10+ of the Best Shopify Beauty Stores to Inspire Your Own

Mai Xuan Truong

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own beauty store on Shopify, look no further! In this blog, we will mention over 10 of the best Shopify beauty stores out there. These stores are doing an amazing job at creating a beautiful and user-friendly shopping experience for their customers. 

We’ll take a look at their design, product selection, and overall branding to see what makes them so successful. So if you’re in need of some inspiration, be sure to check out these amazing stores!

10+ Of The Best Shopify Beauty Stores 


Lumin is a newcomer to the men’s skincare market. The firm, which was founded in 2018 with an emphasis on skin care subscriptions, has grown rapidly.

Their branding is simple and impressive, with just white with black and yellow accents. The parent business that owns Lumin is expanding into various men’s care products, such as the Meridian Trimmer.

What is certain is that Lumin is allowing men to create a wonderful morning routine and care for themselves in ways that did not seem possible even a decade ago.


If you’re looking for a Shopify store that has an amazing website design, Lumin is definitely one to check out. Their homepage is simple but striking, and their product pages are beautifully designed and easy to navigate. They have a great selection of products, and their branding is fresh and modern. Overall, Lumin is doing an excellent job of creating a beautiful shopping experience for its customers.

What we love:

  • Impressive image concepts with simple and striking designs
  • The Shop by Concerns section for men to target specific problems they are having

What we can learn from Lumin

  • Embrace Simplicity with Impact: The use of simple yet striking image concepts can significantly enhance the visual appeal of a website. This approach not only captures attention but also communicates the brand’s message effectively. Learning to balance simplicity with visual impact can make a brand more memorable and engaging.
  • Targeted Solutions for Specific Concerns: Incorporating sections like “Shop by concerns” specifically for target demographics (e.g., hydration, protection, acne solution, etc,…) addresses customer needs in a personalized and direct manner. This teaches us the value of understanding and segmenting the audience to provide tailored solutions that resonate with their specific problems or needs.

Fenty Beauty 

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is one of the decade’s fastest-growing beauty and cosmetics firms, with a worth of more than $2.8 billion. It is one of the top Shopify stores, with over 1.3 million website visits in February 2022 alone.

Let’s take inspiration from Fenty Beauty’s Shopify store design and discuss some of their design tactics that make their online store more user-friendly.

Shopify beauty stores: Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty utilizes visuals that are sharp, strong, and clear. Take note of how they have showcased both the merchandise and Rihanna’s face here. They have also deliberately used this area to bring a website user’s attention to the new collection. It is difficult to overlook if it is placed in the middle with a large and obvious CTA button. This is a great method to entice your consumers to try out a new product or collection and thereby enhance conversions.

What we love:

  • Clean, simple designs with all the best seller items on showcase
  • Videos of Rihanna – Fenty’s founder – trying on the products herself is visible on the front page
  • Wide range of selection in shades with shade finder function visible on front page

What we can learn from Fenty

  • Simplicity in Design and Showcase Strategy: Adopting clean, simple designs that highlight best-selling items can significantly improve the shopping experience since it focuses the customer’s attention on popular products and simplifies their decision-making process.
  • Personal Connection Through Founder Involvement: Featuring videos of the brand’s founder, in this case, Rihanna for Fenty, trying on products adds a personal touch that can greatly enhance customer trust and connection. It demonstrates the brand’s authenticity and commitment to quality. Incorporating similar personal engagement strategies can help other brands strengthen their relationship with their audience.
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility in Product Selection: Offering a wide range of selections in shades and including a shade finder function directly on the front page addresses inclusivity and accessibility head-on. This ensures that all potential customers can easily find products that match their needs and preferences. 


Morphe, which was founded in 2008, is an innovative multinational cosmetic shop that has mastered the art of influencer marketing in order to develop its business. They’ve reached millions of clients through collaborations with prominent online celebrities like James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, Bretman Rock, Charli, and Dixie D’Amelio, leaving a lasting impression on the millennial generation.

Morphe shopify beauty store

Morphe recognized a tremendous potential to expand its social reach by merging YouTube videos with almost 10 million views into its Shopify store. Morphe has elevated its website with shoppable video content, which has increased engagement and sales of its professional quality cosmetic items.

