15 Of The Planet’s Top-rated eCommerce Website List

Admit it or not, eCommerce is a lucrative marketplace and it’s extremely easy for you to make money from it. But if you don’t have the right mindset about this market when you get started, you’ll be like a treasure seeker without a map. Even worse, you can go the wrong way, and waste your time and effort.

Don’t panic. You can rely on our eCommerce website list below. Through it, you will understand their categories, monthly traffic, and even which countries the eCommerce industry is benefiting the most, etc.

Especially, our eCommerce website list will include eCommerce marketplaces and sale websites. Hence, if you have an abundant budget and don’t want to depend on marketplaces, rest assured that our eCommerce sale websites will give you plenty of inspiration for opening your own online store.

Scroll down and see what we can show you!

Amazon – The 1st place on the eCommerce website list

Amazon - The 1st place

Website: amazon.com

Category: eCommerce marketplace

Market: worldwide

Items: books, music, software, electronics, DVDs, computers, jewelry, furniture, etc.

Monthly traffic: over 2.5 billion visits

Being reliable, easy to use, and potential is what’s expected from an eCommerce marketplace, and Amazon is no exception. It is considered an old and successful eCommerce brand that is the most profitable on this eCommerce website top 10 list.

If you suspect it, we’ll explain with some interesting facts:

Amazon’s revenue in 2020 alone is $96.1 billion with nearly half of the market share of the eCommerce market, 39%.

So what strategy has made Amazon so successful?

The first and foremost factor is Amazon Associates. It is an affiliate marketing program that enables influencers and bloggers to sell on social media channels.

The second is the cooperation with the world’s leading technology providers, such as Awin Publisher Ad Server, Stripe Payments, and Adobe Marketing Cloud, etc. It has helped Amazon to ensure its reputation for convenience and security with the vendors.

The last one is the strategies to read customer psychology. If you didn’t know, Amazon has always priced losses in order to boost customer buying power. At the same time, they also balance the profit with other accompanying items that customers accidentally ignore.

eBay – The largest online bid eCommerce website

eBay - online bid eCommerce website

Website: ebay.com

Category: eCommerce marketplace

Market: worldwide

Items: cars, clothes, electronics, collectibles, etc.

Monthly traffic: approximate 1 billion visits

What we appreciate about this site is that not only is it where businesses sell to customers (B2C), but it also supports customers as a seller (C2C). You can either go to eBay to auction used items like the old style from more than two decades ago or shop with modern trends like Amazon or Walmart.

Starting as a place for people to bid online for their items or services, eBay laid the foundations for the world’s billion-dollar industry. It gradually transforms into one of the top eCommerce marketplaces with millions of people and big brands joining every day.

Currently, the company plans to invest more in technology to improve the user’s shopping experience as well as simplify the way of searching or paying, etc. As a result, eBay has maintained its position on the best eCommerce website 2019 list till now.

Walmart – A retail online store

Walmart - A retail online store

Website: walmart.com

Category: eCommerce marketplace

Market: United States

Items: home appliances, furniture, food, clothes, electronics, toys, groceries, etc.

Monthly traffic: more than 500,000 visits

People often know Walmart malls as a place to shop for essential items from household appliances, groceries to electronics, etc. at an affordable price.

However, as eCommerce was increasingly attracting customers, Walmart faced a growing challenge with two options: maintaining a traditional business form or integrating with the industry. And they chose the second way, using the click-and-mortar retail model combining eCommerce and traditional commerce. It was a reckless move but brought fruit to Walmart, making it the most formidable competitor of Amazon on the retail eCommerce website list.

Let’s look at how Walmart’s online stores have been so attractive.

It has a user-friendly interface, which means that customers won’t have to spend too much time finding the right items as well as paying and receiving home delivery. In addition, when shopping here, they also often receive interesting coupons and discounts.

Target – A big competitor of Walmart

Target - A big competitor of Walmart

Website: target.com

Category: eCommerce marketplace

Market: United States

Items: home appliances, furniture, clothes, food, groceries, etc.

