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Joel Pham
Author at Magenest - CEO
Joel Pham, the visionary CEO at Magenest, brings a wealth of experience in shaping and executing organizational strategies, managing business operations, and overseeing diverse projects. With a background in Hardware Programming from Sun Moon University and an Engineer’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from HUST, Joel possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic acumen. With over 8 years of experience in eCommerce projects, especially the Shopify platform, spanning various industries, including collaborations with notable clients such as Trung Nguyen Coffee, Hoang Phuc International, Heineken, and ACFC, Joel is dedicated to sharing his insights and knowledge through published articles. His aim is to assist businesses in effectively implementing the best eCommerce practices and realizing their organizational visions and strategies.
The important role of order management in headless commerce

The Important Role of Order Management in Headless Commerce

In the digital age, headless commerce is revolutionizing eCommerce by separating front-end presentation from back-end data functionality, providing unparalleled flexibility and user experience customization. Central to this paradigm is the