TOP 6 ERP accounting software – Solution for Financial Management

Normally people would take ERP systems and accounting software to be two different things. While accounting software would assist businesses to cope with financial elements and all, it can be a project that is included in the ERP system.

ERP accounting software list

Starting with the question of what is ERP, so the ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which basically will aid businesses in checking the availability of the company’s resources at any time during the day regardless of day or night.

An ERP accounting software takes the responsibility of the specific part of your company such as payables, receivables, balance sheets, billings, orders, expenses, and payments. The software’s role in operation management may be included in financial operations.

ERP accounting software list

An ERP accounting software is software that brings solutions to the monitoring of the financial part of the business which includes but not limited to these aspects: workflow, tracking assets, resources, and materials. Users can also add components such as working hours, performance parameters, production lifecycle, or customer relations to the system. 

An ERP accounting software when built should be defined as what kind of purpose it would be used for as well as what kind of task it would perform. Even just one model can make up for the whole system in case you find that it’s of your convenience.

Along with some aforementioned features, ERP accounting software brings along many benefits to an organization such as:

  • Financial reports will be exported in thorough detail.
  • Most of the traditional manual accounting works will become automated.
  • No duplicate data entry will be produced during the process.
  • Minimum of errors
  • A higher degree of control for users 

So, mentioned below is the outstanding ERP accounting software list 2021:

Sage Intacct

For small and medium-sized companies that own a high-growth rate, this is an ERP cloud-based software that includes applications for handling core financial tasks as well as other administration work such as accounting, purchasing, order management, and financial reporting and business intelligence. Third parties such as Salesforce can also be integrated into this system. 

Oracle Cloud ERP

For enterprises that have complex resources that require a comprehensive solution, then it comes to Oracle Cloud ERP – a suite of integrated and global business systems. This system is known for its cross-industry abilities which are spanning ERP, CRM, and even supply chain planning.


Odoo originates from a multinational company that bases in Belgium. The application is highly recommended for managing the sales pipeline. The suite is a combination of a PoS and inventory management modules which scale to the role of a warehouse or play as a retail management solution.


This is a software that takes care of components such as finance and accounting, human resources, and payroll of your company. It also helps you with human services case management, as well as donor and fundraising activities. Your finance will be in the best hands since this software’s best feature is ones relating to financial management.


Acumatica is also a cloud-based service that provides you with tools such as dashboards, tools for reporting. Document management can also be integrated with centralized security. Tools can be customized as you wish.

Epicor Prophet 21

Prophet 21 is developed by Epicor, this is a distribution ERP which is equipped with SCM capabilities like warehouse or inventory. Features enable organizations to carry out tasks such as streamline the quote-to-cash cycle, improve the business’s margins, or fulfill your orders.

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ERP accounting software training

For ERP accounting software is a complete solution for the business management that consists of collecting, storing, managing, and interpreting data from different business activities, using the software requires comprehensive knowledge of ERP accounting systems. Companies that want to integrate an ERP into their business must make a careful decision of developers and the type of ERP accounting to go for. With that being said, currently, there is a lot of ERP accounting software for you to choose from as well as there are hundreds of options for system operation that your business can find the help. Hence without careful consideration, you may find it struggling and confusing to make a decision without proper consultation from a trustworthy consultant. 

As a Ready Partner, Magenest delivers Odoo deployment for enterprises, we have a comprehensive understanding of the platform to cut down the cost of infrastructure investment, enhance the stability of cash flow, and make the deployment process faster. After deployment, our personnel training program along with customer service will ensure you with guidance and maintenance for the workflow to be at its best. Our team is there to ensure that your workflows are not only fast but also accurate.

ERP accounting software training

Why Odoo and Magenest?

Deliver a unique solution for seamless management

Many businesses will find using multiple software solutions for their business operations on a daily basis a real struggle because data will be exposed to the risk of being fragmented along with paying high cost, and therefore causing difficulties in handling. Odoo ERP offers a solution that packs comprehensive sets of management tools, unites data streams, and is effortless to upgrade or modify while delivering smooth performance.

Enhance workplace productivity

Odoo is there to help to improve the business’s productivity with a central database of information. It removes tedious tasks such as generating reports, monitoring inventory levels, timesheet tracking, and CRM so companies can spare more time for their front-of-house duties.

Provide a scalable solution as your business grows

The characteristics of Odoo include flexibility and scalability. Open-source Odoo apps can be added and modified along with the company’s growth process. You can add one more app at any time based on your needs and when your customer increases..

Last words 

Hoping that this post has delivered lots of useful information about ERP accounting software for you and your business to look into such a great solution for business management. ERP system training is also part of the ERP integration process in which the hand of a developing expert would be needed for companies to make the most out of the ERP system.

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