Magento Pricing: The Total Cost of Running a Magento Website

Before developing an eCommerce site based on the Magento platform, any merchants have to define the Magento pricing in detail. However, it is not easy because of the different costs you have to pay like: license, theme, hosting, domain, development, etc. To help you have precise and detailed information about Magento pricing, we will evaluate the key factors affecting Magento enterprise costs. All the costs will be estimated on the Magento 2 pricing – the common and newest version that merchants use!

Elements impacting Magento prices 

Before answering the question How much does Magento cost, you should know about the elements that impact Magento pricing. There are two main factors influencing the total Magento enterprise cost:

  • The level of customization and functionality: you’d want over the key features and storefront design.
  • The number and types of integrations: third-party solutions such as product information management (PIM) and customer relationship management (CRM).

The parts that follow will go through the most crucial components of Magento website maintenance that you should think about.

Magento pricing plans based on editions

To understand the expenses of creating a Magento store, it is necessary to first comprehend the Magento eCommerce cost based on three versions:

Magento pricing plans based on edition

Magento Open-Source

If you use this edition, the Magento eCommerce price is absolutely free. To get started, just download and install Magento. You have practically endless modification options to tailor the store to your specific needs. However, fees such as domain registration, hosting, design, and development would cost more than $15,000 to establish and launch the business.

Some of the best features of Magento Open Source are:

  • Product variants – add customizable features to your products such as color, fabric, or size, thus allowing your customers to set customize your product to best match their preferences
  • Mobile-optimized email templates – send emails that look awesome on all screen sizes, including but not limited to mobile devices

Magento Commerce/Adobe Commerce

How much is Magento Commerce?

Unlike Magento Open Source, the Magento Commerce pricing starts at $22,000. The high cost of all the features is the drawback. However, this edition offers out-of-the-box features like a drag-and-drop page builder, a built-in B2B module, powerful content staging, rich business intelligence reports, and 24/7 support. Magento Commerce pricing will rise in tandem with your Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and Average Order Value (AOV).

Some of the best features of Magento Commerce are :

  • Customized promotions – create personalized promotions to help increase the rate of your conversions.
  • Drag-and-drop CMS – use the built-in content management system’s drag-and-drop feature to easily customize your content.
  • Customer loyalty tools – create exclusive private sales events and wishlists, and also offer rewards points.
  • Visual merchandising – organize products on your catalogs by categories such as popular items to help improve the user experience.

Magento Commerce Cloud

The Magento Cloud pricing starts at $40,000, higher than Magento Commerce price. In addition to the features listed above, Magento 2 Cloud pricing offers faster page performance, and security, in addition to the capabilities stated above. Magento Commerce Cloud, like the on-premise equivalent, has a tiered price structure.

Notable features of Magento Commerce Cloud:

  • Adobe Commerce Application
  • Core Application Support
  • Business Intelligence Pro
  • Single-tenant, dedicated infrastructure
  • Deployment Tools
  • Larger dedicated staging environment
  • Faster support response time
  • Increased customization available
  • 50 GB of testing
  • Disaster recovery and data retention
  • Varnish-based CDN
  • Image Optimization
  • DDoS protection and WAF
  • Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Infrastructure support
  • Technical Account Manager
  • High Availability Architecture
  • Automated data backup
  • Expansive monitoring and alerting
  • Scale globally on AWS and Azure

How much does Magento cost?

Here is the list of costs you have to pay when developing a Magento eCommerce site, including: 

  • License 
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • SSL certificate
  • Magento development cost
  • Magento website design cost
  • Extensions
  • Payment methods
  • SEO
  • Maintenance
  • Support service

License cost

The Magento eCommerce pricing has different license costs based on three editions: 

  • Magento Open-Source is completely free.
  • Magento Commerce (Adobe Commerce) and Magento Commerce Cloud: have unique built-in capabilities and their codes are automatically optimized. As a result, your yearly sales will define the price policy for Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud as follows:
Magento license cost

Hosting cost ($10–50/month)

This cost is already included in the Magento Commerce Cloud license, so you won’t have to worry about it.

hosting cost of magento

For Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce customers, however, this is a significant concern. To function properly and consistently, they require specific storage. Cloud, dedicated, and shared hosting are just some of the options. Magento hosting costs range from $10 to $50 per month, depending on the performance and features necessary for your eCommerce website.

Cost of the domain ($10 – $400/year)

For your eCommerce business, you may purchase an expired domain name or a fresh new domain name. As a result, yearly domain name pricing will differ:

  • $10–20 per year for a brand-new domain
  • $20–400 per year for expired domains

SSL certificate ($50–$600/year)

To improve the stability of a Magento website and secure your information security, you must obtain and employ a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. The typical cost each year is $50–$600.

Magento 2 development cost

Web development agency ($50 – $200/hour)

The most expensive of the three possibilities is to hire a Magento web development service. However, you receive good quality and professionalism for a hefty price. You’ll get the chance to collaborate with seasoned and skillful Magento developers who can turn your idea into a completed product and help you improve your eCommerce store to gain more sales. With managerial working skills and coordination, a development agency will guarantee they are quick to handle the complexities of projects which require expertise and precision.

