LIVE WEBINAR | April 19th, 2023

Drive Success with Next-Level
B2B eCommerce Customer Experience

about the webinar

The topic of customer experience (CX) is becoming increasingly crucial in the boardrooms of B2B companies worldwide. According to McKinsey’s research, upgrading a customer’s experience from average to exceptional can result in a 30 to 50% increase in KPI such as the probability of renewing or purchasing another product.

However, only 14% of significant B2B companies truly prioritize the CX, which is profoundly embedded in their corporate culture. This fact indicates that B2B organizations have significant work to do to become more customer-focused. Nonetheless, it also presents a chance for B2B companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors and increase profitability by offering a superior customer experience.

To help businesses uncover these opportunities, Magenest hosts the webinar Drive Success with Next-Level B2B eCommerce Customer Experience. In this webinar, experts from Magenest and Adobe Commerce will discuss the realities of customers’ increasing expectations on the B2B buying journey and how to build the most customer-centric B2B eCommerce system.

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meet our speakers

Jane Nguyen


Jane Nguyen

International Sales Consultant
@ Magenest

Hayley Wan


Hayley Wan

Solutions Consultant
@ Adobe Commerce

Time of webinar

Time & Date

01:00 pm AEDT (10:00 am ICT)

April 19th, 2023

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Live on Zoom

Free registration

Target audience of webinar

who should join

B2B merchants who want to thrive and scale through digital transformation

Number of attendees

number of attendees

Limited to 500 attendees

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number one

15 minutes

Increasing expectations from B2B customers

Explore market trends and realities about customers’ increasing expectations towards the B2B buying journey and experience.

number two

20 minutes

Building a customer-centric B2B eCommerce journey

Understand the new B2B customer journey and learn what can contribute to a convenient B2B eCommerce buying experience.

number three

10 minutes

B2B eCommerce transformation with Adobe Commerce

Explore how Integrate AV – an Australian B2B merchant successfully delivered next-level customer experience through digital transformation.

number four

15 minutes

Q&A session

Digital transformation experts from Magenest and Adobe will answer all questions from attendees.


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