What is Omnichannel Retail and Top 3 Omnichannel Retail Softwares 2021

Information technology and the Internet have made remarkable changes, and they can increasingly penetrate our lives. As life continually improves, we will see technology becoming more and more important. The boundaries between real life and online are starting to eclipse. And when people change their behaviors and tastes, marketers have to track and respond to that need. Instead of thinking of desktop user experience, tablet experience, mobile experience, and app experience separately, we have to find a holistic approach, which is omnichannel experience, also known as omnichannel retail, which is being used by a large number of retailers in their business strategy.

What is omnichannel retail?

Omnichannel retail is an approach to selling on multiple channels at the same time. It helps the retailer to boost sales while bringing customers the best shopping experience on any channel and any device.

When you apply the approach of omnichannel retail, consumers can shop online from a desktop to mobile device, over the phone, or at an offline store, which creates a consistent and seamless experience.

Omnichannel retail experience is what most businesses and retail stores need to focus on today. If the business/store owns a store or website, Facebook, and a store on Shopee, Lazada, or Sendo, etc. they should know some omnichannel retail websites helping you participate in omnichannel sales and connect with customers.

Why omnichannel retail makes the customer experience better?

Omnichannel retail is recognized as the way that customers will use to interact with the business, helping to deliver a consistent experience.

For example, you are viewing a shirt you like through a certain fashion website. You like it very much and are willing to place an order, however, the phone rings, and your partner asks you to go out. Of course, you will be hurried to dress up to go out. So you have abandoned your shopping.

omnichannel retail makes the customer experience better

At night, when you are using Facebook on your phone, you will see the ad appear with the exact shirt you like. You remember and click on the link immediately and access the website. And you discover that the shirt you choose earlier is still in the cart already. Are about to click payment, your phone runs out of battery, you quickly turn on your laptop and go back to the website. All information is still reserved and you complete the purchase. 

What are the most popular omnichannel retail platforms?

Not only becoming one of the most applied marketing methods by retailers today, but omnichannel retail methods also help shop owners consolidate their brands while creating formidable competitiveness with other competitors.

What are the most popular omnichannel retail platforms?

The better you manage your omnichannel retail system, making it increasingly replicated and providing many good services to customers, the more your retail brand will gain presence and foothold in the market. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the revenue of your business will significantly increase.

Social Media Platforms

Talking about online distribution channels, people mainly refer to the phrase “Online sales” and often think of Facebook, Zalo, youtube. Many years ago, social networking sites were only used to share emotions and images of personal life, however, in recent years, due to the sudden increase in the number of users, the forms of omnichannel retail trend.

In Vietnam, Facebook, Zalo, and Youtube are the most popular social networking sites to distribute goods, in which, Facebook and Zalo are the two sites used to distribute goods, youtube is the effective channel to promote the product.

Online Shopping Platforms

Online Shopping Platforms are now understood as a bridge between businesses, shop owners to consumers. These platforms are classified into three different categories based on the customer segment of the transaction: Business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), and consumer to consumer (C2C).

The past five years have been a period of steady growth for e-commerce sites and are expected to grow even stronger in the coming years. Until now, eCommerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, etc. are gradually gaining trust from Vietnamese consumers with friendly interfaces, easy and fast transactions.

Top 3 omnichannel retail softwares 2021

Considered as one of the most effective aids of online shop owners, omnichannel retail management software is the unified management software on an omnichannel system – a solution for businesses, shop owners, individuals running their retail business in the form of omnichannel.

TPos – Best software for omnichannel retail management

Using the TPos solution brings efficiency to many omnichannel retailers. This software connects to your sales websites and sales channels via social networks or e-commerce sites to help run the business smoothly on the same system, bringing products closer to customers.


Save money and time

The software integrates comprehensive sales management. When using the software, you do not have to pay any additional costs for management operations from revenue and expenditure management, sales management, to online and offline sales management. 

Some outstanding points make TPos become a cost-saving omnichannel retail software: 

  • Integrated warehouse management with many items, diverse types, flexible software with more than 15 reporting forms for warehouse management.
  • Earn points or promotions with more than 5 reporting templates for promotion management.
  • Manage multiple stores on the same software system, with Cloud-based software to help owners manage their business anywhere.
  • Automatic integration of customer care system, email marketing: sending congratulatory messages to customers, announcing promotions, etc.
  • Design a sales website following the industry that customers require.

Connect and reconcile shipping partners

TPos’s professional shipping partners such as Economical delivery, Viettel post, etc. help you deliver products fast to your customers. TPos omnichannel retail software supports order reconciliation with the carrier so you can check the status of the order, the amount returned from the shipper.

Dedicated customer support

The staff will advise and support immediately, especially good after-sale service, 24/7 customer service including holidays. 

Omnichannel retail software Haravan

Omnichannel retail software Haravan

Haravan was established in March 2014, is a company specializing in providing outstanding solutions for online sales, marketing, and business operations management from online to offline. Haravan omnichannel retail management with main functions of selling, customer service, inventory management. This software helps many large enterprises to run their business effectively, optimize sales in each selling channel. Haravan’s partners such as Vinamilk, Thien Long, Kiem Nghia, Juno, The Coffee House, etc.

Cost flexibility

Haravan offers a variety of solution packages to support business growth effectively at a reasonable price, from 300,000VNĐ to 3,000,000VNĐ per month. Each solution package has features that are suitable to the needs of many customers.

Advanced software system

Serving more than 300,000 customers across the country, Haravan is a reputable brand in the omnichannel retail software market today. To bring the most thorough and professional selling experience, Haravan provides a new administration version with many outstanding features. 

For shop owners, you can manage employees and chain stores flexibly and professionally. Haravan connects with 4 leading popular e-commerce platforms: Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, Zalo, which helps retailers manage their business on multichannel. Haravan possesses advanced order processing features, catering to businesses with multiple chains.

  • Orders will be verified and dispatched to affiliates automatically
  • The system assigns the task of processing orders to employees
  • Keep track of the overall processing status of all orders

For employees, it is possible to shorten processing time with a smart interface and participate in updating orders’ status, making order closing quickly and efficiently.

Dedicated customer support

Not only does Sapo have more than 100 consulting staff in all aspects, support 7 days a week, but this software also has a customer contact form to take care of customers according to needs (service consultation, quotation, media). 

Moreover, customers can visit the headquarters of Haravan in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city for any direct support.

Omnichannel retail software Sapo

Omnichannel retail software Sapo

Sapo is the most used omnichannel channel software in Vietnam with more than 47,000 customers. This software provides stores and retailers with a comprehensive sales and management platform from online to offline with Sapo POS sales management software, sales website design solutions – Sapo Web, management software management fanpage – Sapo Social.

In particular, Sapo Omnichannel connects through the above 4 solutions, helping you to sell goods at all channels from Website, Facebook, E-commerce platforms to chain stores. At the same time, managing inventory, customers, and orders is concentrated in one place – right on the administration page of Sapo.

The below is the list of the outstanding features that make customers trust using Sapo:

  • Simple interface, easy to use, and attractive
  • More than 400 responsive themes for customers to freely choose a website design
  • Good price
  • Helping you to sell quickly in 10 seconds
  • Manage a flexible warehouse
  • Manage online sales quickly and easily
  • Sales management anytime, anywhere with smartphones
  • Detailed, accurate, easy-to-understand reports and graphs
  • Manage deliveries and complete orders quickly
  • Quick support for all your problems

Final words

After this article, you will understand more what omnichannel retail is? How effective is the application of this approach in practice? And importantly, for shop owners, small stores can take advantage of some omnichannel retail software to reach customers and increase sales quickly.

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