Top 15 Shopify Furniture Stores for Inspiration in 2024

Joel Pham

Online furniture stores can be highly profitable, whether you’re selling your old furniture or starting a small store. A great-looking storefront with an efficient backend is essential for Shopify furniture stores, especially when you find your best-selling items and experience a surge in traffic.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best Shopify furniture stores currently on the market. These stores were chosen based on creativity and inspiration, so if you’re looking to set up your own Shopify store or are just in need of some ideas, this list should help!

Top 15 Shopify Furniture Stores examples for 2024

Stone Forest

If you’re hoping to transform your hobby into a business, look no further than Stone Forest for inspiration. The company is made up of artisans and designers who want to share nature’s beauty with the world. The founder realized his passion for stone carving in his early 20s while working as a mountain and river guide. He was constantly surrounded by natural beauty and started sculpting stones in his free time.

Stone Forest is committed to using only natural materials, such as stone sinks and garden fountains, in their award-winning designs. The talented team of artisans and designers strive to bring the unique energy and beauty of nature into people’s everyday lives.

Shopify furniture stores: Stone Forest

From the moment you enter the website, you are met with beautiful banner images in black and white. As you scroll down, more furniture options become available in an array of colors. Stone Forest Shopify store did not skimp on style when it comes to their website design, they hit the nail right on the head.

If you want to sell high-quality furniture, Stone Forest is a great example to follow. They use few colors in their products, which makes them stand out more easily in a crowded market.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Passion for Business: Stone Forest is a testament to turning hobbies and interests into successful ventures. By aligning their product offerings with their passion for natural materials, they’ve created a unique market position.
  • Nature-Inspired Products: Their focus on materials inspired by nature gives their products an authentic and appealing aesthetic that resonates with customers looking for organic and elegant home solutions.
  • Diverse Range with Unique Materials: Offering a wide range of products made from unique, high-quality materials helps distinguish the store from others in the furniture domain, appealing to a specific customer base that values natural aesthetics and quality.


Fyrn is a furniture company based in California that has been around for 100 years. They offer high-quality woodwork and craftsmanship to people who want their furniture to last. Their goal is to create modern heirlooms or furniture that will become part of their customer’s memories.

How have they achieved this goal? They believe that their patented Stemn bracket is enough to make their chairs durable, replaceable, and simplistic. This design means that Fyrn can offer customers the choice between buying chairs unassembled or pre-assembled.

Their products are sourced from reliable, responsible suppliers. Plus, the packaging is recyclable too. They strive to provide customers with eco-friendly options and inspire people to buy less disposable furniture.


Fyrn is very similar to IKEA in the sense that you can buy already pre-assembled chairs or ones meant for home assembly. The company offers many instructional videos on its website to help buyers with getting furniture ready (there are also 3D models of the products). Another similarity Fyrn shares with IKEA is that there is no customer review section. However, there is a trading program specifically for design professionals and artists.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Innovative Business Model: Fyrn showcases the potential of transforming unique working methods into a successful business. They emphasize the importance of patenting novel ideas, a step crucial for protecting innovative processes.
  • Sustainable Sourcing and Packaging: The store stands out for its commitment to sustainability. By sourcing materials from responsible suppliers and using recyclable packaging, Fyrn aligns its operations with environmental responsibility.
  • Flexible Product Assembly Options: Offering both pre-assembled and home assembly options for their furniture, Fyrn caters to diverse customer preferences. They support this flexibility with instructional videos and 3D models, enhancing the customer experience.

Rustic Trades

Rustic Trades begins with a married couple, Clay and Maggie, looking for the perfect dining table to complete their home. After days of scouring through store after store, they couldn’t find anything that met their expectations. That’s when Clay came up with an idea: “I’ll build you the perfect dining table.”

