Outsource App Development – the Ultimate Guide for Big Success

When your company wants to build an app, you are struggling with the idea of outsourcing and building an in-house app development team. Whether you are in a big company or a startup, making the right selection is always a big movement for the company. So why does this app development raise so much confusion? Is it hard to develop an app?  Keep reading to know that building an app development team or find a outsource app development is the better way to go and how to do it. 

What to know when deciding to outsource app development?

Should I outsource app development?

Should I outsource app development

Since the app brings out many benefits to the business, app development is an important field that deserves more attention. Apps open up a direct marketing channel between businesses and their customers, which leads to effective further communication. Moreover, with apps, customers can become more loyal to your brand, bringing back more stable deals. 

There are three trends of app development nowadays: hiring employees, collaborating with freelancers, and outsourcing. Let us get into the details of each trend to consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Building an App Development Team

This is an option that many business owners often prefer to choose as it’s easy to manage and make changes.


When having an in-house app development team in the office, you have all the access to manage the team. Also, you can take advantage of your company’s intellectual property to save time and money. Moreover, whenever you want to make changes, you will always have a team to do it right away without sending a bunch of emails and requests. 


While there are many strong points of in-house app development teams that many business owners might like to control everything, there are also many disadvantages. First of all is the cost consuming. When hiring a team, you have to spend money on many departments, including recruitment, human resources, training, and the expenses of space as well as facilities. 

About recruitment, it isn’t just a matter of finding a developer. You have to find multiple skilled developers in other native app development, such as iOS/Android experts, designers, UI/UX specialists, and so on. 

When you don’t have much experience in the field, you need to hire a leader with a high salary to control the quality and keep track of all the projects.

Also, you will need some staff to handle market research, quality assurance, and analytics. Additionally, building an in-house team is wasting money when you just need them to do a couple of projects.

Hiring Freelancers

Hiring app development freelancers is also a great option as they are usually experts in the field. However, there are many upsides and downsides that we need to consider. 


Freelancers usually are people with high expertise in the field. Therefore, they are able to complete the projects fast and correctly. Although the price usually goes with the quality, the cost of hiring freelancers is often low as they don’t have to travel to work or have lunch at break. Also, you don’t need to care about the employees’ insurance and other expenses like facilities. 


As freelancers work remotely, the lack of communication is unavoidable. Generally speaking, there isn’t any process working with freelancers. That can lead to a late deadline and low quality. Also, misunderstanding through poor communication can lead to continuous adjustments during the process, which wastes lots of time and money. 

Moreover, there is no certification about the due dates of conveyance. Business owners have to send out many criticisms to have the errors fixed. There isn’t either a QA or QC person.  

Similarly, there is no guarantee about the security of a company’s knowledge property since freelancers can access different resources. Sometimes, companies have to deal with the abuse of their apps somewhere else. Also, as there is no commitment between freelancers and companies, they can drop work anytime they want, which will heavily affect the work process.

Outsourcing App Development


Compared to hiring freelancers and building an in-house team, outsourcing app development costs less time in interviewing. You only have to talk to the representative of the outsourcing firm from the beginning till the end. 

Outsourcing houses often have their talents and specialists who are qualified and able to get things done fast and correctly. However finding an outsourcing party may take less time cuz they’re more professional and have portfolios, etc. When you’ve got a great outsourcing app development firm, you have a whole global talent pool in your hands. Also, outsourcing firms will provide you a QA and QC process for control of the projects’ quality.

The IT outsourcing services process always goes with a contract with different conditions and commitments. Therefore quality management is easier and more effective. With outsourcing contracts, business owners have all the access to control progress and quality. They can also ask for compensation when the outsourcing site fails the commitments. 


The lack of management and communication are the most significant weakness of outsourcing app development. Therefore, when it comes to outsourcing, you always have to update what’s happening with your mobile app development. The timeframes will differ for every company, but it should be every 2-4 weeks. 

So, which is the best for you?

Above is the analysis of different trends of app development. In short, based on the business’s purposes, the owners can make their decisions. However, compared to other movements, outsourcing app development offers more advantages, and their cons are also avoidable. You can not only pick from a massive talent pool all over the world, but you have much more leverage over your budget as well. You are given a quote right initially by hiring an outsourced development team, and you know your costs. The actual expenditures can blow up very quickly when dealing with internal personnel and programs, although you have power over them in principle. 

It’s doubtful that you can afford the investment of money and resources needed to employ an in-house team if you’re a small-medium company, and this is precisely why it makes perfect business sense to outsource your production of mobile apps to a team of proven professionals.

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How do you outsource app development?

How do you outsource app development

Since we concluded that outsourcing app development is more beneficial than others, the next big concern is “How to outsource app development for the best results?” Here are three simple recommended steps for successful app development outsourcing.

