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Do you see that website development over the years has made a lot of changes, especially website maintenance for small businesses? No more traditional monotonous images. No more boring content or simple layout. Currently, you can see that every website is being invested carefully and meticulously in terms of content and form. Not only that, but you can also surf the web on your mobile phone easily and conveniently, or share an article from a certain website on your personal Facebook wall without having to visit the Facebook page, etc.

All of these advantages that internet users enjoy are thanks to the adjustment of businesses according to the needs and standards that are constantly changing of users.

In other words, if you want your website to attract visitors, don’t just build it but have a regular maintenance plan.

But is website maintenance for small businesses essential?

Find answers in our article. Thereby, you will understand why website maintenance is important, how it will help you reap the benefits of having a website, and, of course, indispensable leading eCommerce website maintenance packages in Vietnam as well as in the region – Magenest.

Let’s dive in!

Why website maintenance is important for even small businesses

Some problems will happen to your website if you just install new features, plug-ins for it, or develop blog content without maintaining or updating available features. If the website is built on a weak platform, it’ll become even more lumbering when you add unnecessary features, and as a result, customers will not be patient enough to wait for the page to load but visit the website of your competitors.

The questions here are:

“What about a small-scale website?

And does it need development rather than maintenance?”

Due to size, demand, and capital, small businesses often won’t start with a website with too many extensive features and settings. This is to avoid unnecessary waste and for companies to focus on other core business activities instead of spending too much time on their website.

Imagine it as a sprout. Because of its immature resistance, it is very susceptible to disease and is attacked by bacteria or pests. Thus, along with watering and fertilizing the plant, you also need to monitor whether it is growing naturally or having problems periodically. Also, before bearing fruit, some fruit trees need to be pruned so that the tree can focus on nutrition for fruit.

Back to the website maintenance for small business story.

There are a lot of platforms out there that can provide a website of small and medium businesses with strong resistance, but this doesn’t mean it’s comparable to powerful, larger-scale websites that hackers will ignore. So, regular maintenance will help you discover your website’s shortcomings and plan to replace and update the necessary features for it. Here are the more detailed benefits you will get when you have a regular website maintenance plan.

Make the website look professional

Make the website look professional

For small businesses, building a website is about building their brand identification. Once you have brand recognition, maintain it so that your customers will always have a good impression of its professional image, even if its size is not too large. From there, they will ignore the question of whether to trust a not-too-famous company and choose to buy your products or services.

Besides, in the recruitment stage, candidates will also visit your company’s website first when learning about the type of business and working environment. What if they find it not only sketchy, outdated but also looks unprofessional?

If you find yourself having difficulty in recruiting, now you know what to do first!

Ensure security

As we have said, a small-scale website will often contain security vulnerabilities for hackers to attack and hide like a new leaf eaten by worms. Surprisingly, this object is often the most overlooked stage, and the end result is websites being hacked. It can be infected with malware and lose its superiority in rankings on Google search engines at a worse level.

Improve search engine rankings

The position of your website’s article on Google is not only affected by malware attacks but also by the tool’s analysis of the article’s SEO content as well as website performance and design. Website maintenance for small business will also help to improve outdated features and functionality in terms of responsiveness, clear navigation menus, mobile-friendliness, and page loading speed, thereby boosting website rankings.

Enhance the website speed

Slow-loading websites can cost you a sizable amount of engagement, especially on mobile devices, which is followed by your revenue. 3 seconds is the meager amount of time that half of the users wait for the website homepage to appear on their phone. The causes for these problems, which can be optimized and fixed with website maintenance, include elements related to large banners, images, videos, faulty servers, cluttered coding, and clunky web pages, etc.

Stay away from unwanted cost

Stay away from unwanted cost

Like car maintenance, at first, you may find website maintenance for small business quite expensive while you have many other expenses to worry about. But in fact, it will help you avoid losing tons of dollars to fix when there are any problems related to information security, software errors, plug-ins, server problems, or access, etc. Even worse, your site may have to be systematically rebuilt as well as redesigned. Not only will you lose a lot of money to fix it, but you will also have to start over from scratch.

What will be maintained in website maintenance packages?


Initially, to have a customer base, you’ll need to focus on building creative content for your website. It could be product descriptions, blog articles, videos, infographics, or ebooks, etc.

When customers visit your website, if they find the content, especially blog articles, useful, they will probably interact on your website through comments, likes, shares, reviews, and even contact you to ask for the information they care about. Hence, check website content and update it to be rich and useful so that it will be truly beneficial for your small business’s growth.


SEO is one of the important services of website maintenance for small business so that it can “beat” the algorithms to have a good position on Google. In general, imagine Google as a doorway through which you can reach and engage a huge source of customers. They are those who are interested in keywords that companies providing these services will darken optimization for inclusion in your articles. In addition, they’ll check for redirects, error pages, and duplicate pages, etc., to make sure customers can get to your website.

User experience

User experience

Improving website user experience is getting more attention than ever. That is why website maintenance services will ensure your website is user-friendly both on the phone and desktop, personalized, has a fast process, and can support customers at any time, etc.


When you choose to use the services of website maintenance for small business, you will more effectively protect customers’ personal data and identify from hacking and theft. Experts will search for security vulnerabilities to fix them or find better, more suitable security software and plug-ins to install on your website.

Other services

Some of the other services that come with key tasks in website maintenance for small business include backup plans, plug-in and theme updates, and SSL, etc. For small businesses, these plans may or may not be needed depending on the type of business and the type of the website. As a result, website maintenance packages pricing will also change when they decide whether to use these services or not.

Where can you find the best eCommerce website maintenance packages?

Half of the small businesses often use in-house staff to develop and maintain their websites. The rest use maintenance software, freelancers/consultants, and rely on development/design agencies’ website maintenance packages.

However, if you invest properly in experts from the agencies providing services of website maintenance for small business, you will be consulted and have more reasonable plans. Typical businesses like Magenest not only have local experience but also expand regionally with cooperation with leading technology corporations and agencies, so they will understand the issues of your website. By relying on our analytics and monthly website maintenance packages, you, whether active in B2C, B2B, or B2B2C type, will be provided with:

  • Website issue troubleshooting
  • Website upgrading/optimizing
  • Hosting services
  • The system, software, and plug-in updates with a variety of platforms, including Magento, Odoo, Salesforce, and AWS
  • Content checking and updates
  • SEO updates
  • Security

Final thought

Overall, website maintenance for small business is essential and can bring many benefits in terms of potential customers, revenue, and business image in the long run. To ensure you choose the right service for your website, don’t hesitate to reach out to Magenest for a free consultation and the opportunity to expand your online business with our service. With more than 6 years of experience and a team of highly trained professionals, we guarantee you will not be disappointed with this option. Like and share the guide if it’s useful. Thank you.

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