Morphe is yet another wonderful example of a Shopify beauty business with an outstanding website design. Look at their website, you will see stunning product images and visuals that are truly works of arts, highlighting the brand’s focus on dramatic and stunning looks.

What we love:

  • Products are cleanly divided into categories that are visible right away on the front page
  • Stunning and dramatic images
  • Clean visuals
  • How-to blog post visible on the front page that helps customers on their makeup journey

What we can learn from Morphe

  • Focus on Clean Design and Clarity: The emphasis on clean visuals across the website – from product presentation to the overall layout – highlights the importance of a minimalist design that doesn’t overwhelm users. It suggests that a clean, uncluttered design can enhance user experience through organization.
  • Leveraging Educational Content: Featuring how-to blog posts prominently on the front page serves multiple purposes – it educates customers, enhances their journey, and establishes the brand as a helpful resource beyond just a product provider. This approach builds trust and loyalty by supporting customers in their use of the products. 


ColourPop Cosmetics was founded in 2014 and has been a staple in the affordable line of cosmetics ever since, and the Los Angeles-based beauty business for stylish kids already has nearly 2 million Instagram followers. Laura and John Nelson founded the popular brand with 31 eyeshadow tones for $5 a piece, and the line has now expanded to include eye and lip liners, cheek colors, and their best-seller, Ultra Matte Lips (Tulle sells out the quickest). Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Taraji P. Henson, and Kristen Stewart have all been spotted using cult-famous lip colors, and let’s not forget the time another Insta-famous beauty business released a similarly popular product.

Shopify beauty stores: ColorPop

As their name indicates, their online store is amazingly colorful and sweet. All items and categories are displayed very well with high-quality images. Another successful factor that this brand uses to improve their store is collaboration, they especially show their collaboration products with Harry Potter on their site with banners and a CTA button. 

What we love:

  • Bright, colorful visual that insinuate a very fun, vibrant, and youthful vibe
  • A plethora of pop-culture collections
  • Easy to navigate

What we can learn from ColourPop

  • Emphasizing Vibrancy and Youthfulness: The use of bright, colorful visuals to project a fun, vibrant, and youthful vibe teaches us the importance of aligning design elements with brand personality. This strategy not only attracts attention but also resonates with the target audience’s preferences and emotions.
  • Leveraging Pop Culture Collections: Incorporating a plethora of pop culture collections demonstrates the value of tapping into current trends and interests to engage customers. It highlights the importance of staying attuned to cultural trends and leveraging them to create connections with consumers and increase relevancy.


Snif is an online platform that allows people to buy fragrance products – perfume, scents, and candles. It is a specialist in cosmetics, consumer products, and eCommerce. Snif was created in 2020 and is based in New York.

Snif Shopify beauty stores

Unlike regular cosmetic websites which can get away with showcasing just the visual of the products, Snif cannot simply put the scents of their products online for customers to sample. Yet they somehow managed to showcase the vibe of their scents via visual representation and feelings; for example, their Vanilla Ice line is visualized with ice cream and sprinkle, smooth and silky cream, almost like you can feel the sweet and creamy flavor in your head.

What we love:

  • Great visual representation that evokes feelings and helps customer to imagine the fragrance of the products
  • Simple, products-driven design

What we can learn from Snif

  • Creating Emotional Connections Through Visual Representation: The strategy of using visuals that evoke feelings and help customers imagine the fragrance of products teaches us the power of sensory marketing. By creating an immersive experience that appeals to the senses, even in a digital space, brands can forge a deeper emotional connection with their audience. 
  • Product-driven design: This approach underscores the importance of selecting imagery and design elements that not only represent the product accurately but also stimulate the customers’ imagination and senses. Learning to effectively communicate the intangible qualities of a product through product-driven designs can significantly enhance the perceived value and desirability of the product.

Winky Lux

Winky Lux is a cosmetics company that was founded in 2014 by Natalie Mackey. The company has become well-known for its high-quality and luxurious makeup products. Their products are sold in over 1,000 stores worldwide, and they continue to grow in popularity every day. Winky Lux is dedicated to creating beautiful and user-friendly makeup products that its customers will love.

