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“Magenest helps us to focus on creating challenging survival experience for customers”

Peter Self – Managing Director

Whitehall Garden Centre is a large company in the UK that provides places for friends and families to hang out together, with various facilities and services to choose from. The key to Whitehall Garden’s success lies in their ability to provide a fun and safe environment.

As their business partner, Magenest is proud to help Whitehall to continue improving its retailing environment.

Magento 2 migration

To ensure a unique and seamless experience for customers visiting the garden centre, the company wants to keep a consistent visual throughout different platforms. This led them to the decision of migrating to Magento.

Whitehall Garden commissioned us to build a mobile-friendly website to ensure the viewing experience is consistent across multiple devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Enhanced business functionalities

Event Management toolkit and Event Tickets blended with shopping

Whitehall Garden is a place for families and friends to hang out, the company wanted to have a ticket system with selectable options for customers. What made the requirements complicated was that the events could take place in different locations, with some occasions only available for specific locations.

Our main focus was to design a ticket management extension to handle every functionality of the booking process. These included creating a calendar for choosing dates, showing the available time slots for each event and specifying the requirements for each event (i.e whether or not an event requires accompanying adults).

The result was a simplified booking experience, saving customers from inconvenient phone calls to confirm their orders, date and time.

Plant Finder Tool

The sales of plants made up a considerable proportion of the income of Whitehall Garden Centre. But with a huge index of products that may prove hard for users to scroll through, the company needed to have a finder to help ease out the browsing process.

We managed to create a tool that allows for categorization and filtering options that helps streamline the navigation process. Needless to say, the numbers have since climbed drastically.


Tasks completed


Hours of coding


Cups of coffee


Trung Nguyen Group

Trung Nguyen Cooperation was established since 1996 and quickly became the biggest coffee brand in Vietnam. Mr Dang Le Nguyen Vu – CEO of the company – has guided Trung Nguyen to success with many popular products: Trung Nguyên, Trung Nguyên Legend or G7. These delicious coffee products have been imported to more than 80 countries all over the world. Thanks to Trung Nguyen, Vietnamese coffee has reached new heights.

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