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ELISE Fashion

Despite its success in the offline market, Elise still embraces the eCommerce trend, especially during the worst time of the COVID-19 pandemic. An elite eCommerce system to serve customers during lockdown is a must to the survival and thrivingness of the brand during the hard time.

For so long, Elise has become a well-known brand for all Vietnamese fashion lovers of all ages due to its stronghold on up-to-date and great customer service. Undeniably, this clever high fashion brand knew how to quickly adapt and upgrade market trends, so all of their collections are extremely up-trending while still remaining their own unique vibes – the vibes that have been known and loved. With huge progress in recent years, Elise has successfully covered all 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam with 122 high-end showrooms that offer a luxury shopping experience for customers. The number may look impressive, but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the real triumph of Elise in the offline retail market.

Despite huge achievements with offline showrooms, Elise has never fully abandoned the online segment. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Elise has made a series of wise decisions in order to survive and thrive, when the mobility limitation prevents everyone from enjoying the luxury shopping experience of Elise’s showrooms.

Meeting the growing demand for online shopping

New purchasing need – Online shopping

As connected spenders, customers are changing their purchasing behaviors toward online shopping due to three main reasons: convenience, reliability, and the variety of products. Thanks to the development of the Internet, smartphones as well as other devices, it is now possible to access the store anytime and anywhere without taking a long way to physical stores. Also, most physical stores stock limited size and patterns, making it hard to be available compared to the huge selection from online stores. 

Sudden pressure from Covid 19 pandemic

Elise has created a large and growing loyal customer base. During the period of social distancing due to Covid 19, Elise’s loyal customers turn to online platforms, namely social channels and websites when they can not shop at the showroom. This invisibly puts tremendous pressure on the order processing and customer services departments. Therefore, the BOD of Elise has realized the urgent need to imply a worthwhile eCommerce system.

The need to change

In the past, Elise mainly focused on retail store chains and used a CRM system to track customers’ shopping activities. However, the old social channels and websites were very primitive, so a sudden surge of customers using online systems turns the old process of ordering and management and customer service into literal chaos. A comprehensive digital transformation is required so that the brand can continue to grow and thrive in the “new normal” society.

The companion of Elise’s digital transformation process is Magenest – partner of the world’s leading technologies like Magento or AWS. Magenest has deployed advanced digital systems for many big domestic and foreign brands, including Heineken, Trung Nguyen, or ACFC, etc. As Bronze Solution Partner of Adobe and Business Solution Partner of Magento, with more than 7 years of experience in implementing eCommerce systems on the Magento 2 platform, Magenest is proud to be Elise’s partner on the journey bringing the luxury shopping experience of the brand to customers via the online platform.

Magenest’s approach

Consulting on operation and implementation of eCommerce model

Understanding the need of adopting new technology trends in the market and controlling the conditions of businesses in the new situation, Magento 2 is the technology platform chosen by Magenest to deploy for the Elise brand. With the advantage of being the world’s number one open-source eCommerce platform, Magento 2 easily meets the necessary requirements of users and is capable of meeting the future growth of businesses.

However, applying Magento 2 alone is not enough. With a high-fashion brand like Elise, all processes of managing bills of lading, information and customer cares need to be optimized at the highest level. Also, as Elise stands for a high-end, premium fashion brand in the customers’ mind, the visual element also needs to be taken care of in the most meticulous way to bring the ultimate shopping experience on the online platform to customers. Understanding these challenges, Magenest has consulted and redesigned the entire e-commerce system and website in accordance with Elise’s strategy and target customers.

Deploying Magento 2 system

Magento 2 plays a central role in processing orders from online channels for all distributions, such as Website or Facebook. Through the connection between platforms, Elise can optimize the process of managing customers, products, orders, and website content easily and conveniently.

Order Management

One of the most outstanding advantages of Magento 2 is the order management system (OMS – Order Management System). Currently, this system is managing more than 1,500 items ranging from clothes, bags, shoes, fashion accessories, etc. Orders will be automatically saved and processed on the Magento 2 backend, making it easy for admins to track and change product statuses. After the order is paid and shipped, Magento 2 also stores shipping information, invoicing, and inventory management for businesses, thereby creating synchronous management on both offline and online of the business.