Monthly traffic: approximately 250,000 visits

Similar to Walmart, Target also combines traditional business with digital transformation for retail. Although this is a retailer founded more than a century ago, Target used to take eCommerce lightly and consider the transition to be an add-on service to its business. Hence, it was not too focused and invested in the website until it realized the importance of online conversion in 2011. After changing its mindset, the company has also gained a lot of great and sustainable achievements.

So what specifically did Target do to stay on the eCommerce website list?

First, they use a direct-to-customer (D2C) model thanks to an association with popular start-ups. Since then, customers, especially the young, are more interested in this new form of shopping of the company because the products of these start-ups are suitable to the tastes of users.

Besides, Target also focuses on selling online through social channels, a clever way to enhance its image.

Etsy – A marketplace of handicraft and vintage products

Etsy - A marketplace of handicraft

Website: etsy.com

Category: eCommerce marketplace

Market: United States

Items: mostly handicraft and vintage products

Monthly traffic: around 400,000 visits

Etsy is good news for those who want to sell vintage products or handicrafts because it has a large community of online buyers and sellers on its website. While Etsy’s main item is art, customers can also find other popular goods here, such as jewelry, home appliances, and even food, digital products, etc.

Etsy has created a marketplace that is listed on the world’s best eCommerce website 2020 list with strategies tailored to their categories. If you create a store here, you will incur significantly fewer costs than eBay or Amazon. In addition, you will also have a choice of carriers specializing in shipping small accessories with the lowest fee in the market.

What’s the bottom line?

Well. You can get the free product listing ads in the Google search bar and more as well. Great for tight budgets, right?

AliExpress – A Chinese candidate on the eCommerce website top 10

AliExpress - A Chinese candidate

Website: aliexpress.com

Category: eCommerce marketplace

Market: worldwide

Items: latest electronics, phone accessories, computers, fashion, toys, home appliances, etc.

Monthly traffic: around 500,000 visits

If you are no stranger to the Alibaba brand name, then you won’t be surprised that one of its websites, AliExpress, is on the most popular eCommerce website list.

To be able to reach customers from anywhere, AliExpress expands multilingual features, provides international shipping services, and diversifies payment methods for customers. In particular, some countries, such as Russia and Brazil, are highly sympathetic to this company. Statistics show that the monthly traffic in these countries to AliExpress is many times higher than that of Amazon.

Flipkart – The most famous eCommerce website in India

Flipkart - eCommerce website in India

Website: flipkart.com

Category: eCommerce marketplace

Market: India

Items: mobiles, fashion, electronics, furniture, jewelry, beauty, groceries, etc.

Monthly traffic: over 200,000 visits

India is the 2nd most populous country in the world so the attendance of Flipkart, the biggest eCommerce website in this country, on this eCommerce website list is predictable.

But here’s the kicker:

Their website has a lot of features that make it convenient and easier for users to shop online. Among them, the Prepaid Wallet (which allows customers to store money in their Flipkart account to pay for items) and Cash on Delivery (CoD) are the most prominent. Better yet, these features also help avoid the hassle of paying with credit or debit cards, enhancing the customer care system.

Taobao – A huge and cheap Chinese marketplace

Taobao - A huge and cheap marketplace

Website: taobao.com

Category: eCommerce marketplace

Market: worldwide

Items: clothes, jewelry, furniture, digital products, beauty, entertainment, etc.

Monthly traffic: around 450,000 visits

Similar to AliExpress, Taobao is also a child of the Alibaba group, but it is the oldest of Alibaba’s eCommerce websites. While AliExpress specializes in wholesale and retail, Taobao is a retail site.

The advantage of this eCommerce website also has to mention the variety of goods here. Customers can find any item even the rarest. Thus, many people will probably be more familiar with Taobao as a huge source for hunting quality clothing at low prices.

Rakuten – A brand name from Japan

Rakuten - A brand name from Japan

Website: rakuten.co.jp

Category: eCommerce marketplace

Market: Japan

Items: mobiles, fashion, electronics, books, travel, etc.

Monthly traffic: nearly 600,000 visits

Known to the world as the Japanese Amazon version, but Rakuten has always made a difference on the eCommerce website list with a very high standard of personal service. Thanks to knowing the benefits of CRM, they have a huge number of loyal customers at home.

