Event Recap: Retail & eCommerce Summit Asia – Featuring Magenest as Exhibitor Sponsor

Mai Xuan Truong

The Retail & eCommerce Summit Asia – Driving Digital Connectivity for Growth And Profitability (RESA), held at the prestigious Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park on November 16, 2023, marked a significant chapter in the evolving narrative of digital commerce.

The Retail & eCommerce Summit Asia in Bangkok

This event, which featured Magenest’s role as the Exhibitor Sponsor, brought together the brightest minds in the industry to discuss and shape the future of retail and eCommerce.

Magenest was Exhibitor Sponsor at RESA

The summit was a magnet for over 100 influential decision-makers, including C-level executives, VPs, and heads of various domains from local and international brands. The diverse mix of attendees – from omnichannel experts to digital marketing specialists- created a melting pot of ideas and experiences, fostering an environment ripe for collaboration and innovation.

Key Highlights

The event was packed with sessions that provided profound insights into the current trends and future directions of eCommerce. Some of the standout moments included:

Opening keynote

An in-depth look at the exponential growth of eCommerce in Southeast Asia, setting the stage for the day’s discussions.

Keynote of the event

Customer Data

Focused sessions shed light on leveraging customer data to transform retail sales, emphasizing tools for enhanced customer engagement and loyalty.

Messaging & Customer Engagement

Insights into the effectiveness of messaging apps in nurturing repeated business and enhancing customer relationships.


A focused exploration into the significance of Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) in maintaining sustainable business practices.

Use-case presentation

Presentations spotlighting the importance of personalizing customer experiences, both online and offline.

Inovator’s presentation

Innovative approaches for eCommerce businesses looking to expand their reach internationally.

Key Highlights of RESA

Retailer’s panel

In-depth panel discussions centered on leveraging omnichannel strategies to gain valuable customer insights and optimize data utilization.

Sustainable customer-centric growth

Outlined 6 key steps for retailers to win customers’ hearts through data-driven customer experience strategies and ensure sustainable growth.

Customer Experience

Emphasis was placed on the implementation of customer-centric approaches for a successful purchase journey.

Consumer behavior and innovation

Addressing the challenges of adapting to rapidly changing consumer behaviors.

Closing panel conversation

A strategic conversation on maintaining profitability and achieving a robust Return on Investment (ROI) in a rapidly shifting market landscape.

Closing Thoughts

As the curtains fell on the Retail & eCommerce Summit Asia, the atmosphere was charged with a sense of achievement and forward-looking optimism. Magenest deeply appreciates the opportunity to have partnered with Rockbird Media as the Exhibitor Sponsor for this transformative event. The event provided a platform for knowledge exchange and highlighted the vital role of companies like Magenest in driving the industry forward. Magenest’s commitment to innovation and excellence was evident throughout the event, inspiring attendees to think bigger and push boundaries.

Closing Thoughts

Looking to the future, Magenest reaffirms our commitment to being at the forefront of digital transformation. With our expertise in eCommerce development, ERP, CRM, mobile apps, cloud computing, and digital marketing, Magenest is well-positioned to lead the charge in shaping the future of retail and eCommerce.

This summit was just the beginning. The insights gained and connections made here will undoubtedly fuel the next wave of innovations in the eCommerce sector. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking initiatives and collaborations from Magenest, as we continue to redefine the digital commerce landscape.

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