Expert guide: Create an optimal eCommerce product page with Magento

Building an eCommerce product page plays a necessary role in determining traffic as well as conversions on the sales website. If the website owner knows how to optimize it effectively, they can overcome the barriers of Google’s algorithm as well as the threat of the highly competitive market.

Getting potential customers to visit and stay on the site is a must for many marketers. That’s because eCommerce is increasingly attractive to businesses, making the market more intense and competitive than ever.

On the other hand, as a way to make your online store stand out, if you put too much emphasis on building content that is too creative, it can easily go against the criteria of search engine algorithms which are increasingly complex and fastidious. Hence, how to balance between optimizing the eCommerce product page and building content that can keep customers on the website becomes a tough problem to solve for today’s marketers.

But here’s your deal:

With popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, you can easily do it with features that are constantly updated to accommodate any change in search engines like Google.

In today’s post, we will talk about the role of building high converting product pages, successful examples, as well as guide you through useful tips to make your Magento eCommerce product page more engaging, do better SEO, and more.

So don’t go anywhere.

Let’s get started now!

What is an eCommerce product page?

What is an eCommerce product page?

When you visit an online store, you will see a homepage with different categories, such as Products, Men, Women, Q&As, About us, Contact, etc. depending on the brand and the type of product it sells. At this point, you will either navigate to the product section or search directly on the search bar on the website.

After you do that, a page on the website will pop up with different products. When you see an item that interests you, you will click on it. On this next page, you can see all the detailed information related to the product you have just seen, including photos, the price, place of manufacture, color options, size, reviews, etc. This page is called an eCommerce product page.

Occasionally, you will come across some eCommerce websites with an interactive demo of the product on the product page. It helps viewers visualize more clearly the applications of the product in reality rather than imagining it via pictures.

So why are they investing in the eCommerce product page like that?

Definitely, because it brings great benefits to the owners of those websites. If you want to know what they are, move to the next section.

Why is it important to have the best eCommerce product pages?

To know the importance of the product page in a website, you must understand that its purpose is to introduce the business products in seconds.

Why do we describe it as a few seconds?

Because that’s the amount of time that customers will skip the product if it’s not something they need or something they don’t want to see for longer.

best eCommerce product pages

Fortunately, for customers to stay longer on that page, in addition to providing high-quality and affordable products, you can drive conversion rates by improving it both in terms of eCommerce product page design and content. Specifically, it should have a simple, clean layout and information presented in a well-organized layout so that the viewer won’t be confused. Images should be eye-catching, useful, and convey the correct purpose of supporting product information.

Before reaching the product page, customers will visit the website homepage first, meaning that you will need to build that homepage first, but the eCommerce product page is the deciding factor whether customers want to put the item in the cart or not.

In case customers switch to the eCommerce product page from ad campaigns or backlinks, it means your product is most likely what they need. When they access it, their purchase decision is only a few steps away. Many websites fail when they cannot motivate their customers to buy because the product page is not optimized.

4 Examples of the best eCommerce product page design

Land Rover

This is a Magento website that specializes in all-terrain vehicles and SUVs that is appreciated for its user-friendly website layout and design. Any of its high converting product pages display products and special deals in carousel pictures on a white background.

Helly Hansen

product page of Helly Hansen

This nearly 150-year-old clothing brand has used Magento 2 as a platform that can help them run 30 stores globally with a total of 6 languages. You can find the most compelling products easily from its landing page.


Graze’s eCommerce product page makes a strong impression with its focus on images as well as the unique identity of the brand. Not only that, but it also focuses on user experience with fast and stable page loading.


When you visit the eCommerce product page of Byredo, you will see the emotions of the brand clearly expressed. This website platform allows it to be further improved in terms of arrangement and organization, making it easier and more flexible for developers to customize.