Shopify beauty stores: Winky Lux

With focus mainly on clean and joyful makeups, Winky Lux website showcases its products in clean, simple manners. Most visuals are just products on a clean monochrome background that draws attention to the products themselves.

What we love:

  • Clean and Joyful visual that promotes brand personality
  • Links to video reviews from influencers on all social media platforms

What we can learn from Winky Lux

  • Promoting Brand Personality Through Visuals: The use of Clean and Joyful visuals to communicate the brand’s personality underscores the importance of aligning visual design with brand identity. 
  • Leveraging Influencer Video Reviews Across Social Media Platforms: Incorporating links to video reviews from influencers on all social media platforms highlights the power of social proof and cross-platform engagement. This approach shows the importance of harnessing the credibility and reach of influencers to enhance product credibility and widen the brand’s exposure. I

The Detox Market

The Detox Market began as a pop-up shop on Venice’s Abbot Kinney Boulevard. That was in 2010, when the notion of clean beauty was new, and many consumers were unaware of the ingredients or environmental impact of their personal care products.

Shopify beauty stores: The Detox Market

When seeking high-quality organic cosmetics, the Detox Market is a wonderful alternative. The company is dedicated to green beauty concepts, using only natural materials and solutions that are cruelty-free. The website of the Detox Market is a fantastic example of design simplicity, clarity, and intuitiveness.

What we love:

  • A clean and modern design that is visually appealing with the use of a minimalist color scheme enhances the environmental-friendly and healthy, non-toxic aspect.
  • High-quality imagery

What we can learn from The Detox Market

  • Clean Design as a Tool for Focus: The clean color scheme not only contributes to the site’s aesthetic appeal but also serves to focus the user’s attention on the most important elements, such as the products themselves and their environmentally friendly attributes.  
  • High-quality imagery with minimalism: Simple design can be a tool for reducing distractions and emphasizing the core values and benefits of the product offerings, and that tool is much more effective when complimented by high-quality imagery. Learning to apply simple designs with impressive product images can effectively help in creating a clear, focused narrative that resonates with the target audience.

Cake Beauty

Cake Beauty, established in Canada, is one of the greatest Shopify beauty sites. The cosmetic products they sell are not tested on animals and follow all fundamental environmental standards. There is a wide range of natural cosmetics for women, including hair, body, and skincare products. The website is user-friendly and has a fast internal search to quickly locate the necessary items.

Shopify beauty stores: Cake Cosmetics

Cake Beauty’s website aesthetic is a delightful blend of whimsy and elegance. The pastel color palette and soft, romantic imagery create a dreamy and inviting atmosphere. Each product is beautifully displayed, with high-quality images showcasing the intricate details and vibrant colors. The layout is clean and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and find the perfect product. The overall vibe is one of femininity and sophistication, inviting customers to indulge in a luxurious and pampering beauty experience. From the moment you land on the site, you can’t help but be drawn in by its charm and allure.

What we love: 

  • The website’s pastel color palette, soft imagery, and elegant layout create a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere with highly feminine pink-and-white color scheme 
  • The Today’s Customer Favorite showcased the best-selling products day-by-day

What we can learn from Cake Beauty

  • Crafting an Inviting Atmosphere Through Color and Imagery: The strategic use of a pastel color palette, soft imagery, and an elegant layout to create a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere demonstrates the power of visual design in setting the tone of a brand. The highly feminine pink-and-white color scheme demonstrates how colors and imagery can significantly influence the user’s perception and emotional response. 
  • Highlighting Customer Favorites to Drive Engagement: Featuring Today’s Customer Favorite section that showcases the best-selling products on a daily basis illustrates the value of dynamically updating content to reflect customer preferences and trends. This keeps the content fresh and relevant,  encourages engagement, and can guide new customers towards making a purchase decision. Learning to use real-time data and customer feedback to spotlight popular products can create a more personalized and interactive shopping experience.


Lesley Thornton, Klur’s founder, esthetician, and formulator had the vision to develop a brand that embraced the principles of clean, ethical, and inclusive beauty. An independent, self-funded, woman-owned and run business that prioritizes sustainability. These products were designed for people of different skin kinds, conditions, and ethnicities.