Since then, what started as a time-filler has become a full-time business. Just like the first one, all tables are still handcrafted with the finest materials and quality carpentry techniques. Rustic Trades only use supplies from American companies so you can order with confidence, knowing your table will be designed to fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Shopify furniture stores: Rustic Trades

Rustic Trades is one of the perfect examples of Shopify furniture stores that filled an existing gap in the market. The founder learned the necessary skillsets after initially discovering the opportunity, proving that you don’t need to be an expert manufacturer to successfully start your own Shopify business.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Entrepreneurial Beginnings: The founder’s journey shows that expert manufacturing skills can be acquired post-idea inception. Identifying a market gap and then learning the necessary skills can be a viable path to business success.
  • Authentic Rustic Aesthetics: Known for its rustic furniture, Rustic Trades emphasizes the beauty of simple, rugged designs. Their products, which range from tables to benches, reflect the simplicity and charm of rural living.
  • Commitment to Quality and Uniqueness: The brand stands out for its dedication to quality and uniqueness. Using only fine hardwood, they ensure durability and exquisite craftsmanship in each piece, appealing to customers seeking authentic, long-lasting furniture.


Floorplan, an established rug company based in Los Angeles, is not only available online but also has a physical presence via pop-ups and local shops. Their consistent success with customers can be seen through their numerous features on well-known platforms such as Houzz, Shopify, and Apartment Therapy. When you visit their website, Floorplan doesn’t shy away from showing off these accomplishments by featuring the articles prominently on the homepage.


The Floorplan website is simple and easy to use, with only one banner image. Visitors can scroll down or navigate through the different categories of items. We really like the featured rug section on the homepage, it allows buyers to see which rugs are trending or on sale. In addition to rugs, the company offers other services such as rug cleaning, local delivery, and custom rugs.

A key downside of Floorplan is customer reviews. We went through their entire catalog of rugs and not once did we see a single review or rating, so potential customers have no way of knowing which products are loved by previous buyers. This is detrimental because reviews oftentimes play a deciding role in whether someone makes a purchase from your website or not.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Simple and Effective Website Design: Floorplan’s website design is straightforward, featuring a single hero image with clear navigation options. This simplicity makes it easy for visitors to explore their product categories without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Respect for Global Textile Traditions: The store prides itself on sourcing authentic designs and materials, providing customers with genuine rugs that are rich in history and story.
  • Valuing Craftsmanship and Tradition: Floorplan emphasizes the importance of rugs as a form of living art that spans regions, millennia, and artistic styles. They celebrate rugs not only for their artistic value but also for their practical purpose.


Brosa is a company that plans to change the way furniture stores do business. The founders were unhappy with how much customers had to pay for the costs of shipping, importing, and selling products in bulk. By starting their own business, they hope to create a fairer system.

By selling only through their Shopify store, Brosa has cut out the intermediary to allow consumers to purchase luxury furniture at an affordable price. They have a team of skilled manufacturers located in Australia, China, and India that take care of everything from product design to shipping.


With their past experience in eCommerce stores and marketing, the Brosa founders knew exactly how to set up and run their business smoothly. What’s more, they found a way for their Shopify furniture store to not only survive but also thrive with satisfied customers. You also can use this knowledge to build your online business or to use Shopify web development services. Just remember to put customers first and keep them coming back for more.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Leveraging Business Acumen: Brosa illustrates that expertise from other business areas can be pivotal in building a successful furniture company. It emphasizes the importance of fair customer treatment as a cornerstone of business ethics and success.
  • Direct-to-Consumer Model: By eliminating middlemen, Brosa offers luxury furniture at more accessible prices. This direct-to-consumer approach not only makes luxury items more affordable but also streamlines the process, ensuring quality control from design to delivery.
  • In-House Operations and Global Manufacturing: Brosa manages all operations in-house, from product design to shipping. They work with skilled manufacturers in Australia, China, and India, allowing for a diverse range of styles and craftsmanship while maintaining high-quality standards.

Dazzling Spaces

Dazzling Spaces is the perfect source of inspiration for any company planning to open Shopify furniture stores.

Although the website might look straightforward, it’s still fully functional and allows Dazzling Spaces to put its products front and center. Additionally, it gives users easy access to different pages through navigational menus. Even so, this isn’t even their biggest accomplishment on Shopify.