Online payment solution

To suit the Vietnamese market, Magenest has integrated VNPay and OnePay payment gateways, accepting payments by card, QR code, wire transfer as well as COD.

Order processing

With the situation of social distancing at the time of implementation, shipping options are highly appreciated, and surely it is a plus point for the brand. Elise will cooperate with major shipping units to complete the delivery of domestic and international orders.

Loyalty Program

With the new Magento 2 system, Elise’s customers can quickly register for the Loyalty program with various offers and check their card class right on the website.

Magenest's approach - Loyalty Program
Loyal Program

UI/UX design for e-commerce website 

UI/UX design for e-commerce website on Elise website
UX/UI design

For a fashion brand, the website design has to be classy, eye-catching but still user-friendly. Such a design will certainly secure a large amount of orders for the brand. From Elise’s brand analysis, Magenest has designed an interface that matches the customer’s brand: an impressive new website with luxurious, high-quality images, and a systematic design to deliver the most premium shopping experience. Customers can also easily receive notifications about new collections as well as promotions.

Catalog pages on the new website now use large, high-quality images so that customers can see every detail, even the tiniest, on Elise’s haute couture products.

UI/UX design for e-commerce website
Catalog pages
Check out page on Elise website
Check out page

The Checkout page is optimized with a clear layout with necessary shopping information so that customers can easily verify. The payment process is also enhanced to help customers complete the payments quickly and easily, while still remain the highest level of security for users’ vital information.

The new and premium interface quickly helps Elise impress loyal customers while attracting a large number of new users purchasing and registering the loyal customer program on the website. With the help of Magenest, compatibility of the new interface on smartphone platforms has been conducted, thereby invisibly satisfying user experience.

The Checkout page optimize
New interface

Due to the visual nature of the fashion industry, Instagram is the perfect social network platform for Elise to showcase the brand’s identity. Therefore, Magenest has chosen the Magento 2 Instagram Shop (which was developed ourselves) to put Elise’s Instagram photo gallery on the website. This is an extension from Magento 2 that helps link businesses’ Instagram accounts with websites. Administrators can tag products in Instagram photos on the website and help customers interact easily between the two platforms.

SNS Elise
Elise website

Skyrocket the whole system to the cloud with Amazon Web Services

As the number one cloud computing system today, AWS has proudly earned the trust of many big brands around the globe when it comes to ensuring security and driving growth with businesses. AWS helps businesses optimize workflows, ensuring smooth system operation when traffic spikes.

Elise and Magenest have chosen AWS to host the new e-commerce system. As the website uses a lot of images and videos to showcase lookbooks and products, Magenest used AWS CDN to optimize image quality and page load speed.

Services from AWS that Elise uses include:

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).

Amazon ElastiCache.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Amazon CloudFront.

Initial achievements from the Digital Transformation Journey

As the world is changing itself, it is advised for firms to adopt digital transformation to achieve success and maintain its competitive advantage. Also, the implementation of the e-commerce system during pandemic will open a new door for businesses in general and the Elise brand itself.

By implementing a new technology system, Elise is ready for future expansion and development, which results in shifting from a long-standing traditional retailing brand to an omnichannel high-fashion brand that offers the luxury shopping experience throughout all of Elise’s channels. The changes have initially brought certain positive results for Elise. The number of customers shopping on the website increases by 22% only after a few weeks of deploying the new system. The number of customers signing up for loyalty programs through the online platform also started to grow steadily, which promises a brighter future in the journey of bringing this high end fashion brand closer to all customers. 

In the meantime, Elise’s other online sales channels also experienced significant growth. The number of orders placed through livestreams, Facebook Fanpage, and Shoppe channels has surprisingly excessed the initial expectations. 

Obviously, the application from Magento 2 not only helps Elise increase the number of online orders but also supports administrators in all stages of order processing and after-sales, thereby creating a seamlessly first-class and convenient shopping experience for customers.

In their best hope, Magenest will continuingly accompany Elise to make the journey bringing new technological visions to reality happen.


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