“I’m glad to say that all the guys here have worked tirelessly and professionally…, so I couldn’t recommend Magenest enough to anyone that needs to work on their Magento site.”

Joshua Rowley – E3D Olnline

About E3D Online

Founded in 2012, E3D has since grown from a small startup to a business providing 3D printing parts, known for its outstanding reliability, quality, and innovation. The company has more than 50,000 customers. Magenest considers E3D both a long-term business partner and a close friend.

Our work

OpenCart to Magento 2 Migration

Due to the complex nature of the business model, E3D needs a flexible and scalable platform to satisfy its fast-growing customer base with industry-specific features. Working closely with E3D Online, we successfully migrated their site to Magento 2 from OpenCart. This allowed us to develop a fully integrative and scalable eCommerce strategy.

Shop by Brands, Advanced Product Options and Layered Navigation

Because E3D’s site features a wide range products of different types from different brands, the contents of their website should be well-organized for ease of navigation. E3d-online.com received an extensive makeover. Using Shop by Brand and Layered Navigation, we created a sense of hierarchy to the website. Along with our Advanced Product Options extension and hours of work put into database optimization, we were able to deliver a desirable and intuitive experience for both users and administrators.

Xero Integration

For management, E3D Online utilized our strong tool of Xero Accounting Integration extension. With automated jobs and customizable criteria for these processes, E3D could focus its human resources on its business.

Stripe Integration

For payment method, we incorporated Stripe Payment Integration. Stripe helped us to streamline the purchase process and to deliver a seamless shopping experience.

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