Dazzling Spaces

Dazzling Spaces produces all its products in-house to keep better control of the workflow, from production to sales. They offer eco-friendly and energy-efficient items across several channels namely B2B, wholesale, retail, trade, and D2C. By manufacturing everything themselves they can monitor the quality closely and make sure that only excellent goods leave the factory floor.

Dazzling Spaces makes it easy for you to see the importance of operating your products on all of your sales channels.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Product Integration Across Sales Channels: The store exemplifies how to effectively leverage products across various sales channels, broadening its market reach.
  • In-House Production Control: By handling all aspects of production in-house, Dazzling Spaces maintains tight control over workflow and quality, ensuring a consistent customer experience from production to sales.
  • Eco-friendly and Multi-Channel Strategy: They prioritize eco-friendliness and energy efficiency in their products, catering to diverse market segments including B2B, wholesale, retail, trade, and D2C, demonstrating a versatile business model.

Soaring Heart

Soaring Heart is a company that offers handmade mattresses with organic and all-natural materials. The goal of Soaring Heart is to have customers sleep without discomfort. These toxin-free materials including natural elements have been known to help people who suffer from chronic pain, allergies, and sleeping issues get some relief.

Soaring Heart has been a reliable and trusted business for the past 30 years, due largely in part to their ability to keep up with changing technologies such as online shopping. They also donate profits toward charities and offer scholarships for students looking to study in the field of sleep research. Soaring Heart’s values are grounded in three core areas: comfort, craftsmanship, and community.

Soaring Heart

Soaring Heart has a simple website with many images and health certifications that you can find by scrolling to the bottom of the page. The company is proud to be made with Shopify, which helped them transition from offline to online selling smoothly. You can also find their Instagram and blog feed right on the homepage, although I found this a bit distracting. Having said that, Soaring Heart still provides a good experience for users overall.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Technological Adaptation: They exemplify the importance of staying ahead with technological advancements, recognizing that today’s innovation can become tomorrow’s norm.
  • Organic Bedding Specialization: Soaring Heart offers a diverse range of organic bedding products, including mattresses, toppers, pillows, and bed frames, catering to health-conscious consumers.
  • Commitment to Social Responsibility: The store not only focuses on profit but also invests in social causes, including donations to charities and scholarships for sleep research students, demonstrating a strong ethical business model.

Inside Weather

Inside Weather is a different, more personal way of furniture shopping that is easily accessible to everyone.

Like those featured on the list, they offer customized manufacturing to visitors and can even take care of delivery within a few days. By allowing you to tailor your orders and dispatching them ready-to-assemble, they’re able to do this efficiently. Plus, each item is easy enough to put together that it’ll last for years.

Shopify furniture stores: Inside Weather

Not only does this work help the environment, but it also benefits our customers. With traditional mass production methods, furniture that doesn’t sell and is sent to landfills is factored into the costs, but Inside Weather operates differently. If you want to reduce your lead times while sustainable practices, be sure to check them out!

What can we learn from this store?

  • Sustainable and Efficient Production: They exemplify how to maintain a sustainable production line while reducing lead times, a key factor for customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.
  • Diverse Furniture Range: The store boasts a wide array of furniture options, including sofas, chairs, tables, and storage solutions, catering to a broad spectrum of customer needs and preferences.
  • Innovative Virtual Showroom Experience: Inside Weather stands out with its Virtual Showroom concept, allowing customers to interact live with their design team, enhancing the shopping experience through personalization and expert guidance.


The talented artisans at Artisurn hand-design each and every cremation urn so that customers can properly honor their loved ones or beloved pets who have passed away.

This company is already unique because it partners with artisans to design urns that celebrate the deceased’s life. The company was started by the founder when they lost a close friend and couldn’t find an appropriate urn for their funeral.

Shopify furniture stores: Artisurn

In addition to crafting beautiful urns, they also maintain a series of blogs focused on helping people who are struggling with grief.

