post-operation inspection includes:

  • Create a new XML sitemap
  • Reshape Google’s Google Webmaster console and submit the sitemap
  • Check on Google, make sure the website is indexed and displayed.

Monitoring, analysis and continual improvement.

Getting a new website up and running is just the beginning. To ensure that the website continues to perform well, attract website traffic and convert value, this requires regular monitoring, analysis and improvement of the website.

  • The Google Analytics website analytics tool allows you to track your website’s performance and set goals and check if your website is converting its values ​​effectively.
  • Pay for clicks, bounce rate and organic search hits also allow you to track user behavior on your website.
  • Data from Google Webmaster tools also allow you to check if the website continues to work correctly as it always identifies web crawling errors.
  • The ultimate goal of a search engine is to provide the best results for the visitor; a result that will provide them with the most relevant content for a search. Search engines crawl from relevant, fresh, and trustworthy content.
  • For your new website to have the best chance of appearing on search engine results, it is important to always add fresh, useful content for your readers that will surely attract your target audience. This can be done under news articles, product descriptions, or services, etc.
Monitoring, analysis and continual improvement.

Final words

Redesigning and upgrading your website is a difficult task, but when you follow the best website maintenance plan, and through the process, it can succeed and ultimately deliver a new and more efficient website.

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