Who we are

We are an expert in providing professional e-commerce solution for the Magento and Magento 2 platform.

With 60+ Magento 2 Extensions on Magento Marketplace, we promise to bring the most experienced developers to the table.

We provide a full-scale solution from building websites, data integration to other customization services.

At Magenest, “eCommerce Made Simple” is our motto, as we strive to help our customers build an eCommerce store with ease.

what we do


  • Identifying e-commerce goals
  • Improving conversion rate
  • Enhancing shopping experience
  • Auditing Code Quality & Performance
  • Defining Business Requirement
  • Propose e-commerce solutions

Magento UI Design

  • Wire-framing
  • Usability analysis
  • Graphic design
  • Responsive design


  • Rich features
  • Mobile friendly
  • Industry-specific design

Development & Integration

  • Custom website development
  • Speed optimization
  • Payment / Shipping integration
  • ERP / CRM/ Accounting integration
  • Data migration
  • Theme integration


  • Provide requirements and wireframes
  • Custom developed extensions


  • Upgrades and maintenance
  • Training and support

CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management is a must have tool for any business that wants to establish a long term relationship with their customers. The Magento platforms lacks CRM capabilities, and Magenest is proud to offer Magento robust CRM features by integrating it with the most popular CRM services such as Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, Vtiger CRM, and SugarCRM.


Payment Integration

Magenest strives to become an aggregator of payment gateway integration services, covering payment from various countries and regions. From the fastest growing providers like Stripe, Adyen, to established players such as Barclays, Alipay, etc.


ERP & Accounting Integration

Once your business has scaled up, it is time to implement tools to manage
the whole system. Our ERP and Accounting integration solutions help companies to manage and organize resources in a a , as well as eliminating the burden of making accounting entries manually. We give you the capability to focus on things that matter more – making decisions and growing your business.


Industry-specific solutions

The service industry has become an integral part of every developed economy, and offering a seamless experience for customers ordering services online helps to gain customer trust in intangible products. Magenest has been gaining experinece as an industry expert, as we developing industry-specific extension, such as solutions for the hospitality industry, consulting industry, and even the fast-growing subscription industry.


Our success stories

Designer Shaik

A royalty experience in the kingdom of dessert

Mrs. Armani from Arab Saudi needed to build an online presence for his luxury business, selling watches and fragrance. The Magento 2 website need both advanced functionalities and a luxury branding image.

The solution we provided exceeded both requirements. Our design was able to convey a story of royalty, mystery in connection with the kingdom of Bahrain. Combining luxury with the dessert environment, a modern world with the rich heritage and culture of Arabia, Designer Shaik hopes to become an influential player in the luxury industry

Blooming Emotions

Where loves never stop growing

Marcello is a flower passionate from Ecuador, the nation of flower. He plans to share his love for flower to the world.

With Blooming Emotions, we bring a touch of romance and love to the website. The menu is filled with beautiful images to create a consistent shopping experience.

The flower subscription service that we added to the store allows customers to receive flowers from friends, family and our beloved.

Coalcracker Bushcraft

Creating a lifelong passion for the wilderness

For those who want to experience wilderness living but are not physically and mentally prepared for the harsh environment of backpacking, camping, hunting, and trapping. Coalcracker Bushcraft offer a host of training courses on survival, giving the ultimate experience as well as various toolkits to help you conquer nature.

Our design helps customers associate with nature, motivating them to step outside, as well as promoting registration for training courses with our ticket management solution. Survival skill training has become a major element that keeps customers coming to Coalcracker.


Excellent design skill

The design was beyond our expectation and successfully conveyed a luxury brand image to our target customers.

Mrs. Armani from Designer Shaik

Dedicated support

Joey helped me a lot with the payment function. He spends a lot of time disussing the problem with me, and always provides me with updates and progresses on the project!

Mr. Brian, Building a Marketplace on Magento 2