Top 20 Website Development Tools & Techniques for Beginners 2023

Top 20 website development tools and techniques

Website development tools are all supportive tools that make website developer’s work become easier. In another word, they are all tools that support developers to build a fully-functional website and optimize the website design.

It is uncomplicated to find numerous website development tools from the Internet today. If you are looking for rapid website development tools, this article is here for you.  

The next part will show you the website development tool list which saves you a lot of time and effort to build your webs even if you are a beginner or developer. You can also find a lot of flexible and responsive website development tools and many website development tools free download links in this article so explore it now!

Top 5 html5 website development tools

Top 5 html5 website development tools

# Envato HTML Templates

Envato is the beloved HTML5 website development tool that belongs to the top 10 website development tools following Guru 99, which is the free and trustworthy education resources website. The library of Envato includes more than 1000 pre-made HTML5 themes which are integrated powerful customization tools and SEO ready. 

Envato templates are using Bootstrap, Laravel, Angular and other popular frameworks… All of the templates come with detailed documentation & unlimited colors so users can have a lot of choices.

# HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML 5 Boilerplate is one of the top Google website development tools which offers a kit of files that can be the foundation of any website. With this tool, your website can be customized faster and easier.

HTML 5 Boilerplate provides the optimized version of the Google Universal Analytics snippet which is the ideal add-on for any eCommerce or business website.

# Rendera Online HTML5 Editor

This is one of the preferred website development tools for beginners who start building and developing their websites with HTML5.

Rendera is a flexible tool that gives you a chance to work with different languages such as CSS, JS as long as your browsers work with these languages.

Your web development process will jump to a new level because you will be able to see your real-time result while you are working with your sites.

# HTML5 Outliner

HTML5 Outliner is an online website development tool which is easy to use for beginners. This website development tool allows users to upload an HTML5 document or write the new code directly on the editor.

With WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, you will be able to see your website appearance immediately and change the setup easily.

# Font Dragr

Font Dragr is a website development tool that brings cool fonts to your website which makes them unique and attractive to audiences.

This tool allows developers to write custom CSS code and test them manually. Everything you need to do is just drag & drop the new font to the editor and see the changes immediately.

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Top 5 java website development tools

Top 5 java website development tools

# AngularJS

Angular is a free website development tool that is used by thousands of users from many countries. 

This website development tool is recommended for any front-end developer because it offers rich Internet applications with the convenience of Javascripts code integration. 

# Grunt 

Grunt is the famous java web development tool that supports the website development process and makes it runs smoother. This is also a favorite tool for many developers because it provides lots of bundled extensions that support developers to build their website flexibly & easily.

# Meteor

Meteor is the java web development tool that includes a massive library of plugins and packages. The combination of other frameworks in this tool makes it easy to use and apply on any kind of website.

Otherwise, Meteor comes with various ready-to-use features that can edit from the front end and NODE js based servers. Therefore, these website development tools can be served on any kind of website from eCommerce to business sites.

# Webstorm

Webstorm is the website development tool that helps developers to work more efficiently with large projects. It supports many different frameworks such as Angular, React.js, Vue.js & Meteo.

Besides, Webstorm integrated many built-in features that can help developers to debug, test, and trace client-side to build the website quicker. This is also one of few website development tools for macOS that is recommended by developers.

The high customization level of Webstorm makes it become the top on the website development tools list.

# ProgressBar.js

The lightweight JS library of ProgressBar.js can support developers to build the most engaged & responsive bars. Similar to other bar creating website development tools open source, this tool allows users to make custom progress bars using available shapes & illustrations. 

ProgressBar is also one of the online website development tools that offer online trials and testing for newcomers.

The continuous support allows you to use ProgressBar with the current common browsers.

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Top 5 open source website development tools

Top 5 open source website development tools

# TypeScript

TypeScript is an open-source website development tool that accommodates front-end scripting language. This is one of’s top 10 website development tools which is specially designed for developing the extensive application and compiles to Java language.

TypeScripts can work well in any browser, device, or operating system.

# Jasmine

Jasmine belongs to testing java web development tools that work independently with any Javascript frameworks. Jasmine can use the same framework to run browser tests and Node.js which do not require a DOM.

That is the all-in-one open source website development tool for developers to test the website.

# Chrome Developer tools

The Chrome developer tools is a set of debugging website development tools that are integrated into Chrome. 

This is an open-source tool that allows users to add custom CSS rules and use other development tools as editors.


NPM brings the best of web development tools open source to your website. With this tool, you can discover and reuse nearly 500,000 free codes when registering. 

NPM is also the java website development tool which is the Node package manager. With the big reusable code, NPM helps users to discover packages and apply them in an ideal way.

# Notepad++

This website development tool covers the amazing editor which supports various programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java, JS, etc.

The ease of use feature makes Notepad become a favorable tool to coders, developers and other types of users. Otherwise, it also offers some awesome feature as Document map, Multi-document, WYSIWYG, Multi-languages… which can complete any website’s requirements.

Top 5 front-end website development tools 

Top 5 front-end website development tools 

# Foundation

Foundation is the responsive website development tool that works for any device. This is the ideal option for front end developers to easily design websites, apps, and email.

Foundation is also the website development tool for beginners because it can be easily customized for all levels. Many developers are satisfied with Foundation page load speed and ready to use elements.

# Sass

Sass is the straightforward and easy to use front-end website development tools that can write and strengthen any CSS language. This tool can help to push the functionality of the existing CSS of your websites such as variables, nesting, and mixins.

Sass comes with a well-formatted and customizable output which gives users easy to use.

# Modaal

Another frontend development tool that brings high quality, flexible and accessible plugin is Modaals.

This is also a fully responsive web development tool that optimizes the screen on any device of any size. Besides, you can also add a custom CSS with SASS option to your website.

# CodeKit

If you wish to find an easy to use front-end web development tool, then Codekit is one of the java web development tools that you should try.

Especially, this tool works well with other java web development tools as well as various languages without any hassle to fasten your websites.

Otherwise, CodeKit can minify code to reduce file sizes, optimize image size so that it can reduce the loading time of the website.

# jQuery

jQuery empowers front-end developers to build a functional website that uses the Javascript language. This free website development tool can support developers to build highly interactive and responsive websites.

The extension library is big enough to adapt to any type of website with various requirements. jQuery helps to build a very stable website with a modern layout that is very friendly to users.


Today, developers can find thousands of website development tools and techniques from the Internet that can boost the website building process and make it more productive. However, the key point is that they must always keep pace with the latest technology and information to find the best website development tools for their work. 

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