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It is undeniable that one of the most crucial pieces of eCommerce strategy is websites. Websites are a fantastic way to gain brand awareness, acquire loyal customers, and increase sales. As eCommerce is getting more competitive every day, having a strategic eCommerce website builder can be super helpful, time-saving, and economical. Keep reading this blog to know how to pick a useful website builder eCommerce, and there will be a recommended solution in the end.

Why Do You Need an Ecommerce Website Builder for Small Business?

Ecommerce Website Builder for Small Business?

Long story short, if you don’t have an eCommerce website builder software for your online business, you’re leaving money on the table. In other words, it’s vital and useful for many reasons:

Gain More Customers with Search

Nowadays, shoppers tend to search before they decide to buy. Websites help businesses practice SEO (search engine optimizer) based on keywords, which helps your websites and posts appear on the list when people search for the keywords. As a result, the more you show up in search engines, the more chances you can sell.

Another study shows that people nowadays prefer shopping online to offline, especially after COVID-19 severely hit this planet. Therefore, shopping online is more convenient and easy for customers. In other words, an eCommerce website builder and hosting is essential for businesses.

Expand The Businesses

Bringing your businesses online helps save time and money by having an online store 24/7 with fewer employees. Along with the beautiful display, an eCommerce website builder offers you many features that help you optimize sales as well as “drag” customers to buy more.

Increase Brand Awareness

ECommerce platforms usually offer features allowing customers to share your brand with others through social media. Therefore, it connects your products with customers’ needs faster and effectively. We haven’t mentioned that an eye-catching and well-designed website can too “tickle” customers’ and partners’ eyes. Maybe, it can be a reason for them to trust your brand and recommend it to their beloved.

How to Choose a Strategic Ecommerce Website Builder?

Strategic Ecommerce Website Builder

As mentioned before, an eCommerce website builder is something that business owners can miss. Especially when your businesses are still small and slow-developing, investing in the best website builder eCommerce can be the best part of the plan. However, do you know how to pick a good one that is suitable for your online businesses? 

It Fits Your Budget

The first thing to do is figuring out the budget that you can spend on an eCommerce website builder. Also, take time defining factors such as domain registration, image, hosting, copy. While you can avail of several free plans, it’s acceptable to pay between $5 and $50 a month for advanced features.

It Meets All Your Requirements

Before picking an eCommerce website builder, you list down what you need. It includes your business plans and which process you want to optimize. Including a free eCommerce website builder trial in your plan is also necessary. That will help you narrow down the options list. 

It’s Easy To Use

Even when you’re an expert in this field, ease of use is still a key element. While most eCommerce website builders don’t require code and program, it doesn’t mean they all provide you with the same ease of use. When choosing a builder, look for one that offers drag and drop features. Also, pick ones that have an intuitive editor to make things easier to undertake any changes.

Why Odoo Is the Best Ecommerce Website Builder?

Best Ecommerce Website Builder

While many eCommerce website builder software out there, how to know which one is the best? In other words, is there any that meets all the strengths that we listed? 

The answer is Odoo – the best eCommerce website builder that you should try today!

Optimize Your Website Design

Understand that website design is the secret key, giving your customers a hint to stay and keep exploring; Odoo has paid lots of attention to this part. Each website can operate independently, with different themes, brands, domain names, headers & footers.

With Odoo, you have many options for themes to pick and be creative. No matter how your brand’s image looks, Odoo will always be there to adapt. We always change, we continually improve, and variety to serve you. 

The popular concern is that your business is new. You’re not good at designing and don’t have enough budget to hire more employees. Don’t worry, gets that. We offer you a FREE and EASY demo to try before making a decision. 

Turn On “Forget Code” Mode

When using Odoo, you can get rid of all the codes. Odoo integrates all the business features that you need within two steps: drag and drop.  

A Great Collection of Essential Features

Odoo is a fantastic website builder eCommerce store that includes many useful business features such as eCommerce, newsletter, work, client portal, events, company blog, call to action, etc. It is easy to use for both experienced and new business owners. From now on, “low-tech” is no longer an excuse for entrepreneurs.

Convert Visitors into Customers

Odoo’s multi-site system opens up many possibilities for customer segment diversification. Besides, other tools like SEO and email marketing are available in Odoo. On closer look, it helps multiply your customer base and instantly increase sales in just a few clicks!

Expand Your Website with Hundreds of Apps

Along with everyday-update design options, Odoo has a massive connection of other apps that help increase sales, such as online selling apps, a complete set of marketing tools, content management, and affiliate business features.

Easy Pay and Transport

Odoo provides customers many payment methods such as Paypal, Ingenico, PayUmoney, Adyen, Authorize.net, Buckaroo, Stripe, and SIPS Worldline. They all redirect customers to the ‘Thank you’ page on your websites.

Moreover, Odoo speeds ​​up your order fulfillment with easy integration for major carriers and directly track your packages. Customers can choose between multiple rates of different shipping providers and print shipping labels in just one click.

If you’re running or planning on an online business, an eCommerce website builder is the first thing to think about. A useful eCommerce website builder software is the one that meets your budget and business plan. Spending time to try and experience before making a final decision is the way to go.

At Magenest, you can find all the most strategic Business and Enterprise solutions. One of them includes leading Open Source Solutions such as Odoo, Magento, and other eCommerce development. Magenest commits to deliver excellent and high-quality service for Information Technology & Software Solutions to clients all over the world.

Is there anything that you want to know about eCommerce website builder or Odoo? Leave a comment below so we can answer all your concerns. For questions on Odoo ERP software, contact our experts here to quickly get free consultancy on Odoo ERP software.

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