Hoàng Minh
Minh Hoang
Author at Magenest
Minh Hoang has been a skilled Marketing Executive and Content Writer at Magenest since 2022. Her area of expertise includes creating and optimizing SEO content, enhancing website on-page SEO, and effective content planning. Minh’s insightful articles cover a range of topics like eCommerce, ERP, CRM systems, and technical insights on platforms like Magento, Shopify, and AWS. As a graduate of Hanoi University of Technology and Science, she combines her academic prowess with practical skills, significantly enriching Magenest’s digital strategy and online impact.
Case study BOO Fashion

BOO Fashion

BOO desires to have a unified platform that synchronizes data into one endpoint to optimize investment costs and manage data easily & accurately.

Case Study Come Home

Come Home Interiors

Magenest has successfully helped Come Home build an eCommerce website system, enabling the company to improve products and business management processes, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers, increasing sales, and promoting their reputation. Currently, the new system operates smoothly and stably, bringing satisfaction to Come Home and their customers.