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Smartnet wanted a singular platform to centralize all of its data from Smartpay and to build a more productive workflow.


Founded in 2015, Smartnet specializes in providing financial and insurance services, including referrals, credit counseling, and insurance. The company holds an ambition to become one of the 10 leading financial solution providers in Vietnam by 2020.

With the booming of eCommerce in Vietnam, fintech companies in the countries have also witnessed exponential growth. As of 2020, Smartnet owns a wide range of kiosks across 48 provinces and cities of Vietnam.

In May 2019, Smartnet launched SmartPay e-wallet to help users easily manage their cash flow from their mobile devices. SmartPay has since acquired over 200,000 users and 3,000 merchants across Vietnam.

smartnet project


Prior to working with us, Smartnet had multiple systems to handle different processes and operations, the data is disconnected and difficult to manage. Acknowledging this problem, Smartnet wanted a singular platform to centralize all of its data from Smartpay and to build a more productive workflow.

The system needed to manage a huge amount of data to keep merchant and transaction management on track. The number of merchants and QR codes was exceptional, up to several hundred thousand, requiring our team to optimize the infrastructure and algorithms to ensure there was no congestion when too many users accessed the system at once. Besides, the back-end interface also needed to be familiar and user-friendly for the current managing team at Smartnet.

our solution


Centralized management with Magento Commerce ​

Based on the requirements, Magenest decided to use Magento 2 as the foundation for the new system. The back-end interface of Magento 2 would be used as the portal for administrators to manage merchants, users, QR codes and promotions. Magento 2 EE was the perfect fit because it could handle the rigor database structure and had most of the necessary functionalities available right out of the box.

Additional Custom Development

Our main focus is working on the QR code and merchant management. Each merchant would have a unique QR code automatically generated. Merchants’ attributes could be modified directly on the website or through the application via APIs. These features required a comprehensive API system to interact well with other service layers in SmartPay.

Within the new Magento 2 system, admins can manage:

  • Merchants: View, edit, approve or reject requests by merchants.
  • Users: View, add, edit and delete users or groups of users. Smartnet requires strict decentralization of activities and data that users can access.
  • QR codes: View, add and report on each code. They can also create new QRs corresponding with each partner.
  • Promotions: Add, edit and delete promotions as well as distribute vouchers to user accounts.
  • Transactions and refunds

The result

This project is a stepping stone for Smartnet to prepare for the future. With the successful application of Magento 2, the Smartnet system and SmartPay e-wallet have been put into stable operation. The choice to focus on a single platform minimized the use of multiple systems to operate. User feedback was extremely positive: The new system offered a much better experience and efficient operation functions.

customer feedback



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