Magento Web development agency

If you want to find a prominent agency, just contact Magenest! As a leading Adobe Solution Partner agency in APAC, Magenest has completed a variety of Magento projects for global brands and transformed their eCommerce systems.

Freelancer ($15 – $100/hour)

Hiring a freelancer is a more affordable choice with the Magento development costs between $10 to $200 per hour. While agencies provide an account manager, a freelancer provides direct communication and is more responsive. However, some freelancers make promises they cannot keep. As a result, they cannot handle the project and maybe quit the project in the middle.  

In-house development team ($60,000 – $120,000/year)

To keep up with the frequent store-level developments and changes, many mid-sized and big eCommerce organizations prefer in-house development teams. The most significant advantage of such a group is the extremely quick turnaround time and precise control over the development cycle.

Magento development costs between $60,000 and $80,000 per year when you hire a junior developing team (with a year of experience on average). Following that, the developer’s fee doubles for every year of experience. For an experienced Magento developing team, wage costs might reach $120,000 per year.

Magento website design cost:

There are two options for you to design a Magento website: 

  • Use an existing Magento theme.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind theme

The eCommerce website design price for a Magento theme ranges between a free theme and $180. To construct your own design, on the other hand, you’ll need to engage a website designer. A bespoke Magento theme might take anything from 40 to 160 hours to design. Besides, the minimum hourly wage is $40, with a total cost of $5,000 or more.

Magento website design cost 

It’s critical to consider the rising mobile usage and income of clients while implementing a bespoke design. As a result, for a mobile-friendly user experience, you should focus on making the website responsive on all types of devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Extensions ($60 – $600/extension)

The Magento eCommerce platform gives you the essential tools for running an online store. Many Magento sites, however, continue to utilize additional extensions for:

  • Features for customer service
  • Enhanced navigation using layers
  • Advanced search

Notice: You should connect the developers before finishing and purchasing any Magento extensions to ensure version compliance and probable issues with current extensions. There’s always the possibility that an extension can create issues and slow down website load times. As a result, experts recommend keeping Magento extensions on the store to a bare minimum.

With the exception of a few free extensions, the majority of high-quality and advanced extensions will cost a one-time payment. A Magento extension can start from $60 to $600, depending on the features and the extension provider’s reputation.

Payment methods (3% – 5%/transaction)

Payment methods magento website

Stripe,, and PayPal are the most common eCommerce payment options, accounting for 75.6% of global payment transactions. There are no setup fees with these payment processing providers. The cost for a successful transaction, on the other hand, starts at 2.9% + $0.30. You can conduct more research to find the best cost-effective payment service provider for your company.

SEO ($10,000 – $40,000/year)

To attract clients, online businesses must invest in website advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). You’ll need to engage an agency or a freelance SEO consultant with a track record of helping Magento stores to rank high in Google search results for this. The services usually cost you between $10,000 and $40,000 per year.

Magento SEO professionals offer a variety of connected services, including:

  • Analysis of Competitors
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Revised product pages
  • Page Speed Improvement
  • Google Analytics reporting and integration

Maintenance ($80 – $125/hour)

Your Magento store will require updates and routine maintenance work throughout normal operations to maintain seamless functionality. This implies you’ll have to budget for both regular and unscheduled maintenance.

Magento website maintenance

Maintenance helps to keep the shop stable and avoids any problems from disrupting operations. In general, maintenance entails installing updates and security fixes. The cost of these operations varies determined by the job’s nature, frequency, and competence.

Support service ($30,000 – $40,000/year)

Despite the business size, your store requires active help in case something goes wrong. Support and maintenance tasks sometimes overlap, and both are provided by the same provider. The customer support that you will have to supply is a crucial consideration. This is a broad domain with many different outlets and activities. The average annual cost of Magento customer care professionals is roughly $40,000.

Audit and optimization ($4,500/year)

It is highly recommended to conduct an audit and optimization of a Magento website on a regular basis. A comprehensive audit can identify areas of the website that need improvement and provide recommendations for optimization, which can help improve the website’s performance, user experience, and search engine rankings. As well as that, optimizing a Magento website can help reduce page load times, which can result in lower bounce rates and higher conversions. It can also improve website security, enhance mobile responsiveness, and make the website more user-friendly.

A basic audit and optimization of a small Magento website may cost a few hundred dollars per year, while a more complex website may require more advanced optimization and ongoing maintenance, which can cost several thousand dollars per year. Some Magento development companies may offer ongoing maintenance plans that include regular audits and optimization updates, which can be more cost-effective than paying for individual audits and optimizations. On average, this can cost roughly $4,500 a year.


There is no exact Magento enterprise pricing because it depends on the scope of the projects. As a result, the Magento pricing list represents how you want to achieve your company objectives and make decisions as a store owner. Furthermore, the cost of developing a Magento website varies substantially due to the reputation, expertise, and services offered by different suppliers. Nevertheless, we can at least agree with each other that the total cost for:

  • Magento Open Source ranges from $12,000 to over $60,000
  • Magento Commerce ranges from $43,000 to over $190,000
  • Magento Cloud Commerce ranges from $60,000 to over $250,000

Choosing reliable Magento product and service suppliers is critical. In the long run, the success of your eCommerce business is a product of your efforts and those of your valued partners. 

If you want to develop your Magento website, just book a free consultation with Magenest to explore our solution!

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