Shopify beauty stores: Klur

Klur is a California-based beauty firm with an exceptional website for professional and luxury skincare products. It also offers one of the most user-friendly and simple-to-navigate beauty and cosmetics websites. The brand aspires to embody clean, ethical, and inclusive beauty principles.

What we love:

  • The earthy color palette exudes a feeling of clean, elegant, and high-end.
  • Interesting font choice that brings a modern feel

What we can learn from Klur

  • Embracing an Earthy Color Palette for Sophistication: The decision to utilize an earthy color palette that conveys cleanliness, elegance, and a high-end feel teaches us the importance of color in brand perception. Learning to employ an earthy palette can appeal to those seeking sophistication and natural elegance, suggesting a connection to nature and a commitment to quality. 
  • Modernizing Through Font Selection: The use of interesting font choices to introduce a modern feel underscores the role of typography in setting a website’s tone and personality. Beyond color and imagery, font selection is crucial in communicating brand identity. Learning to match font styles with the overall brand aesthetic and message can enhance brand recognition and appeal, contributing to a cohesive and engaging user experience. 


Briogeo hair care is 6-free, which means that the formulations are devoid of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, DEA, and synthetic color. All products are 90 to 100 percent organically derived and packed in recycled and recyclable bottles. Briogeo formulations are cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free.

Shopify beauty stores: Briogeo

The website is visually beautiful and simple to use. It provides the option of watching films, reading a healthcare education blog, and even taking a hair quiz. These particulars personalize the buying experience. Furthermore, the brand provides a diverse assortment of solutions for various hair kinds and issues.

What we love:

  • The website boasts a clean and modern design, which is visually appealing and aligns with contemporary web design trends.
  • The website features a blog section with articles about hair care tips, ingredient spotlights, and more. This educational content can help customers learn more about their hair and how to take care of it.

What we can learn from Briogeo:

  • Prioritizing Clean and Modern Design: The emphasis on a clean and modern design that is both visually appealing and in line with contemporary web design trends teaches us the importance of aesthetics and user experience in web development. This design can effectively reduce clutter, making it easier for users to navigate and find what they need. 
  • Incorporating Educational Content: Featuring a blog section that offers articles on hair care tips, ingredient spotlights, and other relevant topics highlights the value of providing educational content to customers.

Soko Glam

Soko Glam is a Korean beauty product-focused online store. Charlotte Cho and David K. Cho launched the firm in 2012, and it is now one of the largest producers of K-Beauty goods in the United States. The website also involves helpful tips on using Korean cosmetics for the first time.

Shopify beauty stores Soko Glam

Soko Glam leverages the great advantages of Shopify and the website looks cool. Besides offering useful information, the brand has interesting visual aids from GIF images and trendy serif fonts. 

What we love: 

  • Soko Glam tends to not use models in their images. Though this is unusual, it does help in showcasing their products and ingredients in and of themselves in details
  • The website boasts a clean and modern design, which is visually appealing and aligns with contemporary web design trends.

What we can learn from Soko Glam:

  • Showcasing Products Without Models: Soko Glam’s choice to not use models in their imagery, though unconventional, provides a focused showcase of their products and ingredients. This method highlights product details and qualities directly to the consumer without the distraction of model imagery. 
  • Focus on the products: Brands can consider ways to present their products in a manner that emphasizes the product itself, potentially increasing transparency and allowing the product’s features to stand out more clearly. This can be particularly effective in industries where the specifics of the product, such as ingredients or craftsmanship, are a significant selling point.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics is a cosmetics company headquartered in Oakland, California. It was formed in 2004 by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba. Bath and skin care products, mineral-based cosmetics, professional equipment, eyeliners, lipstick, glosses, blushes, bronzers, brushes, and mascara are among the items available. 

Shopify beauty stores e.l.f. Cosmetics

Unlike other cosmetics brands, e.l.f decides to move away from minimalism designs and instead go for the more visually busy look with an abundance of visualizations and information, yet still looking stylish and more approachable. The product images are also a strong point of e.l.f. cosmetics website, all the products are well displayed in multiple shades/tones so customers can find out what is best for them.