Magento eCommerce product page optimization

Previously, Magento was not suitable for those who are new to eCommerce websites due to their complex coding structures. Therefore, if you want to develop the eCommerce product page template, you would have to rely on the support of website developers. However, you can now use the Page Builder easily with Magento’s wide range of useful and awesome extensions. Here are some SEO tactics that will help your product page gain superpowers.

Know your market

Here is a list of questions you will need to answer in order to analyze your market segment:

  • What problems are your customers facing when they shop online?
  • How are they looking for the solutions? Why are those ineffective?
  • How can you make your product useful to them? How are they better than the products offered by your competitors?
  • What elements of your brand do customers value highly?

Once you know what specific product benefits your audience is looking for (low prices, for example), you’ll know how to find relevant SEO keywords and include them in the content on the product page to highlight them. Instead of optimizing all the popular phrases in the market, focusing more on your audience will be the right SEO strategy, helping your website attract the right potential customers.

Do keyword research

Get the help of free, powerful keyword research tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs. They will let you know if your keywords are powerful enough and which ones are being searched the most can replace them.

Do keyword research

Follow eCommerce SEO practices

As with any SEO strategy, you must pay attention to the general rules of Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Internal Linking, Descriptive Headers, Snippets, Image Alt Text, etc. They will help you get engaging, keyword-rich content and focus on expressing what customers are looking for while not being distracted or off-topic. Search engines like Google will also rely on the SEO quality of your article to boost your ranking and determine whether your website is trustworthy or not.

Add images and video

People say, “A picture worths a thousand words.” Images and videos improve user engagement significantly. They not only attract customers but also help improve the overall SEO of the best eCommerce product pages.

Optimize CTA

There are many ways for you to motivate customers to take the last step through your CTA. In general, it should be positioned in an eye-catching position, in the direction that they’ve just finished reading the product description, which is directly below or to the left of the content. Besides, it also needs to bring hot colors, showing the urge and attracting.

Test performance

Having done all the above steps, you need to constantly test their performance to see where the problem is located and which factors are on the right track. Not only that, but SEO always needs to be improved over time to meet the ever-changing needs of shoppers and Google’s algorithms. Walking around your competitor’s websites is another way you can learn to improve the performance of your eCommerce product page.

Tips to keep your Magento eCommerce product page template outstanding

Magento eCommerce product page
  • Keep it simple and elegant: Too much information and a complex layout will not make the viewer impressed but uncomfortable.
  • Use high-resolution images: High-resolution images will make your website always professional and beautiful. Besides, they will not be broken when the customer zooms them up.
  • Implement videos to showcase your products: When customers can upload videos, your products will create more trust for others.
  • Place pricing information outstandingly: This is one of the figures that customers are most interested in, right?
  • Show your product availability clearly: Displaying this information will save your customers time choosing an item while it is out of stock.
  • Prepare funny or ironic headlines: It will make customers feel impressed with the product and remember it. Also, using a different name from those provided by the manufacturer will help the product page easily enhance its rank on the search pages.
  • Show each product variation: This is the basic feature to include if your product has many different color options or something like that.
  • Include product reviews and ratings: Building trust in the product can be done easily with this feature.
  • Provide returns and payment information: These features will help drive a customer’s buying decision as they will feel the risks of buying your product can be dealt with in a transparent and clear way.
  • Feature related or best-selling products: When customers like a product, they can buy more items that can be combined with it or buy other products with better features.
  • Optimize your add to cart buttons: The button will make the customer purchase process faster, so don’t forget to make it outstanding.
  • Minimize product page load time: You wouldn’t want customers to get frustrated and switch to other brands because all your product pages load too slow, right?

Our last words

The eCommerce product page is the deciding factor for whether a potential customer will stay or exit your website after visiting. Building it up isn’t as difficult as many marketers think, as long as they know the key elements it needs and how to take advantage of the features provided by eCommerce platform providers like Magento. Hopefully, the examples of the best eCommerce product page design that we cover will inspire you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further guides. Share the post if you like it. Thank you.

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