How to sell something without having something to sell?

I know, this sounds very strange. I thought it was strange too when I was first struck by the idea. But really it is not that alien considering the fact that you probably have seen some of the most successful exemplars some times in your life. Because I don’t want to explicitly use any famous brand in this entry, let’s think of an analogy (please forgive if you think my [...]

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The sale that got away: How follow up email can get it back

Sales are precious, we all know that. It is hard to lure people into your store and even harder to get them buy something from your shelf. Think proposing to your significant other. You have to pick the perfect moment to ask him or her, and then when it actually happens, you feel like you are on cloud nine. Sales work just like that. Perfect moment and a special experience [...]

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Payment Gateway Essentials: Stop Chasing Rainbows

Most of us have made a transaction using online payment mechanism at least once. The thing is, we never really care about it until some of us become online retailers and start wondering about the best payment gateway for our stores. There are plenty of ways to transfer money online Normally people would checkout via online credit card transaction. Filling the form and get the goods, easy-peasy. However, [...]

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Magento 2 Integration with QuickBooks Online

What is our extension - QuickBooks Online Integration? QuickBooks Online Integration is a great solution for your Magento 2 store to integrate with QuickBooks Online - accounting software used to keep record of a company's expenses, liabilities, and transactions. It allows synchronizing immediately any data as: Stock code, Stock Description, Product notes, Pricing, Categories and Sub Categories, Quantity available from Magento 2 store into QuickBooks and vice versa. Why our [...]

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Why use Subscriptions and Recurring Payments?

How do you manage periodically purchased products like news subscriptions, content site subscriptions, households essentials, creative products or even recurring donation programs? Do you just add products or events to your store, leaving them as they are and customers will need to take orders repeatedly? Do you invoice customers for each payment even the payments are the same every week, year or month? There must be a better way or [...]

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Gift Card – Good For Business

There is no doubt that Gift card becomes more and more popular on the world. It is not just convenient for customers but also helps build your business. Let’s look great benefits that it brings for customers and business. Benefits For Customers For example, I can make sure that sometimes you can feel confused when there are several forthcoming special days such as your friend's birthday or a certain event. [...]

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