What we love:

  • e.l.f. Cosmetics’ website design has a more cluttered look, which some customers may find more approachable and relatable. This can help the brand stand out and appeal to a broader audience.
  • The website maintains a stylish and visually appealing design. The use of colors, typography, and imagery creates a cohesive and attractive aesthetic.

What we can learn from e.l.f.

  • Finding Appeal in a “Cluttered” Design: e.l.f. Cosmetics’ choice to adopt a more cluttered look for their website design breaks from the minimalist trend, suggesting that there can be warmth and approachability in designs that are rich with content. Not all audiences prefer sleek, minimalist designs; some may find a more populated layout relatable and engaging.
  • Stylish and Visually Appealing Design Elements: Despite its more cluttered approach, e.l.f. Cosmetics maintains a stylish and visually appealing design. The careful selection of colors, typography, and imagery that creates a cohesive and attractive aesthetic shows that even a content-rich website can be designed in a way that is visually engaging

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics, founded by Kylie Jenner, has emerged as a major player in the beauty industry, boasting a strong online presence with its Shopify store. The website is designed with a focus on showcasing their products in a visually appealing manner, with simple designs that focus less on the decoration but on the products themselves, which helps to showcase Kylie’s plethora of products and the brand’s attention to diversity. The use of high-quality imagery and the prominent display of both the products and Kylie’s face draw the user’s attention, effectively highlighting new collections and encouraging potential customers to explore and make purchases.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Shopify beauty stores

The fact that the layout of Kylie Cosmetics’ website is user-friendly and makes it easy for visitors to navigate and find what they’re looking for certainly contributes to Kylie Cosmetics having sold its first 15,000 products in several minutes after launch. Overall, Kylie Cosmetics’ Shopify store is a prime example of how effective design tactics can enhance the user experience and drive sales in the competitive beauty and cosmetics industry and should be taken into consideration for when you design your own Shopify beauty store.

What we love:

  • The website boasts a chic and modern aesthetic that aligns with Kylie’s image. 
  • Kylie Cosmetics’ website features a diverse range of models, showcasing inclusivity and representation for all customers. 

What we can learn from Kylie Cosmetics

  • Aligning Brand Aesthetic with Founder’s Image: Kylie Cosmetics’ website utilizes a chic and modern aesthetic that mirrors the personal style and image of its founder, Kylie Jenner. By aligning the website’s design with the founder’s public persona, the brand strengthens its identity and creates a more cohesive experience for users.
  • Promoting Inclusivity through Diverse Representation: Featuring a diverse range of models on the website, Kylie Cosmetics highlights its commitment to inclusivity and representation, which underscores the significance of acknowledging and catering to a broad audience spectrum. By showcasing models that reflect the diversity of their customer base, brands can foster a more inclusive community and demonstrate that their products are designed for everyone.

Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty, a brand founded by Selena Gomez, is making waves in the beauty industry with its Shopify store. The store’s aesthetic is sleek, modern, and chic, much like Gomez herself. The minimalistic design puts the focus squarely on the products, allowing their vibrant colors and innovative formulas to shine. The use of high-quality images and videos provides an immersive experience, giving customers a closer look at the products and how they can be used. The layout is intuitive and not over-saturated with details and colors, making it easy for users to navigate and find what they’re looking for. 

Shopify beauty stores Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty’s Shopify store not only provides a visually appealing experience but also evokes a sense of empowerment and inclusivity. The brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is reflected in its product offerings, which cater to a wide range of skin tones and types. The use of authentic and relatable imagery featuring individuals of various backgrounds and ages further reinforces this message of inclusivity. The overall vibe of the store is one of positivity and self-expression, aligning perfectly with Rare Beauty’s mission to inspire confidence and celebrate individuality. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or someone looking to enhance your natural beauty, Rare Beauty’s Shopify store offers a welcoming and empowering shopping experience.

What we love

  • The website’s design and visuals create an atmosphere of comfort and confidence. The use of soft colors and gentle imagery can help customers feel comfortable and confident in exploring the products
  • By showcasing individuals embracing their unique features and expressing themselves through makeup, Rare Beauty encourages customers to feel confident and empowered in their own skin.

