Sell Digital Products with Magento 2 Game License Delivery Extension

Mai Xuan Truong

During the development period of the new version, there are demands for great features that increase its power and value of being the most popular eCommerce platform. Keep this in mind, we try and make efforts to deliver the best Magento development services and create a great collection of Magento 2 extensions. Today, it’s our pleasure to announce that we have released a new version 2.0 for our Magento Game License Delivery. This Magento 2 extension is ready to download now!

extension for magento 2

You can now add serial numbers, passwords, and pin numbers to existing and new products in your Magento 2 shopping cart. The update now allows for special characters in numeral and alpha numeral in pins, serials, and passwords added. If you have an existing site with products for that you want to apply a special code or serial number, this extension will do that.

magento 2 pin delivery system

When the product is purchased the pin delivery system will send the unique codes or serial numbers to the customer via email.

magento 2 license delivery

This can work well for sites selling software using Magento 2 and other digital products that required pins or passwords.

Essentially how the mod works is that it allows for the importation of pin numbers into Magento 2 via the admin control panel. This can be done manually once at a time, with multiple lines of numbers, or bulk import via a CSV/text file of pins, serial numbers, and passwords. You can also view, resend and delete sold or unsold pins.

magento 2 license product
magento 2 sell pin products

Moreover, you can manage your digital products, serial numbers, passwords, and pins with ease.

magento 2 extension
magento 2 extensions

You can test the application online here on our demo site here.

The application is easy to install but if you don’t have the time we can do it for you at a rate of $50 (per hour) for Installation services. This is the best Instant Game License Delivery System on the Internet. So, Buy Online Now!

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