Digital transformation examples and the strategy to do this

With digital solutions applied to streamline processes, overall customer experience is improved. This post will give you a better understanding of digital transformation and its practice along with several digital transformation examples and digital business examples these recent years.

What is digital transformation with examples

To gain a better understanding as to why many companies and businesses have chosen the digital transformation path, you need to get the gist of what digital transformation is. Recent changes during the last few years which involve digital transformation, have affected every aspect of the society including doing business. To achieve a state of sustainable growth in doing business and to cope with changing market dynamics, many companies have to go through a major digital transformation.

To simply put, digital transformation is the process of using digital solutions for adjusting existing business processes to meet the fast-changing business environment and market requirement.

Some of the digital transformation best examples include famous brands across fields such as Nike, Microsoft, BestBuy, … These are also some of the best digital transformation examples companies for you to make up a plan for your own business.

Digital transformation case study examples

Digital transformation case study examples

With the aforementioned benefits of digital transformation, below are several outstanding digital transformations.

  • Luxury brands joined the digital playground: Tiffany & Co., Gucci, and LVMH have recently stepped up the game by going through digital transformation. These are some of the examples 2018 when they made use of chatbot customer service, visual recognition-based predictive technology, biometric wristwear, and robotic technology for better customer experience. This study case has been one of the most outstanding digital transformation retail examples when it shows that even the wealthy are doing more of online shopping. 
  • Nike is one of the most famous sporty brands for its shoes and clothes but it started to lose customers and that their way of selling products didn’t work anymore. Therefore, Nike decided to transform the brand itself with the help of digital tools. Instead of providing their products through vendors, they reach their own customers directly which shortens the development cycle and allows Nike to launch new products quickly.
  • Volkswagen: The German automaker Volkswagen has recently increased its budget for its digital goal of 2025 after its success with a digital transformation in the latter half of 2019. Volkswagen is among the top digital transformation examples 2019 for its new car-sharing services. With the intention of launching a car product that can be connected to the Internet of Things, the brand hopes to attract a new batch of customers and to help the firm take on competitors in the auto industry that is undergoing digital changes. It has been a typical achievement of digital transformation examples in manufacturing.
  • Domino Pizza: This is one of the largest well-known Pizza empires in the world and the fact is that now four-fifths of its sold products come from its digital channels. To be at the place that it is today, Domino has undergone major changes considering digital transformation. Instead of developing the old way, it has transformed itself with the help of programming hires, digital marketers, and other tech personnel. It continues to invest in developing an automatic delivery system in the upcoming years. 
  • IKEA: One of the greatest digital transformation examples to name is the Swedish furniture company. This giant has transformed itself into a tech company with its launch of the IKEA Place app in 2017. It has stepped up the game by joining the smart home market and provides customers with a wide range of smart home devices. 

There are also digital updates in other fields, which include banking and financial areas. Digital transformation examples in banking can be seen in banks that apply a top-down approach, integrating digital systems, customer experience platforms, applications, and infrastructure. 

These few case studies are among hundreds of success stories that are examples. With the help of digital tools, these companies have succeeded in staying relevant in a competitive business environment. The digital transformation projects examples listed above surely have been a persuasive reason as to why you should start to transform your business today.

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Digital transformation strategy examples

Digital transformation strategy examples

However, sometimes it’s necessary to look at a few digital transformation failure examples to prepare for your best experience. To pull through a digital transformation that suits you and your business, it is highly recommended that you have a clear vision. You can refer to some of the best digital transformation mission statement examples for your own business to learn and adapt yourself. While looking at some digital transformation vision statement examples, you would be able to set up a concise vision with as many details as possible which would guarantee you and your team are going on the same path, in the same direction which would ensure your success in the digital transformation journey. 

Digital transformation strategy examples are also among the vital references for you to make a clear step-by-step plan of the digital transformation. These digital transformation examples will play as the benchmarks for your team to follow. Some of the best digital transformation strategy examples to name are:

  • SEAT – a Spanish car manufacturing company launching its Breaking Fab innovation program by attracting talents through its case solving competition.
  • Lego – a top toy selling brand diversifying its business model by shifting its company focus to the digital world with products ranging from movies to mobile apps.
  • Muroexe – an atypical shoe company launching its Design Lab section for a more personalized customer experience which later results in its increasing revenue.

The key to master the digital transformation is to use KPIs to track your digital transformation. A few necessary KPIs for you would include:

  • A combination of both external and internal metrics
  • User retention
  • Keeping track of revenue from new digital channels
  • The sustainability of the business
  • Outbound marketing performance
  • The improvement of operation

.. and so on. These are among the most recommended digital transformation KPIs examples that you can apply along your transformation journey.

And last but not least comes some HR digital transformation examples for you to change the whole operational HR process. But what is HR digital transformation? To simply put, it is the process of making HR recruitment an automated and data-driven process. Not only does this mean the operational HR operational process was transformed but the workforce would also go through the transformation. Software such as Applicant Tracking System, video interview systems, digital assessment tools,… would be implemented for a better HR digital working environment. 

Basically, digital transformation isn’t an easy path to walk for most of the businesses who are so familiar with working the old way, that’s why you need outstanding examples to learn from and guide you through. These examples are not only real cases with both flaws and failure but also cases with undeniable success.

Last words…

In a fast-changing environment like today’s world, you have to adapt yourself and your business for better outcomes and to stay as relevant as possible. Those mentioned above are just a few of digital transformation examples for your companies or businesses to consider as a role model in the digital age.

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