If you want, your business can be inspired by something personal to you. However, always remember to be helpful and respectful instead of self-serving.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Personal Inspiration in Business: ARTISURN demonstrates that a business can be inspired by personal experiences, emphasizing the importance of being helpful and respectful in areas that are deeply personal to potential customers.
  • Supportive Educational Content: The store maintains a series of blogs focusing on helping people cope with grief, offering support and understanding to its customers, beyond just selling products.

Bend Goods

Bend Goods makes beautiful, handcrafted furniture from recyclable materials. If you have a specific design in mind for your product, we would be more than happy to create personalized options for you.

Bend Goods is committed to creating beautiful furniture that can be used in a variety of settings. Whether you’re looking for something to spruce up your backyard or want to add a touch of class to your restaurant, Bend Goods has the perfect piece for you.

The brand’s founder remains passionate about art and design and pledges to continue creating products that not only look beautiful but fulfill a purpose. When presented with the opportunity, they quickly found success in furniture by taking some strings and crafting them into functional artwork. 

Bend Goods

Bend Goods is one of the most fantastic Shopify furniture stores with a unique vibe that visitors can immediately feel. Inspired by the Los Angeles art scene, the website promotes the brand as a group of skilled artisans with quality products. With many large and impressive images, consumers can see what they are paying for. However, I believe that Bend Goods could improve its mobile experience.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Sustainability in Product Lifecycle: They prioritize environmental sustainability throughout the product life cycle, reflecting a commitment to minimize environmental impact.
  • Artistic and Functional Design: Bend Goods has successfully turned simple materials into functional artwork, showcasing their creative prowess in furniture design.
  • Distinctive Online Presence: Their Shopify store exudes a unique vibe, offering an engaging and memorable shopping experience to visitors.


Ettitude, based in Australia, is all about providing high-quality bedding and loungewear made from 100% organic bamboo. Not only is bamboo great for sensitive skin, but it also fights bacteria and is better for the environment. Plus, you can check out their 2020 Impact Report to see how Ettitude positively affects the environment.

Shopify furniture stores: Ettitude

Ettitude’s website is designed to make visitors feel comfortable and curious about their products and technology. And with over 5000 5-star customer reviews, it’s certainly working. The store itself has a Shopify look that you can see in other similar stores but is still clean and efficient.

Ettitude’s product pages are definitely worth taking a closer look at. Not only are the products displayed beautifully with closeups and gifs to show how the materials feel, but customers can also leave reviews complete with real photos. This social proof is extremely valuable for encouraging new buyers to make a purchase.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Engaging Website Design: The website successfully conveys a sense of comfort, encouraging visitors to explore their products and technology further.
  • Effective Product Presentation: Their product pages are notable for their detailed presentation, including close-up images and GIFs that give a sense of the material’s feel.
  • Customer Reviews with Real Images: Ettitude enhances social proof by allowing customers to post reviews with real pictures, which helps build trust and credibility with new buyers.


Onske is an online furniture retailer based in the UK that focuses on providing industrial-style items with personalized service. The company quickly realized there was a market gap and took action by building its website, contacting suppliers both in the UK and abroad, and going to trade fairs to find more information.

Onske utilized social media platforms to increase brand awareness and employed Google Shopping to list their products in sales-related search queries. Shopify met the majority of Onske’s needs for a backend system, including fulfillment shipping which can be completed within three working days despite being complicated for any furniture store.


Onske has a very user-friendly website design that makes it easy for visitors to move around and explore. The social proof page with testimonials is also excellent for building trust with potential customers.

If you want social proof on your Shopify furniture stores, try adding testimonials to the front page. Another option is to use an app like Shopify Photo Reviews, which lets customers upload pictures of purchased items.

Onske’s website could be more desktop-friendly. Mobile customers have a much better experience, though, as the site is well-optimized for convenience.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Leveraging Social Media and Google Shopping: Onske has successfully used social media for brand awareness and Google Shopping to list its products, enhancing its visibility and sales opportunities.
  • Simple and Navigable Website Design: The website is designed for ease of navigation, allowing visitors to effortlessly browse through products, collections, and room ideas.
  • Emphasizing Social Proof: A significant part of Onske’s strategy includes showcasing testimonials. This dedicated page for customer feedback helps in building trust with potential consumers.