What we can learn from Rare Beauty

  • Crafting an Atmosphere of Comfort and Confidence: Rare Beauty’s approach to using soft colors and gentle imagery to foster an atmosphere of comfort and confidence on their website illustrates the power of visual design in affecting customer perception and emotion. 
  • Empowering Customers Through Representation: By featuring individuals who embrace their unique features and express themselves through makeup, Rare Beauty demonstrates the importance of empowering and celebrating individuality.

{r.e.m. beauty}

R.E.M. Beauty, a rising star in the beauty industry, has captivated audiences with its Shopify store. The brand’s aesthetic is ethereal, dreamy, and effortlessly chic, embodying the essence of its founder, Ariana Grande. The website is adorned with lettering in a rather unique font and flowy and whimsy visual, creating an airy vibe that quite resembles a fever dream.

Shopify beauty stores {r.e.m. beauty}

Moreover, R.E.M. Beauty’s Shopify store exudes a sense of empowerment and self-expression. The site’s design is visually stunning, with a soft color palette and elegant typography that creates a sense of calm and tranquility. High-quality images and videos provide an immersive experience, showcasing the brand’s products in a way that feels both aspirational and attainable. 

What we love: 

  • Ethereal and dreamy aesthetic with the use of vibrant colors and flowing typography creates a whimsical and memorable experience.
  • Effectively tells a visual story that evokes a sense of wonder and fantasy, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the brand’s world and discover its unique offerings.

What we can learn from {r.e.m. beauty}

  • Creating a Whimsical and Memorable Experience: The utilization of an ethereal and dreamy aesthetic, characterized by vibrant colors and flowing typography, demonstrates the importance of creating a unique and engaging visual experience. Crafting a website that stands out through a whimsical and memorable design can significantly enhance brand identity and make the brand more memorable to first-time and returning visitors alike.
  • Storytelling Through Visual Design: The ability to tell a visual story that evokes a sense of wonder and fantasy showcases the power of narrative in web design. Beyond merely presenting products or information, a website can invite visitors to immerse themselves in the brand’s world, creating a deeper connection and engagement. By learning to weave storytelling elements into the visual design, brands can encourage visitors to explore and discover the unique offerings and values of the brand.


PIXI, a renowned beauty brand, has curated a Shopify store that’s a haven for lovers of femininity and soft aesthetics. The site’s design is a delicate dance of pastel mint and pink, evoking a sense of serenity and sophistication. PIXI is all about youth-enhancing – and that is what the website represents, with a range of beauty products that also contain skincare ingredients.

Shopify beauty stores PIXI

The color palette of PIXI speaks out to softcore girls, with heightened femininity embedded in the way the products are showcased. This aesthetic choice mirrors the brand’s commitment to providing gentle beauty solutions, and the imagery and design elements create a soothing ambiance, inviting visitors to explore the products further. PIXI’s Shopify store is a beautiful representation of the brand’s ethos, offering a serene and welcoming environment for customers to indulge in their beauty journey.

What we love:

  • PIXI’s website design exudes a softcore aesthetic, characterized by gentle and subtle elements that create a soothing and calming atmosphere that appeals to customers seeking a more gentle approach to beauty.
  • The website’s design is feminine and delicate, featuring soft colors, elegant typography, and graceful imagery that resonates with individuals who appreciate a feminine and sophisticated aesthetic.

What we can learn from PIXI

  • Embracing a Softcore Aesthetic: PIXI’s website design, with its gentle and subtle elements, teaches us the importance of creating a visual atmosphere with a softcore aesthetic can appeal to customers seeking tranquility and a gentler beauty experience
  • Feminine and Delicate Design Elements: The deliberate use of soft colors, elegant typography, and graceful imagery to convey a feminine and sophisticated aesthetic highlights the power of targeted visual communication. A well-defined aesthetic can resonate deeply with a specific demographic, in this case, individuals who appreciate femininity and sophistication in their beauty products

Flower Knows

Flower Knows, a distinguished presence in the beauty industry, has mesmerized audiences with its Shopify store. Despite being on the more affordable spectrum, the brand’s aesthetic is regal, fancy, and elaborated, evoking a sense of royalty and grandeur. The site’s design is visually stunning, with rich colors and intricate details that create a royal princess vibe that will appeal to everyone who ever dreamed of being a princess.

