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AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

The Well-Architected Framework Review, an advanced architectural design framework developed by AWS, is intended to assist cloud architects in the creation and ongoing enhancement of robust, efficient, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure for their applications.

Why businesses should conduct AWS Well-Architected Review

Efficiency & Cost Saving

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Improved Security

AWS Well-Architected Framework helps businesses to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, systems, and assets, making security a prime concern at all levels of business operations.

Improved Reliability

Through implementing AWS Well-Architected Framework, businesses can gain the ability to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions, dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand, and mitigate disruptions such as misconfigurations or transient network issues.

Six pillars of AWS Well-Architected Review

Operational Excellence

The core pillar of AWS Well-Architected Framework, it supports efficient development and operation of workloads, provides insights into the operation and refines procedures and processes to deliver business value. This can be achieved by automating deployments, monitoring system performance, and incorporating processes for continuous improvement.


This revolves around safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and applications in the cloud. Achieving this requires businesses to implement a layered security approach encompassing network security, access management, data encryption, and threat detection and response.

Cost Optimization

The Cost Optimization pillar concentrates on optimizing the use of the right types of resources that meet the application requirements of the business, to prevent cloud resource wastage. This involves strategies like choosing optimal pricing models, maximizing resource utilization, and enacting cost-saving measures.

Performance Efficiency

This pillar focuses on using IT and computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements and maintain efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve by adopting strategies like choosing appropriate instance types, enhancing storage and database performance, and utilizing caching and CDNs.


This ensures the ability of a system to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions, and dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand while mitigating disruptions by adopting best practices like fault-tolerant design, automated backups, disaster recovery, and system performance monitoring.


This pillar emphasizes responsible business operations with beneficial impacts on the environment, economy, and society. Through thoughtful planning and judicious use of resources, companies can operate sustainably, minimize their carbon footprint, and achieve cost savings.


Magento maintenance services refer to the ongoing support and management of a Magento-based website, which include security patches and updates, performance optimization, bug fixes, backups and disaster recovery, and website monitoring. Our services are crucial for ensuring that your eCommerce website is secure, efficient, and always up-to-date, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

Yes of course our Magento Maintenance service includes server maintenance.

  • Our Magento 2 Maintenance SLA includes:

    • Fixing coding issues
    • Magento 2 security patches application
    • Disaster recovery
    • Performance monitoring & optimization
    • Customer support via Email, Chat, Issue Tickets and Direct meeting/call

Knowledge transfer is key to ensure a smooth transition which we expect to receive the below:

  • Magento system and server access
  • Site specification: Contains all specification of the site: system workflow, detailed functional description, involved stakeholder
  • Coding documentation: Describe system architecture and coding method
  • Digital assets: Includes mockups, design files, workflow diagrams
  • Development credentials: Accounts for access to project coding repository eg. Bitbucket, Github, etc.
  • Deployment procedure: Procedures to deploy on staging and live environment to ensure safety of live system

A progress report on ongoing maintenance, planning, and R&D will be provided on a monthly basis via conference call or email, depending on your reference. 

You will be immediately notified if our team finds anything critical during the maintenance process that needs urgent discussions and actions. 

You can always reach out to the account manager taking care of your account to ask for support or send new requests via email or the agreed communication channel.

Our process of conducting AWS Well-Architected Review

Identify Specific Requirements

Our specialists identify the specific needs of workload, make clear what you are looking to achieve, and propose a proper set of applications for review.

Initial Review

Experienced architects, developers, and operational personnels utilize the AWS Well-Architected tool to conduct an initial review to address the questions provided in the tool while keeping your specific requirements in mind

Detailed Review

Our specialists revisit the areas identified in the initial review and scrutinize them against the AWS best practices to get a comprehensive view of how the workload meets the specific requirements.

Reports & Strategy Consultancy

After the detailed review, we conduct the report that highlights potential risks and provides recommendations to improve the workload based on AWS best practices. Based on the reports, the optimal strategy is proposed to address the highlighted areas

Maintenance & Support

With the strategy in place, our specialists deploy upgrade patches to improve the workload performance and add more significant architectural changes. We continuously monitor the workload to ensure it aligns with your specific requirements, and make changes when necessary


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