eBook: Ultimate Omnichannel Guide for Retailers

Ultimate Omnichannel Guide for Retailers

Many omnichannel retailers try to create engaging experiences, however, they’re lacking an integrated view of customers’ behavior and history across touchpoints. It leads to a fragmented customer experience that often results in churn or lost conversions. In this ebook, we’ll share the ultimate omnichannel guide to help retailers enhance their omnichannel business!

Struggles of omnichannel

According to McKinsey, there are 4 main challenges that any omnichannel retailer faces up with:

  • Lack of customer analytics across the channels (66.67%)
  • Lack of internal coordination (48.48%)
  • Poor data quality (45.45%)
  • Inability to identify customers across the shopping journey (45.45%) 

How to deal with the omnichannel challenges?

To help merchants deal with these challenges, Magenest gives you some practical and useful methods based on the advice of eCommerce experts:

  • Map consumer and service journeys
  • Implement IT architecture
  • Create a consistent and engaging customer experience across channels
  • Collect the right data to support the end goal
  • Apply always-on digital supply network

With Ultimate Omnichannel Guide for Retailers ebook, you can have a precise and sufficient retail consumer perspective, the challenges retailers have to deal with, and find out how to decipher the omnichannel puzzle!