Shopify beauty stores Flower Knows

Flower Knows made waves in the beauty industry for its designs and aesthetic. The brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in its highly decorated products and attention to detail. The use of elegant and refined imagery featuring intricate designs further reinforces this message of luxury despite being very affordable. The overall vibe of the store is one of refinement and elegance, aligning perfectly with Flower Knows’ mission to provide customers with a truly indulgent beauty experience. Whether you’re a beauty connoisseur or someone new to makeup, Flower certainly Knows how to captivate your attention.

What we love: 

  • Over-the-top and highly decorated visuals that feature elaborate and ornate elements that make a bold statement, which sets Flower Knows apart from other beauty brands and creates a memorable and impactful browsing experience.
  • Exudes a regal and fancy aesthetic, characterized by opulent and luxurious elements that create a sense of grandeur and sophistication that appeals to customers seeking a luxurious and indulgent beauty experience.

What we can learn from Flower Knows

  • Leveraging Over-the-Top and Highly Decorated Visuals: Flower Knows’ use of elaborate and ornate elements in their visuals teaches us the power of making bold statements through design. By embracing a distinctive and impressive visual style, the brand becomes immediately recognizable and memorable. 
  • Cultivating a Regal and Fancy Aesthetic: The brand’s ability to exude a regal and fancy aesthetic through opulent and luxurious design elements shows how a sense of grandeur and sophistication can appeal to customers seeking an indulgent and luxurious beauty experience. By learning to infuse every aspect of the brand’s online presence with elements that reflect exclusivity and elegance, Flower Knows can attract and retain a niche market that values luxury and sophistication in its beauty products while still on a budget.

Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath Labs is a powerhouse in the beauty industry and has captivated audiences with its website since its launch in 2015. The brand’s aesthetic is bold, impressive, and strong, exuding a sense of power and confidence. The site’s design is visually striking, with high contrast and bold, strong colors that create a womanly vibe that any strong, independent, and successful woman would be drawn to. 

Shopify beauty stores Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath Labs’ website exudes a sense of uniqueness and glamor. The use of dramatic and captivating imagery featuring striking makeup looks further reinforces this message of boldness and individuality. The overall vibe of the store is one of empowerment and self-expression, aligning perfectly with Pat McGrath Labs’ mission to inspire confidence and celebrate diversity.

What we love: 

  • Strong and bold aesthetic, characterized by bold colors, dramatic elements, and high contrast that appeals to customers seeking a bold and impactful high-end beauty experience.
  • Dramatic and attention-grabbing, featuring bold typography, striking visuals, and impactful imagery that sets Pat McGrath Labs apart from other beauty brands and creates a memorable and impactful experience.

What we can learn from Pat McGrath Labs

  • Emphasizing a Strong and Bold Aesthetic: Pat McGrath Labs’ approach, characterized by the use of bold colors, dramatic elements, and high contrast, teaches us the significance of cultivating a powerful visual identity. This strategy underlines the impact that a bold aesthetic can have in appealing to customers who desire a standout and high-end beauty experience. 
  • Creating Dramatic and Attention-Grabbing Experiences: The brand’s use of bold typography, striking visuals, and impactful imagery demonstrates the effectiveness of an attention-grabbing design strategy.

Wrap up about the best Shopify beauty stores

The beauty industry is booming, and it’s no surprise that so many entrepreneurs are looking to start their own Shopify beauty stores. 

We hope you found this blog post helpful! If you’re in need of some more inspiration. Although we have only mentioned a few Shopify stores in this blog post, there are many more amazing stores out there that you can draw inspiration from. Be sure to browse through the Shopify store directory to find stores that align with your own personal brand and style. 

We wish you the best of luck as you start building your very own beauty store! If you need help building such aesthetic Shopify beauty stores, take a look at our Shopify store development services. As an experienced Shopify partner in the APAC region, we have been working directly with Shopify to provide customized eCommerce solutions for businesses in all kinds of industries and niches. With the experience of our dedicated Shopify experts, we commit to offering top-tier eCommerce systems and issue-proof solutions for any clients in need. 

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