Create ideas and have clear orientations

No one can understand your business’s core and products better than you. Although you have a professional outsourcing house that will support you in developing apps, it’s essential to have your own vision of the products. Also, having clear ideas of what you’re going to do helps you choose suitable outsourcing partners or narrow down the research list. 

Additionally, when you choose to work with individual app developers instead of a company, the clear outlines of needs are essential for good communication and negotiation. Therefore, put your mind to figure out the requirement to prevent further misunderstanding in the outsourcing process.

Here are some questions that you and your company should answer before applying to outsourcing app development: 

  • What do you aim to achieve with your app?
  • What features will it have?
  • What are the main issues will the app solve for users?
  • Your app will be based on iOS or Android, or others? 
  • What about a hybrid app?

Estimate your budget

Figuring out the possible budget you can spend on outsourcing can help you choose a suitable outsourcing firm. The contracts’ commitments are also different depending on how much money you can allocate for the app. However, the low price rarely comes with a unique and high-quality outsourcing firm. At that time, you can choose other options, such as hiring freelancers to have them create something that stands out of the crowd. 

Nevertheless, the distance of price between freelance developers and outsourcing houses are not too significant. Therefore, it’s possible to find a great app development outsourcing firm at an affordable price. 

Take time to research developers

There are thousands of app development companies out there, including onshore, nearshore, and offshore. Therefore, you need to carefully choose one of them that meets your expertise, skills, and technology requirements. Also, the matter of geography and culture is vital for good communication. 

Examine the developers

Your first list of outsourcing providers that seem to match your needs, be they agencies or When searching for potential outsourcing providers, the list is going to be very long. It might take a long time to contact each of them to discuss the projects. In this case, we suggest three tips to narrow down the list and ensure the outsourcing providers’ quality. 

Firstly, check the information on the websites and go through the portfolios of each provider. When you already have your list shortened, contact them by composing emails with the same content to ask for their achievement to prove with you see on their portfolios. Don’t forget to mention the size of their company and the number of qualified staff there. For sure, you can request to see their qualifications and experiences. Don’t rush to make a decision because, in the end, you want a great app without wasting too much time and money. So, do it well and carefully the first time. 

Along with those steps, the reviews of old customers are precious. Check all the ranking and skim over the reviews to ensure that it is the outsourcing provider you need. The more in-depth research you do, the more excellent outsourcing providers you will found.

Keep track of all stages

The gold key to having a successful outsourcing app development project is communication. Therefore, setting up staff to keep up the communication and finger on the pulse of things during the app development process is essential. With an outsourcing company, there will be a project manager who will keep you posted. If not, then strictly ask for that in the outsourcing contract. At the same time, set up the time frame to get the information. 

How much does it cost to outsource app development?

How much does it cost to outsource app development

The outsourced app development cost is different due to the project’s complexity, feature numbers, and regions. Let’s look at one outsourcing app development process to see how much it cost to outsourcing software development

With more platforms, you will have to pay more. Usually, the price for iOS and Android will cost twice more than the Android-only project. 

It will take approximately 3,038 hours of development time to introduce the Netflix-like app with an attractive interface, streaming algorithm integration, and multiple payment gateways. With a $50/hour pace, the project would cost $151,900 for both iOS and Android. The time and price would be substantially lower, at about $83,545, in the case of cross-platform growth.

It costs 2,294 hours for an Uber-like app with GPS navigation, a versatile passenger ride option, and different payment methods. The expense of creating outsourced applications for iOS and Android versions would be about $114,700. Developing cross-platforms will reduce the price to $63,000.

It will take 2,500 hours for a simple e-commerce app with a list of products, a cart, and payment gateways. The cost of the production would be $125,000 for both platforms. However, the cost would be about $68,700 if you want a cross-platform approach. Use this article to learn more about the creation of e-commerce software.

Simultaneously, the outsource app development cost also depends on the locations. Here is the comparison of outsource app development price in different regions. 

Regions/project priceNetflix-like appRidesharing appE-commerce appUber-like app
North America$455,700$477,300$375,000$798,600
Western Europe$303,800$318,200$125,000$532,400
Eastern Europe$151,900$159,100$125,000$266,200

In conclusion, it is not easy to outsource mobile app growth with the number of businesses and individual developers on the market. But it is not only advantageous for your product and your business to work with a good company, but it can also offer a pleasurable experience. We have tried to provide you with the most crucial tips and advice in this guide to find what you are searching for.

How about you? Which way will you go, outsourcing app development or building an in-house team? Please let us know your opinion in the comment section below. Make sure to sign up to Magenest for more informative articles.

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