Magenest Does not Have Any Office or Affiliate Program in Indonesia and Philippines

Tuan Anh Duong

Recently, Magenest has received information and reports from our clients and partners in Indonesia and Philippines that our company’s work and brand are utilized for scamming activities in that area. A reliable source confirmed that there are multiple posts on Facebook and Instagram promoting a freelance job, claimed to be recruited by Magenest. This information is totally not true, and it is posted by a scamming organization. 

Particularly, this organization will offer the victims to complete a task. They will send the victims their bank accounts and ask them to make a transfer of an amount of money corresponding to the price of a certain item. When the money transfer is completed, the task has been completed and this organizer will refund the entire principal amount plus a 10% commission. Such a task would be possible for 1 or 2 products or more with prices ranging from IDR 300 to even IDR 5 million. If the task is not completed, the money that the victims have used for the previous transactions will not be refunded.

This scamming activity is really at a highly sophisticated level. We feel so sorry for the scammed victims in Indonesia. Right now, we still have no information about these organizations, and everyone in Indonesia, especially freelancers, needs to be careful with freelance jobs and programs posted on social media channels. When receiving advertising information from offers with attractive income, everyone should carefully research information of the recruiting businesses through official information channels to verify whatever information you see.

In order to deliver the most exact information about our company, we decided to make an announcement about this and claim that WE HAVE NO BRANCH OR EMPLOYEES IN INDONESIA, PHILIPPINES AND OTHER REGIONS EXCEPT FOR VIETNAM. For now, we only offer Magenest’s Referral Program, please check out the detailed information for our only program here.


In addition, please check our official contact information right below, we only have 3 offices around the world:

  • Headquarters: GP Invest Building, 4th Floor, 170 De La Thanh Street, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
  • HCMC Office: D-eyes Building, 2nd Floor, 371 Nguyen Kiem, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Hai Phong Office: 55 Dang Ma La, Kenh Duong, Le Chan, Hai Phong, Vietnam

You can also contact us through our phone number and email address:

In addition, you can connect to us through social media channels:

Notice: Whenever you receive attractive offers and freelance jobs as above from a suspected organization or encounter advertisements about that, please contact the appropriate authorities immediately to report the incident. We highly recommend that you directly contact the police if you encounter scams claiming to be Magenest.

Update Jan 16th, 2023:

We have located the bank account information of the scammers. Please check it out:

Bank: CIMB


Account Number: 707224148000

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