Eva is a Shopify furniture company that specializes in mattresses, linens, pillows, bed frames, and more. Their special mattress combines pocket springs with memory foam to give buyers the perfect night’s sleep. The best thing about this mattress is that it’s delivered in just a small box, so customers can easily carry and unpack it.

The Eva mattress was so successful that the company quickly expanded its product line to include linen sheets, pillows, and bed frames. The goal is to help customers have a simple living lifestyle with extreme comfort and good sleep. With an Eva bed, you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Furniture Shopify stores: Eva bed store

The Eva furniture store quickly provides visitors with an overview of the good services they can expect, such as free delivery, a 12-year warranty, and a 120-night free trial. There are also many awards to attest to the product’s quality and customer testimonials to show buyer satisfaction. The overall design is sleek and mobile-friendly.

If you want to learn how to quickly show your unique services on the homepage, as Eva did with their website, this is the place for you. If you have a competitive edge, make sure visitors know about it right away. Also, remember that a good mobile experience is essential for any eCommerce website nowadays, so pay attention to that too.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Prominent Service Display: Eva effectively highlights its attractive services, like free delivery, a 12-year warranty, and a 120-night trial, right on the homepage. This strategy immediately informs visitors of the benefits they can expect.
  • Showcasing Unique Services: The store demonstrates the importance of quickly displaying unique offerings on the homepage, making it easier for customers to understand the value proposition.
  • Optimizing for Mobile Experience: Recognizing the significance of mobile users in eCommerce, Eva ensures that their website delivers a good experience on mobile devices as well.

Kane’s Furniture

Kane’s Furniture, established in 1948 by Maurice A. Rothman, has grown to become a highly regarded home furnishings retailer in Florida, USA. Renowned for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Kane’s works closely with manufacturers to ensure each piece of furniture meets high standards. Positioned as a leading furniture store in Central Florida, the brand is celebrated for its exceptional customer service and its range of comfortable, high-quality, yet affordable furniture.

Kane’s Furniture

The store’s diverse collections cater to a variety of styles and functional needs, making it easy for homeowners to find pieces that align with their tastes. Whether it’s for the living room, dining room, bedroom, home office, or patio, each item is crafted with durability in mind.

This approach positions their furniture not just as mere additions to a room but as long-term investments in the comfort and aesthetic of one’s home. Kane’s Furniture stands out as a reliable and customer-oriented destination for quality home furnishings in Florida.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Direct Manufacturer Relationships: Building direct relationships with manufacturers can ensure high-quality products and potentially better pricing for customers.
  • Longevity in Product Design: Designing products with durability in mind can enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Prioritizing excellent customer service can significantly contribute to a company’s reputation and success.

Eurus Concept

Eurus Concept, based in Bursa, Turkey, stands out as a distinguished brand in the furniture industry, known for its unique blend of aesthetics, craftsmanship, and functionality. The brand’s commitment to quality and design is evident in its wide range of home furnishings. It offers luxurious sofa sets, elegant dining room pieces, and a variety of home accessories including rugs, bookshelves, and coffee tables, catering to diverse home decorating needs.

Eurus Concept

Each collection by Eurus Concept, while covering different living spaces, showcases meticulous attention to detail. This focus ensures that every product is not just functional but also stylish, aligning with modern living standards.

The brand prides itself on embodying the concept of ‘affordable luxury’, creating pieces that are superior in quality and durability, and designed to withstand the test of time. Eurus Concept’s philosophy is centered around providing exquisite furniture that enables customers to create a space that truly feels like home, reflecting their style and comfort.

What can we learn from this store?

  • Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality: Eurus Concept exemplifies how furniture can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, catering to modern consumer demands.
  • Affordable Luxury: The concept of offering high-quality, durable furniture at affordable prices shows how luxury can be made accessible.
  • Brand Identity in Product Design: Eurus Concept’s commitment to creating pieces that outlast time highlights the importance of having a strong and consistent brand identity in product design.

