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Magento 2 cost price

Normally, if you are using the Community version, you will not have to worry about Magento 2 cost for that it’s free of charge. This version remains to be an open source platform and to be offered for users at no price. However, for businesses Magento 2 offers users with two different choices that match each business’s own financial plans:

  • Magento Enterprise (EE)
  • Magento Enterprise Cloud (ECE)

For both of these two packages, users will have to pay for unlocking features and all. With the first option starting at from $22,000.00 and going up to $125,000.00 per year and the later starting at $40,000.00 which can can customers up to $190,000.00 per year, (using fee based on how much each certain business’s annual gross sales revenue. 

The first package (EE) is available for download with an annual subscription fee. With this version, you will have access to all of the great features which are not included in Magento Open Source (or formerly Magento Community). Along with the features, you also get to receive 24/7 direct support from the Magento team. The pricing model of Magento 2 cost has gone through major changes to become a revenue-based model instead of a server-based as in Magento 1.  With this version of Magento 2, the answer to how much does Magento 2 cost starts at $22,000 annually for merchants who make less than $1 million per year. There will be several default tiers for different levels of revenue and as your revenue increases, you will be charged with the new tier. So that’s how businesses are charged for the licensing the Magento 2 and its feature of this EE version. The total cost will vary which depends on much profit your business makes. Usually, for merchants alike, there would be three main categories which are defined by three different levels of total revenue: 

  • Less than $5 million per year: you will be expected to pay $32,000 annually
  • From $5 million to less than $15 million per year: you will be expected to pay $75,000 annually
  • From $15 million to less than $25 million per year: you will be expected to pay $125,000 annually

The great news is that for the same license you register, you can have up to 5 top-level domains for running 5 different stores off that license. 

The second option which is the Enterprise Solutions Cloud edition combines both an Enterprise Solutions license and hosting for businesses. This option starts the price at $40,000.00 per year for merchants whose revenue is less than $1 million. Magento also offers users a choice of monthly payment to split the bill over the year. 

This version is fully hosted, and you don’t have to look for a third party to handle your hosting. Included in this Magento 2 cost, you will be supported by Magento with the aid of platform .io and Amazon Web Services.

Some of the pricing scenarios for this package include:

  • Less than $5 million per year: you will be expected to pay $55,000 annually
  • From $5 million to less than $15 million per year: you will be expected to pay $166,000 annually
  • From $15 million to less than $25 million per year: you will be expected to pay $594,000 annually

(For the Magento 2 UK market, the Magento 2 cost UK price varies from approximately £16.500 to £95.000)

If you are Magento 1 users, and now you have the intention of moving onto the Magento 2 platform, you will have to consider paying for these things. The Magento 2 migration will cost you:

  • Magento 2 license fee: The equation for the cost is estimated as mentioned above starting from at least 22.000$ per year for purchasing the license.
  • Optimal data import: Magento 2 would offer users a safe option of data import, however, for the data to not be mismanaged, you should ask for help from professional developers or expertise in the field.
  • Extensions: Along with new features, for which you can take the best advantage of, you will need several third party extensions. The cost of these extensions will vary based on the providers and the types of extension you install. The good news is that you can also migrate extensions from Magento 1 into Magento 2. But it still costs you in the process of moving which depends on each of the extensions’ complexity.
  • Theme building: New theme formulation is required since Magento 1 theme will not be working on Magento 2.
  • Customization: You probably pay for a developer to recode since the migration would come with several necessary changes in code.
  • Magento Partner Agency: This Magento 2 cost is optional.

Magento 2 cost based pricing

Magento 2 cost based pricing

Along with the two financial versions, Magento 2 is also the best option for merchants running a business with its Magento 2 cost-based pricing extension. Normally there would be two ways to decide your products’ price and one of which is the cost based pricing method. For this method, profits will be calculated based on the business’s cost of production, manufacturing, and distribution. 

This extension will allow you to markup product cost by a fixed figure or a percentage to your own preference. With this Magento 2 cost-based pricing, you can choose to markup or markdown product cost by creating and assigning rules (whether by a certain percentage or by a fixed amount) to different products. And then let them run automatically for the period that you have set, once the period ends, those rules diminishes itself.

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