Dương Tuấn Anh
Tuan Anh Duong
Author at Magenest
Tuan Anh Duong has been a skilled and experienced author and writer at Magenest since 2022. Armed with a degree in eCommerce from the National Economics University, Tuan Anh brings a unique blend of knowledge that encompasses both the operational and technical facets of digital business. His role at Magenest is integral in enhancing and optimizing the company’s online presence, contributing significantly to its digital footprint. Tuan Anh’s expertise and experience are pivotal in driving Magenest’s growth and success in the dynamic world of eCommerce.
headless cms vs traditional cms

Headless CMS vs Traditional CMS: A Comprehensive Analysis

When CMSes debuted, they offered a groundbreaking solution: easy-to-install software for both website development and configuration. This innovation empowered non-tech users to produce interactive web content effortlessly. However, with the