Top 20 eCommerce website development checklist in 2021

To build a website for the business, website developers need to go through many steps to make it available to people around the world. A list of checkpoints must come together to make sure the website is engaging and attractive. Let’s explore the latest and complete eCommerce website development checklist in 2021 in this article!

The meaning of website development checklist in building client websites

The meaning of website development checklist in building client websites

Starting an eCommerce website development plan means a load of work needs to be listed, done, checked and tested by your team, which is called an eCommerce website development checklist.

In order to bring a highly responsive and engaging website for customers, the website needs to go through all the requirements in the website development checklist for clients.

Especially for each specific industry, a new website development checklist created is necessary to ensure your website is ready for selling specific products and services.

An indispensable website development checklist for eCommerce websites.

An indispensable website development checklist for eCommerce websites.

The fact remains that the first thing that customers see on your sites will have a huge impact on their impression about your brand. Moreover, what they see in some first second will decide that they want to keep looking around or leave.

Thus, here are some items that you can walk through, check and add to your eCommerce website development checklist for website operation:

High responsive level on all new browsers and devices

High responsive level

Responsiveness is a crucial factor when it comes to complete a website development checklist template.

There are more and more browsers and devices used popularly than ever before. Thus, if your eCommerce site can’t work properly on a new smartphone or other devices, customers might not want to come back again.

Clear shopping tools on a single page

A great-designed eCommerce site will come with a clearly visible cart icon and checkout option which normally appears in the top right of every page on the website.

This is one of the must-have requirement of the eCommerce website development checklist template to give the customer convenience when they do shopping on your sites and make a decision for your next action

Showing easy-to-find searching bar

The searching bar plays an important role in any eCommerce website development checklist because it brings the shortest way to find their need. 

If you are looking at any eCommerce website, you can easily find the search engine at the top of the site.

A prominent search function gives your clients a chance to find their interested products quicker and easier.

Straightforward Navigation

If the customers come to your website for the first time and do not receive any navigation when shopping, they easily hit the trail and leave your site shortly.

However, with some additional guidance, you can show customers a clear and accessible website.

Including business contact on a single page

This is a necessary requirement in our website development checklist for clients because this information can help customers boost their truth in the businesses.

If buyers can see your contact anywhere on your website, they can be sure that they can get help whenever they need.

Building high level of consumer confidence

For an eCommerce website development checklist, building and maintaining a high level of consumer confidence is central because it will decide the customer’s spending money ability.

Therefore, it’d be better to show your single page with some of the page subjected: Why should you stay with us? Return Policy or Delivery Information

These pages can also appear at the end of every page to keep your eCommerce site looking nice.

The well-designed logo always creates a huge impact on the customer’s mind about brands. If you can make a unique and impressive logo and utilize it on your websites, you have a chance to make customers remember the brand longer.

Thus, trying to include your logo wherever possible on sites is one of the important factors on the eCommerce website development checklist.

Call-to-action included

Calls to action (CTA) are all actions that encourage the customers to explore the website.

Especially, if you are running a sale or a promotion program, make sure you provide the CTA with the related link on the homepage to show clients all sale products and services.

Some of the ideas for your CTA could be: “See our latest deals” or “See our top sale products!”

Switching language option

Nowadays, many eCommerce websites have gone through the country’s online boundary to sell products and services to people around the world by providing multi-language sites.

Including multi-language options in your eCommerce website development checklist can boost your ability to reach more customers.

Providing a high-security level

Providing a high-security level

Security is one of the most concerns of website owners when talking about eCommerce website development checklists.

Therefore, the eCommerce website owners should give customers reassurance by providing the website with the SSL certificate anđ showing the security badges at the checkout step.

Various payment options

The more payment methods you provide, the more convenient customers get.

There are many popular payment options for eCommerce websites including onsite and offsite methods. such as via credit card or debit card, Paypal, Amazon pay.

Breaking up the shopping process

In order to make the buying process smoother, the website developer can break it into several steps.

Normally, an eCommerce website includes 4 steps in the order action: cart information, customer information payment information and the confirmation

Providing different delivery options

eCommerce website development checklist: different delivery options

One of the new items in website development checklists in recent years is delivery options.

Some customers want immediate delivery while others want next-day delivery. Thus, providing customers various delivery options will keep your customer stay longer with your brand considering the convenience.

An easy action to change cart items

People might change their minds at the end of the ordering process. Thus, website developers should give them the option to change the number of products or remove products from their cart whenever they want.

This option should be included in the eCommerce website development checklist to bring the highest buyer experience.

Public all included fees at the beginning

One of the crucial things in the eCommerce website development checklist is showing included fees in the ordering process.

The high level of abandoned carts can come from hidden fees, thus the website owners should show all additional fees upfront to customers.

Showing stock availability

Showing stock availability is the essential part in the eCommerce website development checklist.

It is better to show customers your stock before they click on the Buy button so that they can be sure that they will get the product. Otherwise, your customer might be angry if they click on the button and can not buy the item.

Showing customer reviews and testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials are always highlighted in the homepage of eCommerce websites. This is the important factor in the eCommerce website development checklist to attract more and more customers to your sites.

This gives a chance for the business to advertise their products and services through customer’s words.

Using appealing photography

Information always is easily absorbed if they come with appealing pictures. In order to present the eCommerce website visually, web designers should use selected photos with high quality & content.

Top Selling Products – Featured Products – Recommended for you

Top Selling Products - Featured Products - Recommended for you

Besides showing product images on the home page, many companies encourage their customers to click on other parts such as “Bestsellers”, “Featured Products” & “Favorites products”.

This is one of the elements in the eCommerce website development checklist which can affect customer buying behavior. Customers tend to have interest & buy highly recommended products.

Providing products & categories filtering and sorting functions

Adding filtering and sorting functions on the eCommerce website development checklist will help the companies support customers better.

This function will help customers find what they are looking for much easier and quicker.

Final thought

The new website development checklist above will help the business optimize the eCommerce website.

Thus, you should run through all the checkpoints when building your web and let us know if you have any questions about 20 categories in the comment part.

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