[EVENT RECAP] Unlocking Omnichannel Customer Loyalty in eCommerce


The webinar Unlocking Omnichannel Customer Loyalty in eCommerce, held on March 28th, 2024 by Magenest, GQ, and Insider, focused on 2024 Insights and Strategies for Thai retailers. At the insightful webinar, Thai merchants were given an invaluable opportunity to deepen their understanding of effective loyalty activities within the eCommerce sector.

Key takeaways

The importance of proper loyalty activities

Joel Pham – CEO of Magenest opened by introducing the importance of having an omnichannel customer loyalty program and 5 key elements of creating a unified omnichannel loyalty strategy. This includes online-offline connection, mobile engagement, collecting data for analytics, connection to social shops & live-streaming platforms, and seamless order fulfillment & aftercare for all channels.

The importance of proper loyalty activities - 5 keys elements

He continued by showing a customer loyalty journey and proposed a few platforms that Thai merchants could consider helping them achieve an omnichannel system.

The importance of proper loyalty activities - Customer loyalty journey

With the eCommerce platform, he suggested using Shopify and Magento. For the central management system, Odoo could be considered due to its many advantages. Lastly, Insider’s CDP platform is known worldwide for being one of the best data-tracking. He also emphasized the need to have a mobile app to streamline loyalty interaction with customers.

Acknowledge how to leverage CDPs for enhanced customer loyalty

Jack Nguyen – Regional Managing Director, SEA & HKTW at Insider began his speech with an overall intro of their platform. Insider provided a transformative approach for Thai retailers, focusing on the integration of their Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDxP) to revolutionize the retail landscape. The initial step outlined the pivotal role of CDxP in establishing a robust data foundation and crafting 360-degree customer profiles, emphasizing the importance of harnessing omnichannel data sources. This foundational work is critical for retailers aiming to fully understand their customers’ behaviors, preferences, and interactions across various channels.

Acknowledge how to leverage CDPs for enhanced customer loyalty

Throughout the presentation, Insider shared real-life examples from Thai retailers who have successfully implemented their platform. These case studies not only demonstrated the tangible benefits of adopting Insider’s solutions—such as increased customer retention, higher conversion rates, and enhanced customer satisfaction—but also provided attendees with actionable insights and inspiration to apply within their own businesses.

Take note of real-life examples in the retail industry

In a compelling showcase of omnichannel success, George Hartel of GQ Apparel (Supara Group) outlined the pivotal strategies propelling the brand to the forefront of the Thai market. Central to GQ’s triumph is a deep-rooted commitment to consumer insights, leveraging direct feedback and analysis to tune their offerings finely. Coupled with viral marketing and effective storytelling, the brand has cultivated a strong customer acquisition channel, emphasizing collaborations with key influencers and a focus on lifetime value and repeat purchases.

Take note of real-life examples in the retail industry - GQ strategies

The implementation of a robust CRM platform has further enabled GQ to forge stronger customer relationships, enhanced by partnerships with major entities like Central Retail and TikTok.

Take note of real-life examples in the retail industry - GQ Results

This multifaceted approach resulted in a dramatic sales channel transformation: from a pre-COVID-19 dominance of department store sales in 2019 (91%) to a diversified portfolio in 2023, where online sales through eCommerce marketplaces and their website accounted for 24.3% and 14.6%, respectively. GQ’s strategic pivot not only broadened its sales channels but also established it as a leading online brand in categories such as men’s apparel and underwear, marking a significant evolution in its market positioning.

Closing Thoughts

The Unlocking Omnichannel Customer Loyalty in eCommerce webinar, marked by the collaborative efforts of Magenest, GQ Apparel, and Insider, has certainly set a high bar for digital retail innovation in Thailand. This event, highlighting Magenest’s debut in the Thai market, has laid down a comprehensive roadmap for retailers aiming to navigate the complexities of the digital age with an omnichannel strategy.

As Magenest makes its entrance into Thailand, this event not only served as an enlightening forum for local retailers but also demonstrated Magenest’s commitment to empowering Thai businesses with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the digital era. The collaboration provides a foundation for any retailer looking to capitalize on omnichannel strategies and drive customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive market.

If you have missed our webinar, you still can always download the documents and record for our webinar right below:

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