But stay with us.

Rakuten not only focuses on eCommerce but also invests in many other areas, such as hotels, securities, sports, etc. What’s the big secret we’re talking about?

That is, when customers earn points through online shopping, they can use it for other services of this brand. The strategy for creating this diverse ecosystem is called Rakuten Super Points.

Craigslist – Where everyone seeks for jobs and more

Craigslist - Where everyone seeks for jobs

Website: craigslist.org

Category: classifieds

Market: worldwide

Items: jobs, housing, services, items wanted, etc.

Monthly traffic: over 350,000 visits

This US-based website receives a high amount of engagement thanks to a business that focuses on classifieds services for customers that most products and services are jobs, for sale and housing. Can you believe it? Millions of new job listings from around the world every month take place here!

Furthermore, Craigslist advertising to create referral traffic to people’s online stores is also commonly used. It’s sure that the locality of this website is very high, so people can start small and expand gradually.

Vizio – A famous budget TV brand for buyers


Website: vizio.com

Category: streaming channels

Market: worldwide

Items: televisions and soundbars

Monthly traffic: about 2.5 million visits

Vizio is a popular TV provider in the US, especially appearing on the shows of BestBuy, Target, or Walmart. It stands out from competitors thanks to its low-cost strategy while still ensuring product quality and new inventions. In the total profit of up to 3 billion dollars, we can’t help but mention the online store built with Magento of this company. Especially with the complicated situation of the Covid epidemic, the number of visitors to this website has not shown any sign of reducing.

In-N-Out – A burger retail chain successful in selling clothing

In-N-Out - A burger retail chain

Website: shop.in-n-out.com

Category: fashion

Market: United States

Items: clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry

Monthly traffic: around 100,000 visits

For those who love fast food, In-N-Out Burgers is a name they cannot ignore. Even more, the young are also feverish with the brand’s youthful and stylish fashion designs. It combines selling burgers with clothing in the stores, but users can also order clothing on the website, helping to develop a high number of loyal customers for the brand.

Glamour – Where you can explore your beauty


Website: beautyclub.glamourmagazine.co.uk

Category: style and fashion

Market: worldwide

Items: magazine, cosmetics, women’s clothes, jewelry, etc.

Monthly traffic: about 120,000 visits

Glamor is famous as the first newsroom to publish the women’s magazine with the cover of Katiti Kironde – an African-American girl. Having been active for more than 80 years but it is only in 2019 that Glamor began to focus on its digital presence. Surprisingly, its WooCommerce website has earned some success with massive traffic that comes mainly from the UK.

When you visit their website, you will see many categories, from magazines to fashion, cosmetics or beauty tips, etc. All are arranged logically and easy to find, highlighting the theme of honoring women.

Ecosia – A popular fundraising website

Ecosia - A popular fundraising website

Website: plant.ecosia.org

Category: tree fund

Market: worldwide

Items: trees for planting

Monthly traffic: approximately 800,000 visits

On this eCommerce website list, the Ecosia website is probably the most special. It attracts viewers with simple but clear environmental protection messages and images. Additionally, the company once committed to being a social enterprise, using most of its profits from advertising to support tree planting projects. As a result, millions of people regularly access and buy trees from this website.

Goldstar Events – A place for buying event tickets

Goldstar Events

Website: gifts.goldstar.com

Category: event discovery service

Market: United States

Items: tickets to live entertainment, concerts, sporting events, dance, film screenings, etc.

Monthly traffic: around 400,000 visits

Goldstar has a large number of users thanks to the combination of their eCommerce website and mobile app. Furthermore, users can search for events, reviews, and rate events right on this website to increase the reliability of the service. You can also easily see free or discounted results, and there are even some online stream events for you if you just want to enjoy everything at home.

Wrapping up

On the world’s best eCommerce website list above, you can pick some to get inspiration for your business before entering this eCommerce market. As a tip, getting started with one of our eCommerce website examples like Magenest will save you a lot of effort and time. If not, you can also feel free to ask us anything on how to make an eCommerce website, and we promise to offer some help. Like and share the article if you find it interesting. Thank you.

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