Top 5 Themes For the Best Shopify Furniture Stores


With over 14 Homepage layouts and 50+ additional customizable pages, Goodwin is the perfect theme for your Shopify website. Whether you’re in fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, and especially furniture, this Shopify theme has something special just for you.  And with a competitive price of $114 comes not only numerous updates but also dedicated support services. Make sure to take advantage of all that Goodwin has to offer today.

Goodwin Shopify theme

Goodwin has an incredible rating on ThemeForest, totaling 80 positive reviews at 4.9. Whether you need it for Shopify furniture stores or whatever else, Goodwin is incredibly easy to control and customize, perfect for any purpose you may have in mind. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to modernize your Shopify furniture stores today.


Vodoma is the ultimate Shopify theme for any eCommerce website. This multipurpose platform will instantly enhance your site’s performance and give you access to a world of customers with its multilingual feature. Plus, build customized banners in no time to advertise your products, all without compromising on quality or design. By integrating smart upsells, cross-sells, and search suggestions with highlighted text into your store, customers will have no trouble discovering what they need. Additionally, the multitude of features your website offers makes it truly exceptional in comparison to other stores. Customers can rest assured that their shopping experience is certain to be effortless and stress-free resulting in a fantastic boost in sales.

Vodoma Shopify theme

The price of the theme is just $69, far cheaper than Goodwill, and yet the quality is still guaranteed by Envato. The themes are always updated promptly and Vodoma’s support team is incredibly passionate about their work. This product has 39 reviews on Themeforest with a rating of 4.97 (almost 5), making it clear that this item can be trusted to deliver excellence in design.


Come and explore Layla Furniture, a theme specifically crafted to showcase the beauty of all things furniture from modern designs to classic pieces. Showcase your range of furniture for any occasion and decor with this delightful theme that is designed exclusively for both residential and commercial spaces. With Layla Furniture, you can tastefully display an array of elegant furniture items, fixtures, products, and equipment solutions.

Layla Shopify furniture theme

Layla Furniture theme is a great choice for the best Shopify furniture stores looking. This Shopify-designed theme features everything from Homepage and About Us pages, to Product Portfolios and Contact Us forms. This theme has a price of $59 with many features integrated relevant to the furniture stores. The dedicated support team is always available to help through emails, phone calls, or video tutorials. 


Timber, a Shopify themes furniture template, is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create an online furniture store with all of the features necessary for quick and successful sales. Whether you need to sell home furniture, office supplies, soft furnishings, or accessories, Timber has it all. With its minimalist administrative panel management, this site will be a breeze. Moreover, there’s always room to add additional features that could help increase your customer service and boost overall store conversions even further. 

Timber Shopify furniture theme

The Timber theme costs only $39, a remarkably affordable cost for such an elite Shopify product. The quality of the design is guaranteed by Envato, and if you ever encounter any issues while setting up your store, no worries, Timber’s support team is highly skilled and always available to lend a helping hand.


Anadi is a minimal-style furniture Shopify theme with powerful Shopify page builder Sections. With Anadi, you can bring a really authentic look and feel to your web store. It is suitable for furniture, interior design, home decor and appliances, kitchen accessories, bags, and backpack stores. Anadi includes customizable homepage layouts that can be changed to your own taste within a few minutes. Moreover, explore plenty of great options and features with this premium Shopify theme Anadi. This will create the perfect place to display your collection and promote new products and hot store & sale offers.

Anadi Shopify furniture store

The cost for the theme is only $48, yet you can still be sure of its high quality thanks to Envato. Anadi’s customer service team is incredibly thorough and ready to aid if any issues arise while installing or configuring your store.

In conclusion,

Our thirteen best Shopify furniture stores list has come to an end. We hope you were able to take away some inspiration from each store that you can apply to your own Shopify store. Getting inspiration from these other stores is great, but it’s even better if you aspire to be on future lists such as this one.

What types of furniture do you plan on selling in your store? Are you having difficulty conceptualizing how to promote your brand-new Shopify furniture store? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. We have plenty of experienced professionals in the Shopify field who would be more than happy to assist you through this process.

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