Sell tickets and manage events on Magento 2. How can I do?

Mai Xuan Truong

If you are operating an online ticket business, you are probably well aware that Magento 2 doesn’t support event ticket business very well. However, with the reputation of Magento as well as the excellent performance that Magento 2 promises to deliver, you want your store to be powered by this platform. You can stop worrying about this problem because we develop a powerful extension – Magento 2 Event Tickets extension – which facilitates your business on Magento 2.

For each event, concert or conference, the ticket types are variable in prices and quantities depending on positions, seats, age groups, or purchasing date. For example, a football match normally offers tickets according to seats, and a VIP ticket is more expensive and less in quantity compared to the standard one. Due to this reason, it may be difficult for merchants to create ticket products. Magenest Event Ticket extension offers you different options so that you can easily create new products for your store.

Moreover, this extension is equipped with other advanced features such as event reminders, attendees checking, customized email template, and ticket code generating.

Outstanding features

  • Flexibility in product creation: The module is very flexible which allows you to create different types of tickets and events.
  • Event reminder: You don’t want your customers to forget about the occasion, the event reminder feature is designed for that reason. It enable you to set up a reminder when you create an event, you can choose how many days in advance you want to send a remind email.
magento 2 event tickets extension
  • Customize email template: This extension is even more thoughtful as you can customize your own email template according to your preference.
event tickets for magento 2
  • Checking attendees: Magento 2 Event Tickets module adds an attendees list so that you can easily see who has bought your tickets and purchasing quantity.
magento 2 events

Generating ticket codes automatically is ideal for ticket operation.

magento 2 tickets

Are you amazed by the capability of this extension? You can go to our store to see more features and try the demo of it. Moreover, you can refer to our Magento development services to require more options for your business demands.

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