WEBINAR     |      Sep 22, 2022

Year-end Sales 2022: Boosting your revenue with a Superb Omnichannel CX



Mr. Joel Pham

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Willie Tan

Senior Solution Consultant



Group 5191


The importance of a superb omnichannel CX

Why a superb omnichannel customer experience (CX) is important in the digital era, especially during the year-end sales seasons.

Group 5193


Improving omnichannel CX along customer journey

Magenest explaining the customer journey, the three key areas of omnichannel CX and how to improve them to get yourself ready for end-of-year sales campaigns.

Group 5192


Peak season readiness

Adobe sharing expertise and case studies in optimizing the omnichannel CX for the year-end sales seasons and the best eCommerce practices after the COVID-19 in SEA.

Group 5194


Q&A session

Adobe and Magenesst’s representative answering question from attendees. 

About the webinar

Delivering a better omnichannel experience to customers

Not only well-known, eCommerce now has become a must for any businesses wishing to form stable sources of revenue. Nevertheless, countless eCommerce businesses fail every month, why? 

From the expertise of Magenest and Adobe, what online merchants truly lack now is proper knowledge about omnichannel customer experience (CX). This aspect has been gaining more and more attentions in the recent years, but its popularity only skyrockets during the height of COVID19. When everyone has to stay inside, all the trading-transactions are done online, and only then all merchants realize the true importance of a superb CX across all sale channels. 

As we getting out of the pandemic, life forming the new normal scene and the 2022 year-end sales season coming close, Magenest – Adobe have come to the decision of hosting a webinar to share our valuation expertise – experience of coping with the post-COVID situation, as well as making the most out of this year-end sales season via constructing the most suitable omnichannel CX for your businesses.

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